Govt. Promotes ‘Make In India Research’ At IITs; Allocates Rs.250 Cr Annually for Innovations


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The spread of Make in India vision is now unstoppable.

After focusing on manufacturing and industries, which generated 2.75 lakh new jobs and resulted in an increase of 118% in employment numbers across the nation, Make in India will now focus on high end research work.

And the first step has already been taken by associating all IITs in the country with Make in India vision.

An annual corpus of Rs 250 crore has been created, which will ensure that India gets all the benefits of Make in India research work and help to create path breaking innovations. This special funds come with a condition that every research work should have a ‘clearly defined outcome’.

As per Indian Express, the goal of this excellent initiative is to leverage the research potential of IITs and create “innovative solutions to maintain their global competitiveness”.

This proposal has been created by Human Resource Development ministry (HRD), and further discussions would happen during 3 days “Visitors conference” in Delhi starting today. This high level conference would be chaired by President Pranab Mukherjee and attended by PM Modi and cabinet ministers along with IIT heads, vice chancellors of central universities and directors from NITs, IITs, IISERs and IISC .

An official in the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry said, “The proposal also seeks to foster academia-industry linkages in carrying out “high-end research” and promote innovations in higher educational institutes,”

How Will It Work?

IIT Council, which is the governing body of all IITs will spearhead this program and connect IITs with Make in India vision. IIT Council will govern this special annual corpus of Rs 250 crore for Make in India research work, and track the progress.

The aim is to leverage the regional IIT’s specialization and take it forward to create new, innovative solutions. For instance, IIT Bombay is famous for their research into Aerospace technology, while IIT Kanpur is known for world class research into Computers.

As per the initial plans, IIT Council will take up annual projects worth Rs 500 crore, and allocate them to the specific regional IITs which are specializing in that particular area. 25% of this overall expenditure would be expected from the industry, whereas 25% would be contributed by Department of Science and Technology. The rest would be used from the annual corpus of Rs 250 crore, which would be governed by IIT Council.

HRD official said, “One of the objectives of the council will be highlighting the potential of individual IITs and the departments that have given these institutes their fame,”

In future, Make in India research program would be expanded to NITs and other regional engineering colleges which are considered top rated for research work.

Earlier, we had reported that IIT Kharagpur will teach ‘Make in India’ vision, and help entrepreneurs to take maximum benefits from this initiative. A special fund of Rs 12,000 crore has already been created to support SMEs and India startups under Make in India vision.

This new initiative to tap research potential of IITs and NITs is an excellent step to empower India will cutting edge technology and innovation.

Here is a list of all Make in India announcements and programs:

1. Samsung to invest upto $1 billion in Uttar Pradesh; Sony will start manufacturing as well

2. Ford will open Rs 6000 crore factory in India

3. Foxconn, SoftBank and Bharti to invest $20 billion in Solar Energy

4. Foxconn will create 10 lakh jobs in India and manufacture iPhone

5. Huawei gets permission to start manufacturing

6. LG announced Rs 1000 crore investment for domestic manufacturing

7. Hero Group to manufacture electronics products in India

8. Microsoft and Motorola will start local manufacturing

9. Gionee will kickstart local manufacturing of their phones

10. Lenovo will manufacture smartphones in India

11. Airtel will make Make in India set-top boxes

12. Japan to establish 11 industrial townships & double their investment

13. Rs 4.5 Lakh Crore investments pledged during Digital India week

14. Lava to invest Rs 2615 crore in India

15. Foxconn commits investment of Rs 31000 crore in Maharashtra

16. Xiaomi to start manufacturing at Sri City

17. Phicomm to invest Rs 6300 crore in India

18. ICICI Bank launches robotic locker made under Make in India

19. Toyota to invest Rs 1000 crore

20. Ericsson to start their 2nd unit

21. Oppo will start manufacturing in India

22. Sony Will Manufacture Xperia Phones in India

23. Aricent Will Invest $500 Million

24. Dell May Invest in Smart Cities

25. Siemens will invest €1 billion and create 4000 jobs

26. Gionee Partners With Foxconn and Dixon for local manufacturing

27. Make in India OS: BOSS

28. Asus Pledges Alliance With Make in India

29. Gionee launches their first Make in India smartphone

30. Make in India research project initiated; annual corpus of Rs 250 crore provided

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