‘Make in India’ Vision Will Now Be Taught At IIT Kharagpur


IIT Kharagpur Course Make in India

IIT Kharagpur has become country’s first institution to provide a course on ‘Make in India’ vision initiated by PM Modi and supported by the Indian Govt.

This 7-days short term course termed as ‘Industrial relations and Make in India: emerging trends’ will teach students about the main agenda behind this vision, and how a harmony can be restored between ‘industrial democracy’ and people via land and people friendly initiatives.

As per the course details shared by IIT Kharagpur, ‘In order to translate the slogan into real action, there is a need to revisit regulatory framework dealing industrial relations in the country”, adding, “Harmonious relationship between employer and employee is sine qua non not only for attaining productivity for the industry but also for achieving prosperity for the nation.’


What Will Be Taught?

At a time when the Indian Govt. is leaving no stone unturned to create more awareness and favorable conditions for industry leaders and SMEs to start manufacturing in India, this course has been designed to make people understand the core logic behind this vision, and to educate them about the contemporary industrial laws and regulations.

Some of the course curriculum includes;

  • Historical background of manufacturing industry in India, and the agenda behind Make in India program
  • Globalization of work force, and the new paradigm of labor unions and employee management protocols in India
  • Clear definition and understanding of ‘workman’ and ‘industry’; their relationships and how to deal with employee unrest such as strikes and lock-downs
  • How to legally tackle such situations and understanding the provisions of law during such events
  • How to implement security measures within the industrial campus, as per existent laws
  • The concept of outsourcing and how to manage contract labor in India
  • Employee development and enrichment programs

The whole course has been divided into 6 modules, which would be taught within 7 days.

Course Details

Academicians, industry partners and students can attend this course which will happen between July 11 to July 17th at IIT Kharagpur campus. Students only need to pay Rs 3000 for this course, meanwhile Rs 6000 has been finalized for Academics and Rs 10,000 for entrepreneurs and representatives from the industry.

The course will have lecture, discussions, case studies, demonstrations and management games to impart maximum knowledge and information about Make in India.

In order to participate, students can fill this form, and send the same to Uday Shankar, program co-ordinator before June 20, 2015.

Issue of Land Acquisition & Environmental Clearances

In the past few months, we have observed that the motive of Make in India vision cannot be accomplished unless the issue of land acquisition is solved. In some parts of the country, land owners are not happy with the compensation structure, and in some cases, there have been violent agitations as well.

In order to provide industry and academicians a better perspective of these issues, IIT Kharagpur is also conducting a special ‘land acquisition, rehabilitation and environmental clearance of projects’ program, which will be conducted between September 15 & September 19, 2015.

Success of Make in India

In September last year, PM Modi launched the ambitious ‘Make in India’ vision to promote investments into India, and to encourage manufacturing inside the country. During one of the speeches, he had curiously asked why despite being a leader in software and services, India is required to import almost 90% of electronics products and high end engineering equipment.

Via Make in India vision, he attempted to create a positive image of India and wished to present our country as a manufacturing-friendly nation. Even during his recent trip to China, he emphasized on Make in India vision, and even convinced Chinese industrial leaders to start manufacturing in India.

Some of the biggies of electronics and automobile industry have already announced their launch of manufacturing units in India, which includes: Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Motorola, Ford. Japan has announced that under ‘Make in India’ vision, they will establish 11 industrial townships, and increase their investment by $18 billion in the next 5 years.

Indian Govt. have also eased labor laws, and creating an alternative platform for SMEs to raise money from venture capitalists, which will have easier rules.

Having said that, much awareness and information needs to be spread out among small scale Indian SMEs and manufacturing powerhouses to make this campaign a roaring success. IIT Kharagpur’ initiative in this direction can certainly help to some extent.

However, being a location-specific course, very few entrepreneurs will be able to actually attend this course. We hope that they come out with an online version of the same course in near future to attract more attendance and more participation.

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