Get into IIM directly after Std XII – IIM Indore to launch an Undergrad program!


When a 50 year old tradition is broken, it is obvious that feathers are going to be ruffled. Whether this resonates well amongst student takers or not, only time will tell.

Waking up to the need of the hour, or so it claims, IIM Indore will be launching a 5 year integrated postgraduate program in management (IPGP) for students straight out of school in October 2011. In simple terms, it’s a dual degree – a heady mix of a 3 year BBA + a 2 year MBA.

This American style dual degree program is not very new, we’ve seen the IITs and many Indian Law colleges offer similar combination programs. The question is whether students of school are equipped to make a decision regarding the next 5 years of their life or not.

Do they know what management education will entail? Are they clear about what they will do with a management degree or is it just about getting through IIM and ending up with a great pay packet?


Let’s look at the features of this course to see if it’s really worth it to do this course or not.

Eligibility criteria:

  • An aggregate of 60% both in Std. 10 and Std. 12 (or equivalent levels).
  • Selection will be based on the students’ academic performance, scholastic achievements and performance in the aptitude test and personal interview. (Conducted in centers including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata and Mumbai)

Batch Size:

Launching in October 2011, the first batch will have 120 students. More infrastructure and faculty will be added for the subsequent years. IIM-I’s aim is to be able to invite 850 candidates for the entrance screening.


Rs. 3 lakh annually for the first three years. Rs. 5 lakh annually for the next two years. This includes tuition fees. Expenses for boarding, lodging, field related visits, stationery etc. are additional.


For the first three years, on campus accommodation will be organized on a sharing basis. From the fourth and fifth year onwards, single rooms per student will be made available.


The faculty will comprise retired and serving teachers of reputed commerce and science colleges in India. Industry experts and faculty members from central and state universities will also be invited to teach.

Curriculum Design

  • 40% focus will on the following subjects
    •    Mathematics, statistics, logic and computer-science 
    •    Introduction to literature and political science 
    •    Civilization in history (national and international) 
    •    Exposure to biological sciences 
    •    Exposure to languages (one foreign language and one Indian language)
    •    Soft skills: leadership development, personality development, team work and communication, both written and oral 
  • 50% focus on functional areas of management:
    •    Accounting 
    •    Finance
    •    Organizational behavior 
    •    Decision science 
  • Remaining 10% focus will be on international exposure and internship in social organizations in India.

(Source: Education Times, August 2011)

Did you know that there is an exit option for students after they complete 3 years of the course? The condition is that those students will not get the full Bachelor’s degree – only an undergraduate diploma.

This is a bit of a catch. But students may want to overlook this by taking into consideration that they won’t have to face the kind of competition in entrance exams that they would have to, if they were applying to an IIM directly for an MBA.

The only valid criticism that this new offering from IIM-I has been getting, is whether students at such a tender age will be able to understand complex business applications and concepts or not.

The second argument against the course is how so much content for a 5 year MBA can be created. IIM-I’s reply to this lies in having created a multi multidisciplinary curriculum that will create a great foundation for students.

All this sounds good, but we’re wondering what these graduates are going to be like, without any work experience on their hands. Are they going to be market ready? A 5 year integrated MBA from an IIM after school may sound attractive like hell, but are students wisely gauging their options? Or is it just about "Oh, once I pass out from the IPGP course, my life will be set".

What do you think?

  1. Adwitha Jain says

    Dear sir/madam,
    I am Adwitha Jain. I am currently studying X11 std at Karnataka in Alva’s pre University Commerce College, dealing with the Commerce subject of Business Studies, Accountancy, Statistics and Mathematics. I have always dreamt to have a degree from IIM. I would like to prefer the BBA+MBA program and wants to know is there any concessions in fees for having the best scores in the previous schooling.

  2. Kaustubh Ubarhande says

    I’m appearing STD 12 now in 2017 how can I get admission to duel degree course of bba+ MBA in iim Indoor

  3. Sreehari B says

    Sir how can I get admission in IIM in next year how can I apply for it

  4. Ravi pratap sharma says

    I want admission for bba in iim .what is rule.

  5. Raj Vaibhav says

    Hey, when IPM entrance form is releasing out and where it will be available. Kindly reply me as fast as possible.

  6. deepak rawat says

    Sir when the forms of the iim Indore are coming out in 2015 I think I’ve been late

  7. bhawana rana says

    I would like to know about this new developed course of bba program in iim Indore….I m in class 12th soo… It would help me to take decision at right time……though I am really interested in this program…it sounds really attractive for the students who want to persue there career in management…????????????????????????

  8. Soha Khan says

    Hi all
    Before you get a clear idea of how IIM Indore (IPM) is, you need to understand its target audience.

    Target Audience: Look at the course high fees. Also GMAT scores are accepted. This course is largely for students who have traditionally travelled outside India for graduation studies. GMAT test takers.

    Paper Difficulty level – This is the second version of IPM. The first version only had 10 questions. As the paper pattern is evolving and students from all over India are going to apply for this. It is expected the paper is going to be relatively on the EASY side.
    That means we are not expecting tough questions on Mathematics. No Higher mathematics of Class 11th and 12th.
    Pattern of the paper- IPM might follow the pattern of CAT.
    Quantitative Aptitude might have section of Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency.
    Verbal Ability section might have a section on Logical Reasoning.

    Important Sections- In Quantitative Aptitude Number System, Ration and Proportion, Percentage and Average would be important. Data Interpretation is extremely likely in the exam.
    In Verbal Ability reading comprehension is important. Analytical Reasoning based questions are very likely.
    How to prepare- Strategy of preparation would be dependant on time available and past preparation for the aptitude sections.
    Certain sections of the aptitude are not possible to be covered in 1 month like Vocabulary etc should not be touched.
    Approach should be through solving problems of English and maths rather than studying theory.
    For this we at EduMentor have prepared special books on Test taking. Multiple sectional test of English (Parajumbles, fill in the blank, cloze etc) and Mathematics.
    These sectional test are a good way to ramp up your preparation. Funda books need to be referred only when you are facing difficulty in a particular topic.
    Our 6 books and 8 mock test cover all possible variety of questions. These books also suggest the required approach to tackle such problems through detailed solution.
    Based on the feedback we received from students last year. 15-20 of intensive preparation with the right material can put the student in right stead.
    Mean while a student must work hard on the subjective answers (SOP) as well. As SOP would be used in the Interview round.
    I wish all the applicants the very best of Luck. You could contact the content development team of IPM on 9650499920 or 9999904556.
    You could additionaly download or refer to loads of free content that we have uploaded for student @
    You could mail to us at [email protected]
    If you plan to prepare might as well give it your best shot. Very best of luck from our side.

  9. Suraj Rahi says

    when is iim indore bba forms for 2012 getting out?

  10. Vandana Shete says

    how is this course? pls give your comments…………

  11. ravi mishra says

    it is true can i dtake addmision in iim indore compuse

  12. Wincent Joseph says

    A 5 year integrated MBA from an IIM after school may sound attractive…..

  13. Wincent Joseph says

    A 5 year integrated MBA from an IIM after school may sound attractive…..

  14. Wincent Joseph says

    A 5 year integrated MBA from an IIM after school may sound attractive…..

  15. Wincent Joseph says

    A 5 year integrated MBA from an IIM after school may sound attractive…..

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