MakeInIndia, New Government Initiative To Showcase India’s Strength & Attract Investments


Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, today unveiled a new campaign aptly named “Make In India” aimed at attracting Foreign and regional investments into various Indian sectors. And this one is unlike any other  previous campaigns done by any Government previously.

While we are used to seeing drab Government websites, MakeInIndia is such a refreshing change. The website for this campaign is professionally built that creates Indian Business branding like never before. Lion seems to be the mascot for MakeInIndia campaign, and you can boldly see the message – Make In India – on every frame of the website. The logo has been inspired by the Ashoka Chakra and lion.


The website essentially covers 25 different sectors with each section talking about details of that sector that includes,

  • Summary – Gives the summary of the sector including its size, where the sector stands compared to other countries and highlights
  • Reasons To Invest – This section talks about why investors should look at investing in this sector in India and what should they expect from Government. It also talks about various initiatives and R&D happening in that particular sector. It also showcases past successful projects and how the sector is ripe for investments.
  • Statistics – The section covers various statistics and numbers including market share, what it contributes to GDP and numbers in regards to global standing.
  • Growth Drivers – This section gives an idea about what future holds for this sector and how Government has come up with favorable policies to aid growth.
  • FDI Policy – Talks about foreign direct investment allowed in that particular sector
  • Sector Policy – Gives overview of various Government policies that are in force.
  • Financial Support – Again, this section talks about how Government is offering various incentives to attract investment. Also, it talks about excise duties and tax regimens that are currently applicable to that sector.
  • Investment Opportunities – This section gives an overview of opportunities available in various segments within that sector.
  • Foreign Investors – This gives list of existing investors who are successfully doing business in India
  • Agencies – This section gives information about the Government agencies that companies will need to deal with incase they are planning to invest in that sector.

Sectoral pages

What is really striking about the new “MakeInIndia” campaign is the branding they have done. It is bold and leaves a mark on anyone who sees it.

Also, from the word go, MakeInIndia campaign is using Social platforms well to pass across the message. The #MakeInIndia hashtag is already trending on Twitter and in few hours of launch, the their Facebook page has already crossed 10,000 likes.

Check out some of the tweets that were posted in regards to Make In India Campaign.

Check out this video of Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launching the “Make In India” Initiative.

In our view, Make In India campaign is surely a great step forward in showcasing India’s strength to the world and attracting investments!

Do visit the site and let us know what you think!

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