Snapdeal Diwali Sale Numbers: 5 Million+ Orders, 98.9% Shipped in 24hrs


Snapdeal Diwali Sale

We are currently in the midst of crazy online Diwali sale Bonanza – If you have seen the newspapers in last couple of days, you would have already noticed that. Currently newspapers have less news and more advertisements from these Indian eCommerce players.

But what is all this leading to? Do these online sales work? Are ecommerce players deriving any benefit from it?

If Anand Chandrsekaran, the Chief Product officer of Snapdeal is to be believed, they are are making a killing…big time.

Anand tweeted some numbers as to how Snapdeal has fared during the first two days of Snapdeal Diwali Sale, and the numbers (if true) are surely quite impressive.

Here are the Tweets.

Like we said earlier, the numbers are quite impressive and it just goes to show how comfortable Indians have got with shopping online.

We are trying to get numbers for Flipkart and Amazon, but if these above numbers are anything to go by, even Flipkart and Amazon may have some awesome results to show!

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