1. […] Simply put, it’s going to be WhatsApp group admin’s neck on line if anyone posts anything that is deemed negative or offensive. And yes, this is not far fetched, we already have instances where group admin has been arrested! […]

  2. Veena says

    Does this even make sense? The sender/forwarder of the content ALONE is to be held responsible for the content. The role of an Admin is limited, and, mostly, is not intended to involve in crimes. The groups are created with the sole purpose of connecting to people for various reasons – official, friendship, love, family, etc.. Whereas the members each have their own uncontrolled personalities, and lavishly throw in their opinions and beliefs. I believe that the Admin is in no way responsible for posts/forwards by members. I wish that, in our country, people try to use a little common sense before trapping innocents. The country is losing its rational thinking, and conveniently playing hide-and-seek with the law and its loopholes.

    1. Jagan says

      Yeah you are right! An admin of the group does not have any control over the messages been sent by others or even himself. So there is no point in punishing an Admin for the crimes committed by the group members only the reason being that “He is an admin”. I protest against this.

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