Revealed! iPhone 6S & 6+ Prices Range From Rs. 62,000 to Rs. 92,000 in India


iPhone 6S & 6+ India Prices

It’s just amazing how iPhones are able to sell millions of units Worldwide at the prices they come at – After death of Steve Jobs, many people had thought that iPhone aura will diminish – but that’s not happened. The sales of iPhone are setting record after record, even though each and every iteration of iPhone is getting increasingly expensive.

According to various media outlets, for the first time, Apple is planning a blockbuster launch for it’s newest iPhone 6S and 6 Plus in India. The launch event is expected to happen on October 16th of this month.

But the prices of iPhone 6S and 6+ has already been revealed and the cheapest iPhone 6S (16GB) will put you down by Rs. 62,000 – nearly $1000! On the other end the most expensive unit will be iPhone 6 plus 128 GB that will have a price tag of whopping Rs. 92,000 or close to $1450.

Here is the price list for all versions:

iPhone 6S 6plus Price

Even though the price of iPhone is so high, Apple expects better sale numbers in India compared to all previous versions. In India, iPhone is just not a smartphone – it is a device that is bought to be flaunted and has the highest “richness” quotient!

While, most consumers know that Apple themselves make over $500 profit on each of their phone, people still make a beeline in front of Apple stores worldwide.

Growing India Importance

It is also for the first time that Apple is forging partnerships with Indian telecom operators well in advance of launch date. Till now, iPhone plans released by operators came out months later from the launch date.

Like always, Apple will be offering EMI Schemes, where consumers will need to pay only a small upfront amount and rest can be paid in 12 or 24 month installments. It is expected that iPhone plans will come with bundled data offers or even unlimited data in case of some plans.

There is a reason why Apple no more looks at India as a dumping ground for iPhones. For the first time in history, the growth of Apple products, especially iPhones, has been more in India compared with China. For the period between April to June, 2015, iPhones recorded a growth of 93% in India, which more than growth in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey and China.

So, what’s your take? Will you buy iPhones at that price?

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  1. Sai Satish Kandukuri says

    Surprising that you didn’t write about Microsoft event yet!!! They have lots of cool announcements!! Are you MSFT agnostic??

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      You are actually right – we should have and I also agree that they did announce some great devices. Its just that we are short on hands right now :) I am not Microsoft agnostic…

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