Rahul Yadav To Launch Data Analytics Startup; Gets Support From The Founders of PayTm, Flipkart & Micromax


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Rahul Yadav is attempting to ‘make this world a better place’, by launching a data analytics and visualization startup.

As per reports coming in, his unnamed startup has already received support from Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal and Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma; they all will be making personal investments in Rahul’s new startup.

After being fired from Housing.com, a startup which he co-founded, this can be termed as a great comeback for the young entrepreneur.

In his Facebook post, he shared that he has already started the process.


This data analytics startup will focus on big data, by analyzing and understanding the massive volume of analytics data on various portals, and help them to make intelligent decisions based on the analysis. It will be able to predict consumer behavior, and empower the business owners with key insights at key decision points.

While Sachin Bansal and Rahul Sharma didn’t issue any statement, Vijay Sharma has confirmed his involvement, as he said, “He (Yadav) is definitely an incredible maverick. He has an understanding of technology and we hope he has learnt his lesson and moved ahead.”

Interestingly, Softbank, which is a majority stake holder in Housing.com, is also a major investor in Alibaba, which in turn has invested heavily in PayTm.

Softbank actually wanted to invest in Paytm, but due to differences in opinions, the deal couldn’t materialize. (SoftBank wanted Paytm to focus on mobile wallet and mobile recharge business, but Vijay was confident about mobile commerce vertical to sell products)

On the other hand, rumors exist that Micromax also wants SoftBank to invest in their mobile business.

Meanwhile Rahul Yadav also met Mukesh Ambani, whom he considers his hero.


Reports also emerged that lots of Housing.com employees are now quitting the company to join Rahul Yadav’s new startup. This was after the news broke that Housing.com will fire 600 employees in the next three months. Rahul has already donated all his Housing.com shares to its employees, although its not yet clear whether the VCs have approved of this move or not.

Once more details come in regarding the backers of Rahul Yadav’s new startup, we may get a better picture of this whole maze.

Few days back, we had reported that Rahul may participate in Big Boss 9 as well. Looks like he may not participate in the reality show afterall…

One thing is for sure: Rahul Yadav is not among those who will simply quit and hide; he is there to make some ripples across the startup scene in India.

Stay tuned for more..

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  2. Ravinder dande says

    I always glad to hear that one indian again founded somethings. As indians founding their startup it can motivates other to do so.

  3. Arjun Suresh says

    “little mad. But worth more”

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