Rahul Yadav, Now A Big Boss 9 Contestant? Most Controversial Reality Show Meets Most Controversial Ex-CEO


India’s most controversial Reality TV show is roping in one of the most talked about personalities of this year – Rahul Yadav.

So why would Big Boss want someone like Rahul Yadav, when they generally look for famous personalities from Entertainment Industry. It’s because, Rahul Yadav fits the bill perfectly.

He is controversial, he is a loud mouth, he speaks his mind, he has throngs of followers and his presence is sure to cause some major debates and tussles in the Big Boss house! As a Bonus, Big Boss will get new set of followers from Tech and online space in India ( who probably have never been an audience to a show like Big Boss). This sure is an absolute win-win for Big Boss.

The question though is – why would Rahul Yadav join the show? His Facebook update states, “And yes, NEVER EVER stop having fun in the journey because life is too short (Just 3L Hrs) ?#?BigBoss? ?#?FUN?”

While I absolutely agree with the statement that everyone should have fun in the journey – I think Rahul Yadav is currently in a position where he needs to walk the talk.

When he was fired from Housing.com – he first promised that he will come up with his new startup/idea (or whatever) in 10 days time. It has been close to 2 months since that statement was made. On July 15th,  in another Facebook post, RY asked world to be ready for his next venture. He specifically said “30 days to go. Is the world ready?”

On July 26th , in another Facebook update his boldly said, “All Indian internet companies put together < My next venture

More than 30 days have passed, and we have been eagerly waiting for RY’s new big venture to come forth – but nothing has been forthcoming. Not even a hint.

And now, with Big Boss coming into picture, it will be impossible for RY to come up with anything because he will be an inmate to Big Boss house.

And even if RY announces something before the start of the show, will it be prudent for the founder to be completely cut-off for nearly 45 to 60 days from his startup?

You make the decision!

One thing is clear, if he really wants to be the Desi Steve Jobs – he needs to do a lot more than being an inmate in Big Boss house!!

What do you think?

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  1. Shivam says

    Bigboss is going to be interesting i guess.

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