Zomato Launches Whitelabel, A Subscription Platform For Restaurants To Build Native Apps


Zomato Whitelabel

Zomato, Worlds leading restaurant review and rating platform has launched a new platform called ‘Zomato Whitelabel’ that empowers Restaurants and food establishments to create a digital presence by way of creating full-service native apps.

Simply put, Restaurants will be able to create Android and iOS native apps with Whitelabel platform within a short period of time. The restaurant can completely customize the design and look of the app as per their branding.

Zomato Whitelabel is targeting an opportunity that does not have too much of competition and need for such a platform definitely exists in restaurant Industry. While many rating and review apps exist, but for a restaurant they do not have a easy way of creating their own branded online presence.

According to the official announcement on Zomato Blog, “With Zomato Whitelabel, restaurants will be able to launch market-ready apps in a matter of weeks with absolutely no technical knowledge required. These apps integrate seamlessly into all of Zomato’s ancillary features such as Online Ordering, Table Reservations, in-app Cashless payments, Loyalty programs and our soon-to-be-launched Zomato Base.”

Zomato Whitelabel Features

  • Customizable design – Make the app your own, with your branding on the splash screen and app icon
  • Instant app creation – Have market-ready iOS and android apps in 3 weeks, with no technical knowledge required
  • Push notifications – Engage customers with outlet-level targeted push notifications on their smartphones
  • Online ordering – Accepting orders through Zomato’s online ordering system
  • Powerful integrations – Integrate seamlessly with upcoming features – table reservations, payments, and more
  • Easy control – Easily manage all information including menu, photos, outlets location, events & offers
  • Reporting & Analytics – Keep track of how many people are installing and using your app

Zomato claims that they already have 100 restaurant brands that have subscribed to Whitelabel. Some of the restaurants include Miyabi Sushi & Bento in Dubai, Shizuku Ramen in Melbourne, and Summerhouse Cafe in New Delhi.

To try and find further, we did try to search native apps of the brands mentioned above on Google play store and Apple app store – Unfortunately, we could not find any app.

In our view, Whitelabel is a great platform for restaurants to create their digital presence quickly. Interestingly, Zomato has not mentioned anything about the subscription cost, but if the cost is competitive, we definitely see lot of restaurants across the world lapping up this platform!

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  1. Phani Jawahar says

    In Dubai, the first set of Apps went live on September 16th. Which is why you were not able to find them on the App Store or the Play Store. Restaurants like Miyabi Sushi had signed up for the App before the 15th of September. However, since Zomato takes 3 weeks to develop the Apps, you were not able to find them.

    Now,You can search for them on both the App Store and the Play Store.

    Hope this helps :)

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