Big Leap for Digital India: Andhra Implements ePragati; Becomes 1st State to Execute Complete e-Governance Via Enterprise Architecture


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Andhra Pradesh has beaten states like Gujarat, Karnataka and Telangana when it comes to executing state-wide e-Governance framework.

As per latest updates, AP Govt. has successfully implemented full enterprise level architecture to bring all Government functionaries under one roof. Rechristened as ‘ePragati’ (translated to ‘Electronic Development’), this massive e-Governance project has made Andhra Pradesh the first Indian state to do so.

AP chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu said, “This will become a model in government enterprise architecture in India,” He further said that a similar enterprise architecture level e-Governance model is being currently used by countries such as South Korea, Singapore, the United States, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand.

Wipro had been roped in to develop this state wide enterprise architecture, which was completed in 8 months. Before being renamed to ePragati, it was called ‘AP State Enterprise Architecture’ or APSEA.

AP Enterprise Architecture

Some of the salient features of ePragati:

33 secretariat departments and over 300 government agencies in the state have been included in this platform

– Citizens can now make use of 745 Govt. services, which includes operations pertaining to government to customer (G2C), government to business (G2B), government to enterprise (G2E) and government to government (G2G) areas.

– Grouped under 14 packages, Govt. has created 72 projects under ePragati, for which a budget of Rs 2538 crore has been allocated. Rs 1538 crore would be provided by the Govt. and the rest will come via PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) model.

– Major highlights of Project ePragati are 7 missions, 5 grids and 5 campaigns

– Some of the crucial campaigns which are included: AP Fibre Grid (aims to link every gram panchayat with fiber-optics; AP State Data Centre (aims to host all data and apps under their own data centers); People Hub (creation of a huge database of all citizens to optimally assist them using welfare schemes); Dial AP (a massive contact center wherein citizens can call anytime to seek help); mSeva ( a mobile centric e-Governance initiative)

– Other projects include eLearning platform for all children, an online marketplace for selling agriculture based products for farmers; ePanchayat platform, for linking all panchayats of the state; APCan, an online platform to assist all cancer patients in the state

As per CM Naidu, “ePragati aims focuses on achieving a unified and connected government with citizen-centricity at its core. The implementation will lead to free-flow of information among departments, paving the way for an integrated, outcome-driven and accountable government.”

Digital India vision just took a giant leap with such a comprehensive and broad e-Governance implementation.

You can find complete details about ePragati, and their mission and vision along with objectives here.

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