Yu YuPix, A New Innovative Pocket Photo Printer For Rs. 6999!



We absolutely love when an Indian company announces something innovative. Yu Televentures, the young arm of Micromax has been trying to introduce new innovative Gadgets to Indian masses in recent times. Now, they have launched a Unique pocket-size portable photo printer called Yu YuPix, that will enable you to print physical photos on paper in 60 seconds from the time you have clicked them on your Smartphone.

It is essentially your personal portable photo printer. The YuPix photo printer is available on Amazon starting today for a price of Rs. 6,999/-. If you prefer having a physical photo album rather than seeing your photos on digital screen, this device may be for you!

The YuPix photo printer works with help of Yupix App, which is already available on play store and will soon be available on iOS devices as well.

The portable printer can print photos in 54X86-mm size with a printing resolution of 291 dpi. While the size photos may be rather limited, it can be extremely useful if you want normal sized photos or ID sized photographs. YuPix looks like a perfect device for it.

The device works on dye sublimation technology to print photos. Also, the cartridge on YuPix is unique, where it combines printer ink with print sheets. Which means you will never be in a situation where you have all the sheets but no ink to print with or vice versa. The print cartridge can also be easily replaced by sliding in and out of the printer.

YuPix Printer

Weighing just 270 grams, the Yupix is very handy and can be easily carried around anywhere and everywhere. With 750mAh battery to boot, you can print 10 continuous photo copies. The company claims that YuPix is water and fingerprint resistant!

Interestingly, company has not given any inclination of the price of cartridge. If the price of cartridge is too high, many people would think twice before going for this printer.

While we like that an Indian company is try to bring new innovative products to India – we are not sure if YuPix will appeal to everyone, especially because photo size seems to be quite limited.

We are trying to get our hands on the device, and as soon as we do so, we will let you know how well YuPix works in real world!

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