#ILEDTHEWAY Govt’s Massive Campaign To Popularize LED Lighting By Offering Much Subsidized Rates



In one of the biggest campaigns ever launched, Indian Government is attempting to create mass awareness about benefits of using LED lighting.

Ministry of Power has created a joint venture called Energy Sufficient Services Limited, which consists of several PSUs in order to propagate and spread the advantages of using LEDs all over the country; and in this mission, they have 47.5 million LEDs all across the country.

Under this initiative, Govt is giving citizens of India LED at much subsidized rates!

The Government has also created a website that mentions the number of LEDs installed through this initiative by various states along with energy & cost savings:


Why LEDs?

Usage of LEDs can save a lot of energy for the country, and it’s economical. It used 1/10th of the power used by a normal incandescent bulb and 50% of a CFL bulb, but produces equal amount of brightness and is long lasting as well.

Besides the theoretical facts, let us see what distribution and usage of 47 million LEDs have achieved so far:

  • 16 million kilo-watt hour of energy has been saved
  • Rs 6.5 crore is saved per day from energy costs
  • 1523 mega watt of power in peak hours have been avoided
  • 13,721 ton of CO2 (carbon dioxide) has been reduced per day

These facts have been shared by the Ministry of Power on their official website.


The campaign has been named ILEDTHEWAY, which has been transformed into a website and hashtag with the same name.

Normally, LED costs around Rs 400-500, which deters a common man from using it.

In order to propagate and inspire more usage, Government is providing subsidy to buy LEDs as well.

Besides upfront discounts, there is an attractive EMI scheme for those who don’t wish to pay the whole amount in one single go.

By showing an ID proof, any Indian citizen has get an LED for Rs 100; whereas under EMI scheme, users only need to pay Rs 10 upfront, and the remaining Rs 95 can be paid in 10 easy installments.

Some unique financial advantages of using LEDs as shared by Government:

  • Rs 160 per bulb is saved in electricity bill, every month
  • 2-10 LEDs can be bought at a cheaper price compared to CFL
  • A special 3 year warranty is provided with free replacement

The power and advantages of using LEDs is now being propagated across various Govt. departments as well. For instance, 1 lakh Western Railway employee have adapted 7-watt LEDs; Delhi Cant Municipal area will replace 15,000 traditional bulbs with LEDs and lot more.

LED WR Employees

LED or light-emitting diode was first developed by Nick Holonyak, Jr., while working at General Electric Company. Since then, usage of LEDs have been known to spread like a virus, as the brightness efficiency and power saving from it’s wider usage is unparalleled in the power industry.

Inside India, LEDs were sold commercially, but this is for the first time that its usage is being encouraged on a mass level, supported by Government.

Kudos to the Government for launching such an innovative and useful campaign for saving power and to empower citizens improved lightening. This is one of those campaigns which will have a far reaching positive impact on the society.

In case you don’t use LED, do share your reason by commenting right here.

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