Google Launches Android Experiments; Open Sources Novel & Unusual Android Apps To Spur Development


Android experiments

Google has launched a new website – Android Experiments – that showcases some really novel and unusual Android apps developed internally by Google Labs or by some third party developers. Users can not only download and use these apps, but also contribute to the further development of these apps. Google has opened the code for all these apps and developers can either improve the app further or create variations of these fun apps.

Currently, there are a total of 20 Android apps that have been put up on Android Experiments website.

While some of the apps have features that you may have already come across, some of them are truly exceptional. For example, an app called inkspace has a drawing tool which uses your device accelerometer to move the drawings you have made in 3d. Check out the video to see how Inkspace works

Google’s vision behind opening up Android experiments is to spur creativity and offer inspiration to millions of Android developers out there. In their words, “We’re working to document creative experiments like these and make them open source so anyone can see how they are made, or get inspired to create their own. Our hope is to encourage more developers to challenge how we interact with the devices we use every day.”

Google has opened this platform for everyone, and if you think you have created an amazing and creative Android app, you can submit your own app to Android Experiment website.

Some of the apps we really loved on Android experiments include Landmarker, a compass that beautifully lets you explore the landmarks around you. Space Sketcher is another wonderful app that demonstrates the potential of Project Tango technology by allowing users to create virtual 3D drawings in space using full range motion tracking.

One of the most innovative and creative app we came across on Android experiments is IOIO plotter – it is a interactive drawing tool that converts photos from the phone’s camera into abstract drawings using physical markers suspended from strings. Check out the video below

Do visit Android Experiments website, download the apps that appeal to you and let us know your experience!

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