Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad or Chennai – Which City Has Ideal Living Conditions From All Perspectives


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Editors Note: This is not an article, but one person’s perspective about living in four Indian cities. The author had made a comment on one of our previous posts, and we thought that we could publish this for wider audiences. The language used may not be thoroughly correct in some cases.


We find people comparing Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai all the time. It might be from perspective of Jobs, or transport or climate or various other things. Given that I have lived in all these cities, I am in an unique position to give you my experiences and differences that I have come across.

I am not claiming that what I say may be 100% right because experiences differ from person to person. These are my own experiences and other may or may not agree to it. So here it goes.

Here are the things that I will compare, so it will give you an all round perspective:

  • Job
  • People
  • Food
  • Cost of living
  • Transport
  • Traffic
  • Residential areas
  • Localities
  • Climate
  • Outings and nearby-tourist places
  • Night life


In my view, Bangalore should be considered as best because of presence of big companies plus day-by-day increase in number of start-ups ! If you are seeking for high pay scale offering companies and start-ups, this is the place for you. Pune doesn’t count here much. Pune generally has service based and ‘less-brand-name’ companies,while core-development companies are not much to be seen. But still looks like Pune is expanding now in terms of its startup ecosystem and product companies are now making their presence felt.

Hyderabad is similar to Bangalore but less in number if we talk about startups, Chennai goes little down here as compared to Bangalore and Hyderabad, but better than Pune if you still are seeking big pay companies.


I would vote Pune here. Bus conductors, Rickshaw walas all are helping and polite.

Bangalore also counts than below two. You won’t face communication problem here.

However, Hyderabad is little rustic. People are little complex even though they speak hindi and although better than the core part, but still not that liberal, yet they are helping.

Chennai is full of reserved people but are most cultural. Local people in buses will stare at you as if you are from other planet! Gosh !


Food part really depends upon your taste per se.

If you want north indian food and chaats, obviously Pune is the best. Right from ‘thelas’ to luxury fine-dine  restaurants, you will find really good taste here.

Bangalore, apart from branded and prominent food chain restaurants, sucks if you are roaming for north indian food but good in south indian taste. You can’t find good frugal north indian food easily here.

In Hyderabad, non veg food is unbeatable, especially meat ! I am sure you guys have heard of ‘hyderabadi biryani’ and ‘paaya soup’, but pure veg folks beware, nothing is that tasty here, but yes, is available. And food is mostly spicy here.

Chennai scores top in seafood obviously and core south indian food. You won’t find north indian food easily here and taste? forget about it !

Cost of living:

This is the topic which already everyone knows.

Obviously Bangalore is costliest.

Then Pune scores the list.

Chennai comes third.

Hyderabad is cheapest.

Transport facilities:

It depends upon what sort of transport you want.

Metro, AC buses you won’t find in Pune. But they are in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

People seeking rickshaws as conveyance? Pune is better as it has got ‘shared auto’ and ‘shared van’ concept which I haven’t found anywhere. However you can take risk of buying Two-Four wheeler in Pune for workdays. If you have your own vehicle, you can reach from any place to any place in Pune city limits within an hour. Bangalore transport is expensive but easily available.

In Hyderabad and Chennai buses, you will find less IT people as compared to above two.

Frequency of buses are same in all the cities.


(Here I am talking about dog-days not weekends)

Since Pune has two major IT parks at extreme ends, traffic only can be found there, and yes, it is irritating. Bangalore traffic is bad, especially at city signals through out, due to lot of IT parks scattered within the city. So you reach late in your offices ! Hyderabad has less traffic as compared Bangalore but greater than Pune.

Chennai’s traffic size is almost the same as Hyderabad but more organized.

Residential Areas:

Pune is number one !! You will find luxurious societies for low and are easily available too.

Bangalore is difficult place to find flats without brokers. Even with brokers and agents involved, you have to compromise on the area. PGs are in extreme number here. And yes, it is expensive.

Chennai has cheaper rates then above two, but owners are much reluctant. They generally prefer their local people to north Indians when it comes to living. Though in Hyderabad, you won’t find that luxurious flats that easily and in ample amount, but living is cheapest here. Societies can be difficult to find.


Bangalore covers every street corner to have some ubiquitous brands like KFC, McDonalds, Nike, etc. But at every corner of street, no matter how posh or slummy, you will find heap of garbage somewhere and stench of drainage. I didn’t find this in Pune. But you will find shops and restaurants of all brands in every area of Bangalore unlike the rest.

Hyderabad gets similar atmosphere as well. Old Hyderabad is kinda less interactive. IT people seldom go there. Bangalore is better than Hyderabad in this context. Chennai is spacious road-wise, as compared to Bangalore and Hyderabad but almost same as Pune except hardcore south indian culture. Main city area (or old city area) of all four cities reflect their respective cultures. Bangalore is equally scattered though.


Bangalore takes the credit here as there are more natural places to visit than any of these e.g Mysore, Coorg but you won’t find beaches nearby. Pune has more temples as tourist places rather than hill stations except Lavasa and Lonawala.

If you want to spend night on beaches with a peg in hand to loosen up, Chennai can’t be competed with anyone. Ooty, kodaikanal etc are nearby. And so is Pondicherry. As far as outings go, Chennai does have some good options! If you are not looking for any hilly place or much to have tourism to, Hyderabad is there for you. But it does not have too many places to plan a tour.


Bangalore has the best climate among all in every season. Pune goes little hot in summer. Apart from it, it is nearly same as Bangalore.

Hyderabad is extremely hot in summer, but is balmy in other seasons. Chennai sucks in climate. Humid, itchy and sweaty. Even my Nike Deo failed down there !

Night life:

Bangalore has greatest number of bars and pubs ,but they all are time-restrictive. I don’t understand why Bangalore is recommended as night life city if it gets closed so early. Almost all Bangalore pubs close down by 12:30 am. While in Pune, they open till early mornings ;-). If you want hard-core rave night party, go to koregaon Park in Pune.

Hyderabad has far lesser pubs and bars. You’ll like a pub called SPOIL there .Talking about Chennai, as you guess right, is full of sacrosanct, so its hard to find much there. Candy club is the only good one there.

Real sick night life is in Pune !

So pals, the point is that these cities can’t be really compared to each other. Based on your need , you gotta choose one !

Author Biography : Anshuman works as a developer in large IT services company and has an experience in Open Stack. Currently living in Bangalore. Passionate towards observing life and culture. He is an artist with deep interest in pencil sketching. He is also an avid wild-life lover.

  1. shiva says

    I don’t know which idiot have written this article. He just act a broker who is arranged to find a good accommodation for north indians.I haven’t seen such a shitty one sided article in my life
    I wonder why this beggar puts Bangalore at top in every aspects.As if Chennai &Hyderabad are small town which yet to be developed.

  2. ADESH JAIN says

    i think there are some correction
    pune night life is much much better than banglore
    and pune has highest no. of pubs in asia
    and this guy put f****** banglore at top in evrything

  3. Jerin George says

    I Live in Chennai..Compared to the people in Bangalore and Pune . chennai has more illiterates and slummy people. As said they stare at people who look fair or well dressed, as if they are from other planets. Whereas in Bangalore or Pune everyone is Kinda Descent except a few..Talking about the weather.. As of July 2016 Bangalore is Having very cold climates.. and Chennai is experiencing rainy evenings with Very hot Mornings where the temperatures go upto 37* celsius.. Sorry to say that even though i’m a Madrasi …In the case of weather Chennai Really really Sucks compared to Bangalore

    1. jia says

      and the people are much more literate! i feel like you hang out only with illiterates, cause your language says it all

  4. Punnu says

    Lived in both Hyderabad and Bangalore. Except for climate and maybe nightlife, Hyderabad is much better than Bangalore.

  5. Gotham says

    Bangalore is still the silicon valley of India and it can be comparable to Singapore where other cities are not eligible. People from other states had settled down here because of its tolerance level and where this is not possible in Chennai and pune where every one behave like machan’s of ruling party and opposition party
    Bangalore is the best city for startups and for immigrants

  6. sri says

    hi Guys,

    I have been to two cities like Hyderabad and Banglore. I can 100% and truly says Hyderabad is the Best to live. I love Hyderabad.

  7. Karthik says

    Is this an article about which is the best city for a North Indian?

  8. Sanil says

    It is an extremely poorly written article. Doesn’t the editor proof read it before publishing? Use of words and grammar is mediocre to say the least.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Dear Sanil,

      Please see the preface of the article. It is clearly mentioned that language may not be right. I think if you read the first para, it will be clear to you…

  9. Viswaram says

    Too biased on Chennai dude. Its the best city so far I lived. Bangalore weather is the best, all else sucks. Chennai awesome food, cheap living, lot safer.

    1. Manisha says

      One common thing which I notice about chennai folks are, they never accept faults with their city and always cynical about others. They have problems with kannadigas, mallus, telugus, north Indians etc. they will speak for hours why other places are bad.

      1. Tarun says

        As of 2015, Chennai has a population greater than 4.9 million.

        “One common thing which I notice about Chennai folks are, they never accept faults with their city and always cynical about others.”

        From this statement, are you trying to suggest that you have interacted with all the 4.9 million people? I am from Chennai and I am deeply offended by the baseless accusation you have just made.

        I do acknowledge the problems in Chennai. I currently reside in Hyderabad and the food, weather, cost of living everything is on the positive side here at Hyderabad, and I tell everyone the same. I have already disproved your point. Not so common trait I believe then, huh?

        The same can be said the other way then, all the other city folks come to the southern most state of India expecting what? Rotis and dal? I don’t think India is called one of the most diverse cultures for nothing. Majority of the people don’t speak Hindi. I accept that. This creates a language barrier. But, we aren’t obliged in any way to learn Hindi. The constitution of India doesn’t mandate every citizen of India to learn Hindi. And Hindi is not the National language, if you didn’t know. It is 1 of the 2 official languages that is spoken in India. The government of India recognizes that there are 29 or more languages in India and it would disrespect the other languages (not only Tamil) and the general concept of diverse culture. Its a shame that the majority of the citizens don’t even know this. English also classifies as an official language. So, I can go to the other cities of India and complain that people don’t speak English. Please try to understand that there are diverse cultures all across India, each different from the other. The minimal thing one can do while migrating to such a city is to keep an open mind.

        All the educated people speak English in Chennai. What more do you want?

        We aren’t cynical towards other cities. When people make accusations like this, we get hurt. If you see the general attitude, people complain against Chennai without even trying to understand the culture. Of course we will protect our city’s name. You can’t just diss a city and expect us to blindly say yes, we are inferior. We do have pride.

        People are reserved in Chennai is another common thing. Well maybe, that’s how we want to live. We are not wannabes who blindly copy the west. We are not asking you or forcing you to follow something. But all you want to do is judge us.

        “They have problems with kannadigas, mallus, telugus, north Indians etc. they will speak for hours why other places are bad.”

        I currently live with a Kannadiga, a Marathi and a Keralite in my flat. We have never faced a problem in the 2 years we have resided in Hyderabad.

        Get your facts straight before you talk.

  10. YouAreBullshit says

    Lol you obviously have no clue or research on Chennai, ITS NOT CLOSE TO OOTY oR KODAI. Un-educated people stare at people in every city, chennai has higher cost of living than Bangalore and ofcourse our economy is fucking killer to get jobs.

    Candy club is the one you know about nightlife in chennai ? really? LOL. you have no idea about the city.

    Pasha, Illusions, Dublin, Havana, Eeast Coast Road (coast full of beach houses all the way upto Pondicherry).
    Restaurants with the craziest diversity of cuisines.
    World’s 2nd largest beach, crazy temples with great architecture. A mix of culture and modernization.
    #1 in Police protection.

    That’s chennai.

  11. Altaf Rahman says

    Nice article.
    I would say not many of us are lucky to have “lived” in so many cities and gave a thought of observing life in those cities from so many angles and compiling it.
    @ Tarun, Just imagine, you lived in Chandigarh, Lucknow, Vadodara, Calcutta and compared them in one article and people criticize you for being biased. How do you feel?
    I am from Hyderabad and know the article missed some of the best points here. But as Arun said, I take it with a pinch of salt. Its the author’s angle based on where he comes from, what are his food preferences, how he travels, where he lives etc.

    On a lighter note, I would take a dig at the authors comment in Climate :
    “My Nike Deo failed down there”. What do you mean ;)
    Just my two paisa ??

    1. Anshu says

      @Altaf Thanx :)

  12. Sai says

    Regarding the Rickshawalas pune is bad. They never run on meter and are very rude and deny for short distances

  13. Tarun says

    Are you from Pune? it sure does sound like that. Give every city a fair chance man. This article is extremely biased.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      @Tarun – really? Does the article say Pune is good. I dont see it. I think we need to take this with a pinch of salt. The main thing I think is that the author seems to be North Indian and hence for him Chennai seems to be a difficult place to adjust. Atleast, thats what I think. In most other places, he has spoken about Bangalore and Pune in positive light

      1. Tarun says

        The author has titled the article as “Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad or Chennai – Which City Has Ideal Living Conditions From All Perspectives”. This automatically implies that, the author takes a neutral stance. I don’t understand how the author’s origin matters here. If the author is from North India, so he would obviously prefer a location which would have his tastes. That’s where the biasing starts from. The root.

        This defies the purpose of the article all together. Then the title should have been, “Which would be the ideal location for a North Indian Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad or Chennai”. In that case, this article would make sense. Right now, the article points out language barrier as a problem. What if a South Indian goes to Pune? In that case, the article would be in the converse of what you say.

        1. Sri says

          The author of course put a disclaimer that he may not be entirely right — but he should know the name now is Bengaluru, but not Bangalore. But you are right, when I was reading through, I thought why should Hindi be a yardstick to measure, only then I realized that this guy is talking about knowing his own language as being a benchmark. I could not understand how that could be a criterion in the first place. Chennai people are helpful, I have lived there. You may just have to talk in English with them. The visitor must know which language to use in which city, it is silly to expect the whole world to know Hindi.
          Regarding food, again North Indian food was benchmark. I have lived in Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai — all have very good south indian food. So cannot see why Pune is the best in this too. Hyderabad has lots of veggie options – Andhra food. People naively think only non-veg biryani when it comes to Hyderabad. Again some poor bias thinking by the author.

        2. Tarun says

          @Sri, OOPS! Just read the disclaimer.

    2. Anshu says

      @Tarun : No man i am from neither of these cities. Also what i shared was from ‘overall’ perspective, not from partiality b/w north and south. Also you should read last line which says ‘you should choose one based on your needs’.

      1. Tarun says

        Aah. That is correct.
        Just wanted to share it with you. From the initial glance, it felt unfair on the other cities. I read the disclaimer just now, so PEACE brother.

      2. Manohar says

        Chennai is always hot throughout the year. During winters, Bangalore people should wear sweaters etc. Cost of living is also high. For north Indians, Bangalore is the best place since people speak Hindi and life is also North Indian type, so also is Hyderabad. Chennai people are very much reserved due to its south culture. Hyderabad is too hot during summers. In Chennai, you can go to various beaches during the evenings.

        If you want to enjoy materialy, good salary, good warm friends, films, want Hindi also and Cheap living, I think Hyderabad may win the prize. In Chennai, there is anti-Hindi, in Bangalore, cost of living is high. I do not know about Pune.

  14. harry says

    People polite in Pune? ROFL

  15. Rahul says

    dfaq!! wtf i read jsut now!! That too on trak.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Why Rahul ? Is it that bad ? It is not an article, but basically a comment we recd on one of the previous posts that we published as we thought it is an interesting perspective..

    2. Anshu says

      Hi Rahul, you want to add something to it?

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