OnePlus 2 To Be Officially Launched In Virtual Reality on July 27


OnePlus 2 VR

OnePlus One was an immensely popular phone, I mean it still is, but frankly speaking it doesn’t stand up to its ‘The Flagship Killer’ tagline. The One suffered from a few issues but still managed to attract a lot of buyers in India. I personally know a lot of people who are waiting to buy the the next smartphone from OnePlus dubbed as OnePlus 2.

We have been hearing a lot of rumours and going through all the teasers unveiled by OnePlus until now. But the company has now set the official launch date as 27 July 2015. So, if you’re wondering if all the hype that the company created for OnePlus 2 was for nothing, then behold.

OnePlus has planned to launch is next flagship model with you!

You won’t have to read about the event anywhere, but you will be able to experience the official unveiling yourself and that too without going to China. Sounds like a dream, isn’t it?

All of this would be made possible by the Virtual Reality (VR) tech. OnePlus 2 would be unveiled in VR and the broadcast would be available for anyone to stream in the world starting at 7:00 pm PT on 27 July.

What To Expect In This VR Launch?

This VR or the Virtual Reality launch of the OnePlus 2 would let you stand right next to the OnePlus team and their fans during the launch event. You would also be able to look around as you check the phone in a completely new way. OnePlus has also mentioned in their forum post, that the users can also expect to find a few hidden Easter eggs.

While we don’t know what to expect at the moment, but it is certainly going to be very interesting.

In order to make this VR launch of OnePlus 2 memorable, the company has gone one step further and has designed its own pair of VR cardboard headset.

The result is custom VR headset tailor-made for the OnePlus One which is also compatible with most phones up to 6 inch in size. The OnePlus VR headset is not only 20% smaller than the existing designs, but is also made up of more durable cardboard. The entire surface of the headset is coated with oil and dirt repellent coating so that it maintains its premium looks.

Visit OnePlus Cardboard’s official page and book one for you for free.

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