Microsoft Word, Excel And PowerPoint Now Come As Separate Android Phone Apps


Word, Exccel and powerpoint Android users

Microsoft Office suite of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are undoubtedly the most popular programs on Windows and is used by millions across the globe. Given the advent of Smartphones, Microsoft seems to now shifted focus on mobile devices. They have announced launch of separate apps for Word, Excel  and PowerPoint for Android.

Last year, a unified MS Office apps was launched for iPhone and Android users and now it’s time for the Android users to use three different apps of Office on their smartphones.  The unified app is suggested only for users who have KitKat or lesser version of Android. All other users, who have a higher version need to update it to 3 different apps. Now let’s see what all these apps provide to make your tasks easier.

Microsoft now allows users to create a PPT or a document through the android apps for free! According to the announcement made by Microsoft, these apps will join our previously released Office apps for Android tablets to complete the Office experience for the millions of Android users around the world. There were rumors that Microsoft will also launch office apps on cloud in India by 2015, but there is no such official confirmation about the same.

Check out the introductory video by Microsoft.


Microsoft Word for Android

Microsoft Word has been an essential tool for both commercial and personal purposes. With the release of Microsoft Word for Android, you can now increase your productivity with just a touch on your android device.

The navigation and menu options in the app let you complete your tasks without any hassles. You can even share your work on other android tablets and phones by using the cloud-connected Word app. It is also possible to save these files in your OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox etc.

Microsoft PowerPoint for Android

The layout of PowerPoint in the Android app is awesome and it’s quite easy to manage and create the presentations from your Android device. As Word files can be shared through cloud-connected app, sharing PPTs is also possible in the similar way.

Right from the templates to transitions, everything is available on the first page itself. This is sure to increase your productivity. Isn’t it? Besides that, you can zoom-in and out to insert images or clip arts to give your presentation a perfect finish.

Just for an instance, you have to present your important project and you don’t have access to your PC or laptop, this Microsoft PowerPoint app will surely help you out and get the things done bang on time!

Microsoft Excel for Android

Microsoft Excel for Android is considered to be the best spreadsheet app for the android users all around the world. And the reasons are many. Create, save and edit your excel sheets on-the-go! Make your calculations easy by using the excel sheets in your Android phone. Once you assign a formula to the spreadsheet’s row or column, you will need calculator anymore because as you enter the value, it is calculated by the Android app automatically.

Sharing is lot easier as compared to the desktop version. Just with a click you can share the spreadsheet via email.

Min System Requirements to Install these Apps

To access these versions of Microsoft Office apps, your device must have Android 4.4.X or up. Take a note that it is not available for Android M. Smartphones having more than 1GB RAM will get better results. And most importantly, the devices which have screen size over 10.1 inches, cannot access these three apps with a free subscription, they have to unlock Office 365 for full version.

This was listed in the ‘Requirements’ section of all the three apps in Play Store stating that “Office 365 is also required to create or edit on tablets with a screen larger than 10.1 inches. See for a list of qualifying plans.”

The size of all the apps is between 80MB -100MB which might turn out to be a drawback for the apps. Other than that, everything seems to be perfect. Did you try these apps? Do share your experience.

Download the Apps: Microsoft Word , Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel

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