Ola TaxiForSure Integration Done. You Can Now Book A TaxiForSure Cab Via The Ola App!


TaxiForSure Ola

After acquiring TaxiForSure in March 2015 by paying Rs. 1,200 crores in cash and stock, Ola has now integrated ride booking via TFS cabs within its own app. This was a highly anticipated move but Ola took its own sweet time to figure how it would work so as it doesn’t cannibalize its own revenue.

Ola users would now be able to book a ride via TFS cabs in the same way as they book rides via Ola. This feature has been rolled out to Ola app and would be operational starting today. Users will now be able to book a TFS Hatchback in the same way as they book Ola Mini, Sedan, Prime, or an auto via the Ola app.

This feature will be live in Delhi and Mumbai from today but will be rolled out in a phase manner across other cities in the next few weeks.

Beneficial To The Drivers And The Passengers

The passengers will now have an option to book a ride via TFS right within the Ola app. This way, they will be able to select a TFS ride with its lowest fares. Ola customers will be benefitted from this move, as they will also get another option within the same app.

TFS drivers will also get more customers from Ola who would want to try a different service for a change. This way, the drivers will be able to get more customers without putting any extra efforts.

“Ola and TaxiForSure have been revolutionizing personal transportation across the country. Now we are thrilled to take this to the next level to make that experience easier than ever. By bringing TaxiForSure hatchbacks onto the Ola app, we have unlocked complimentary value. As a platform, Ola believes in giving access to a wide range of personal transportation options from a single app. We will continue to find more unique ways to create efficiencies between the two brands, to create a seamless experience for all our customers and drivers,” said Pranay Jivrajka, COO, Ola.

How This Works?

Passengers will be able to travel by TFS by heading to TFS icon within the Ola app. After the ride is booked, the customer will be able to track the current position of the cab in real-time. The customer will also be able to share a real-time cab tracking link with their family and friends and will also receive cab and driver details as soon as they book a ride.

This cab booking system will work in sync with both Ola and TFS app and will let registered TFS users who book a TFS ride via Ola app, to also see the status of their ride on the TFS app as well.

The fare for TFS rides booked via Ola app will have to be paid only in cash and the customers will receive an email receipt for the same as soon as they finish their journey. TFS standard rates will be valid for all cab booking done via Ola app. No extra charges for this convenience will be levied from the customers.

This TFS Hatchback ride booking integration within the Ola App will have no effect on the TFS app as it would continue to be fully operational in future as well.

This is certainly a very big move from Ola and TFS and will surely give the passengers more options as they would get in a single cab specific app.

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