L’Oreal, Nivea, Dove Most Appreciated Brands By Global Social Media Users. McDonalds, Monsanto Rank Near Bottom


Loreal Brand

In today’s time, if you can’t find a person physically, you can track him down virtually. That’s what most of the advertisers are doing. And officially ad-free spaces are extinct especially on social media. While most of us find it annoying to have a FB page filled with merchandise ads, it surprisingly seems to be working out for the companies.

In a recent report that is upvoted for the Cannes Lions Advertising 2015 by [email protected] and SurveyMonkey has been drawing some attention online for the insightful details presented in the report. The report concludes that Loreal, Nivea, Dove and Chanel are widely appreciated social media brands. Coca-Cola, Redbull and Oreo still remain the most loved brands on social media platforms for the unique and youth involving campaigns.

Rumour has it that most advertisers have now shifted their focus from the conventional media (TV, Print, Radio) to Facebook and Google to promote their products. The research also shows that McDonald’s and Monsanto have been under the invisible cloak with no signs of ever out growing the outfit of bad image.

With 6500 participants across 11 countries, it was noted that 84% of them follow their favorite brands on platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ but 58% would rather share their experiences on the platforms.

Also the report points at the excessive brand promotion by social media users in China, India and Brazil while the American folk are happier sharing informative pieces. The virtual brand publicity is seen a lot in the BRIC countries as many youngsters don’t hesitate to good mouth a brand they like.

In UK, Marks & Spencers, Aldi, John Lewis and Amazon got a good social media thumbs-up while in US apart from the old three musketeers, Costco, Nike and Samsung seem to be gaining a big footing in the US social media scenario. [email protected] and SurveyMonkey had also published a report about the content people don’t shy from sharing on social media.

Around 13% feel that sharing and promoting their brands define their personality and highlight their ideology while 36% of them admitted to sharing a cause they strongly feel about.

It was also observed that developed countries or mature markets share informative content while the other population indulges in entertainment content shares.

Content is king and only what’s interesting sells. Marketing heads now know that the only way to capture the market is by being connected with the users 24/7 virtually.

“Through genuine interaction and content designed to connect with true advocates, companies can drive forward their brand, business and reputation in ways not possible before this era of social media” expressed Thomas Crampton, Global Managing Director at [email protected] Since the report is silent on the brands that Indians endorse online, do write in to us about your favorite and most creative brands on social media.


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