Foxconn To Re-Enter India, Your Next iPhone May Be Manufactured in Maharashtra!



‘Designed in California’ read it somewhere? Yes, on the Apple product packages. Today, a immense news broke out that Maharashtra will be the first Indian state where Foxconn will be setting up it’s production factory for the Apple products.

Foxconn the company which manufactures the majority of Apple devices will be re-entering in India after months of blackout after the end of Nokia production lines in India. The announcement was made by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis himself when he returned from the China tour along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Foxconn has seem to have bought the ‘Make in India’ proposal and has announced that they will be investing in huge manufacturing units for the Apple products. The first assembly line could be established in Aurangabad or Pune, as reported by DNA India.

Source has also reported that the plant could be Foxconn’s biggest manufacturing base in India and it is also estimated that the employment generation will be much more this time. The ‘Make in India’ policy does not only focus on bringing in the investment in the country but it also looks forward to generate the maximum employment out of it.

India is among the nations with largest number of mobile phone users (close to 890 million users) but only 7% of these mobiles are manufactured in the country.

Foxconn alone manufactures products for 17 companies which includes Acer, Apple, Blackberry, Cisco, Dell, HP, Huawei, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Xiaomi, etc. The new start of Foxconn’s operations in India will definitely lead to the flow of more capital for the manufacturing and assemble of other leading technology brands.

To kick start the second innings of Foxconn in India company again trusted the old player and has hired Josh Foulger who is the key person behind the establishment of Nokia’s Chennai plant.

There are no comments from the company on the size of investment that will be flowing in the country. As Economic Times earlier reported that Foxconn was willing to buy Nokia’s Chennai plant for a whooping $2 Billion dollar but nothing further has happened on that front as yet..

Also, Apple recently tried to get into the Indian market officially after the end of it’s contract with Reliance. Apple has already proposed the government to relax the local sourcing clause in it’s policy on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in single branded retail business in India. This will pave the way for Apple to open official Apple Stores in India. It will be more beneficial because now Foxconn is making it’s way back to India for manufacturing purposes. Indirectly, the cost of products will be reduced to a great extent which has been the major problem for Indian Apple product buyers.

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