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Two of the most apparent changes in the world of business are its degree of mobility and flexibility. Businesses, corporations still use organizational hierarchies and processes but these have become less structured. Companies have acknowledged that the world has undergone a tremendous transformation since the end of the Cold War. Structures and barriers that were political, economic and social in nature were torn down by shifts in ideologies and the constant evolution of technology.

The need to be flexible and mobile has created a market for businesses that operate from a remote location. Having the option to operate remotely increases the level of productivity without compromising the operating budget. Running a remote business is not the sole domain of entrepreneurs. You should not be surprised to find CEO’s running their companies from a remote location in addition to the physical location. The world has become increasingly mobile and business models need to be more flexible.

Keys to successfully run a business from a remote location

  1. Invest in good, reliable equipment. Since your remote business will either be your bread and butter or another avenue to improve productivity you have to invest in good, reliable equipment. Technology evolves at such a fast pace that models can become obsolete within a few years. Constant use will also subject your equipment to wear and tear so you have to factor in depreciation of assets when you are planning your remote business.
  1. Embrace technology. When you are running a business from a remote location, the people that you have on-board may potentially be located in areas where logistics become a concern. Technology has made it possible to communicate or cascade information immediately to everyone involved in the project. You can set up online audio-video meetings and presentations easily through the use of various media.
  1. Effective Time Management. Working from a remote location allows you the opportunity to get more work done but you will need to manage your time effectively. If you plan to schedule meetings, make sure everyone is given an advisory days ahead so they can mark it on their calendar and be well prepared. Discuss only relevant matters and be concise in the delivery of agenda.
  1. Maintain Regular Communication. It is very important to consistently touch base with everyone in the project at least once a week. In addition to keeping the team abreast of developments, it is a great way for everyone to stay on track. Having regular meetings also present a great opportunity for your people to get to know you better. Establishing a relationship with those who work with improves productivity, keeps everyone on-course and builds camaraderie.
  1. Hire Right-Fit People. One of the biggest mistakes of business owners is to emphasize the curriculum vitae and academic performance when hiring people. The best candidates for any job are those who are “right fit” with your company or those whose values mirror yours. People who are right fit see, understand and accept your purpose and recognize your vision immediately. The root to finding right-fit candidates is by pursuing talents that are aligned with your company’s values.
  1. Make Everyone Accountable. Under an ever-evolving business environment, owners are looking at the possibility of increasing productivity by making everyone solely responsible for the success of their department. By making each employee accountable for the company’s performance, you should expect more focused and determined leadership.

Transformation tore down these structures and bridged economies; regions that were largely unexplored now came to the forefront of business development and opened new oceans of opportunities. Businesses realized that in order to capitalize on these opportunities, structures must be flexible and able to adapt under the most turbulent conditions. In order to achieve flexibility, business had to be mobile and have the ability to remain productive beyond the four walls.

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