Delhi Elections 2013: Dissecting Manifestos From A Businessman’s Point Of View


Today is a historical day for Delhi, as India’s national capital is all set to decide the fate of politics by casting their votes. 66,11,362 males, 53,20,705 females, 4509 service professionals and 6 NRI voters from Delhi will use their electoral power and fundamental right to choose the next State Government.

For the past 15 years, Delhi has been ruled by Congress under Chief Minister Sheila Dixit. Last time Congress was defeated was in the year 1993, when BJP won a clear mandate. Ever since that, Congress has won the Delhi power seat viz. in the year 1998 then in 2003 and the trend repeated during last elections in 2008.

Will 2013 be different and bring along a revolution? Only the results can suggest that, when it is announced on December 8th when the Election Commission will receive the mandate of 70 Delhi constituencies, spread across 186 polling booths.

We decided to scan the election manifesto of the top three political parties which are contesting Delhi’s election: Congress, BJP and AAP (Aam Aadmi Party), and here is our observations.

Party Manifesto-001


The manifesto of Congress party doesn’t promise much for a businessman, as they promote a more ‘socialistic’ propaganda.

There is nothing new or exciting about corruption as the party is itself smeared with corruption allegations on a national level.

But yes, they have laid an emphasis on e-governance, which can lead to less corruption as accountability would seep-in and the babus would be answerable to the public.

A safe and secured city is a must for any business to thrive and for that, Congress has promised to establish a special force to tackle crimes against women.

Regarding infrastructure, there is no mention by Congress related to topics such as electricity and power; but yes, if Congress comes to power, they will introduce Mono-Rail and expand existing Metro Rail to new areas.

For de-centralization of industries, Congress has promised setting up a “Partnership” program which can benefit entrepreneurs and businessmen. A new “Common Economic Zone” is a promise by Congress for promoting business and commerce.


BJP has always been a supported and admirer of the business community and their manifesto is clearly inclined towards them. Although they are mute of Lokpal issue; but they have promised to give “Lokayukta” sufficient powers to deal with corruption in every sphere of governance. Just like Congress, they are supported the formation of e-governance as well.

For women’s safety and Delhi a crimes-less city, they have promised to establish a “Women’s Security Force” but has no details as to how the force would be created or its powers.

Being in the opposition, BJP has assured 30% reduction in electricity prices, which can be a major boost to the business community.

For improving infrastructure and transport, BJP has also assured us Mono-Rail and plans to ‘modernize’ public transport for faster access and mobility. Futuristic planning such as under ground parking is also on BJP’s agenda.

For increasing business activities and to help commerce grow, BJP has announced that they will establish IT Parks and Special Economic Zones all over Delhi. This is a big advantage and feature for a businessman who will naturally benefit with these new plans.

Aam Aadmi Party

AAP would be fighting their first elections under the command of Arvind Kejriwal, who has fighting directly against Congress’s Sheila Dixit and BJP’s  Dr. Harsha Vardhan for CM’s post.

The party is functioning like a new startup, buoyed by a vision of revolution and promise of drastic changes. There is a strong under-current of AAP’s voice in every sphere of Delhi’s society.

Corruption has been the base of the formation of this party, and they have promised that if they are elected to power, they will create a Lokpal within 15 days of power formation and give huge sweeping powers to the Lokayukta so that corruption is rooted out of the corridors of power.

This is certainly a huge promise which can totally transform the way business, politics and power function in Delhi.

Besides e-governance, AAP has promises more usage of technology and communication channels to bring in more accountability in the overall functioning of government.

For better security for women and to establish a conductive atmosphere for businesses to flourish, AAP has promised to set up a special force of retired Army personals and soldiers, which will target urban criminals and put them to their place.

For better infrastructure, AAP has assured 50% reduction in electricity costs and free water as well!

In order to manage colonies and societies, AAP has promised to set up totally de-centralized governance called “Swaraj” model or Self-rule which will work just like a Panchayat in village.

We are waiting for the election results now, which will correctly reveal the pulse of Delhi.

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