Starting a Business in India – New Simple Step-by-Step Process [2017]

Here is a very simplified new step by step process on how to start a Business in India. This guide will be immensely helpful to those who are finding it difficult to understand the process of starting a business in India


[Editor’s Note:  The article is constantly updated to reflect new rules and processes. We first wrote this article in 2009 and have been updating it on a regular basis as and when the processes have changed. In 2015, many new reforms have been announced by the Government, and they have also come up with a unified INC-29 form, that reduces paperwork to a very large extent. We have taken help from folks over at Vakilsearch to bring you the updated procedure. Here is the updated process]

Company registration has forever been a major hassle for entrepreneurs looking to set up their businesses in India. It’s no wonder then that India has been ranked 142nd on the Ease of Doing Business Index and 158th on Ease of Starting a Business. The newly introduced INC-29, a five-in-one form introduced by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) in May 2015, will go a long way toward improving this ranking.

The INC-29 doesn’t replace the old procedure (at least not yet), but significantly reduces interaction with the authorities through the clubbing of forms for DIN allotment, name reservation, incorporation, PAN & TAN, as well as ESIC registration. Do note, however, that while INC-29 does begin the PAN & TAN and ESIC registration process, you are still required to submit supporting documents and information on the MCA’s e-biz ( portal (so for now it not clear why PAN, TAN and ESIC details are asked; perhaps the government plans to integrate these later).

The INC-29 form has tremendous ramifications on the registration process. If you have registered a company prior to May 2015, you will immediately recognise how much smoother this process can be. Here are the various steps involved:


Procedure 1:

  • Obtain Digital Signature Certificate from MCA-authorised agency
  • Time to Complete: 2 to 5 days
  • Cost to Complete: INR 1,500

Any one of the proposed directors must obtain a Class-II Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) from an MCA-authorised agency to use the electronic filing system of the MCA 21. There are six vendors in all, including Tata Consultancy Services, e-Mudhra and n-Code. The rates of each vendor differ vastly, from INR 400 to INR 2650. Charges would include the cost of a physical USB token and the certificate itself.

It would take 2 to 5 days to complete this, mostly depending on how long it takes to courier your documents to the vendor.

The applicant would need to submit the completed Class-II form, self-attested copy of PAN card or, in case of foreign national, copy of Passport, and self-attested copy of Voter ID/Ration Card/Driver’s License/Latest Utilities Bill/AADHAR Card.

Procedure 2:

  • Preparing INC-29
  • Time to Complete: 1 to 3 days
  • Cost to Complete: Company secretary fees

As soon as you get your DSC, you can file INC-29, but don’t assume that you will be ready to do so. The INC-29 is an eight-page form requiring several pieces of information and documents, some of which require a Company Secretary’s signature, to be submitted in one go. Also, in case of errors in your form, resubmission is allowed only once, after which you will have to pay form filing fees again and apply for a refund on the government fees you’ve paid. So please note the documents you need to have in order to prepare the INC-29 and the attachments.

For Director Information Number Application:

Up to three directors can apply for the Director Information Number (DIN) through INC-29; the rest, if any, may do so separately. The DIN is the number through which the MCA identifies directors of companies. Obtaining a DIN involves the submission of the following documents:

  1. Scanned copy of Passport-sized photograph
  2. Scanned copy of PAN card (passport if foreign national) and Driver’s License/Voter ID/Latest Utilities Bill. Both should be self-attested, but foreign nationals would need them notarised by the Indian embassy, too (if they belong to countries not in the commonwealth, they would also need to be apostilled).

For Name Approval

While the old process allowed you to submit six options for your company name, in order of preference, the INC-29 only allows you to give one option. Understanding the MCA’s naming guidelines, therefore, is critical to ensuring your form is approved on first attempt. Largely, you need to follow the following rules:

  1. Ensure that your company’s proposed name has not already been taken on
  2. Ensure that there is no registered trademark in the same name by checking at If there is one, you can get an NoC from the trademark owner authorising you to use it.
  3. Ensure that the first half of the name is unique. Avoid geographical references, adjectives, abbreviations and generic terms. Also, the words bank, exchange and stock exchange require approval from RBI and SEBI.
  4. Ensure that the second half describes the sector you’re in.

Once you’ve decided on a name, also describe the significance of the name in one or two sentences. It would need to be entered into the form.

For Memorandum and Articles of Association

The Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA) need to be attached to the INC-29. These may or may not be drafted by a Company Secretary, but should contain the signature of one. The MoA will also contain the main objects of your business (keep in mind that the Registrar tends to disapprove of businesses that are in unrelated sectors). You would also need to attach an affidavit from all subscribers through Form INC-9 (available on The cost of these documents would vary depending on the Company Secretary you choose.

For Registered Office Verification

All companies must have a registered office address. This does not have to be a commercial space. It can even be the home of a director. But the details need to be provided, along with a copy of the Rental Agreement along with an NoC from the owner (if rented property) and sale deed (if property is owned).

For Appointment Letters and Declarations

A number of attachments need to be submitted along with the application. These need to be self-attested, but a Company Secretary must give a separate declaration toward your company verifying the authenticity of all the declarations. The required attachments are:

  1. Letters of appointment of directors, CEO, managers
  2. Declaration by the first director in INC-9
  3. Declararion by appointee director and managing director in Form DIR-2.

Procedure 3

  • Filing INC-29
  • Time to Complete: 1 day
  • The cost to Complete: Rs. 2000 + authorised capital fee + stamp duty

If you have all the papers in order, you can now file the INC-29. Fill in the form and attach all the required documents. Ensure that you haven’t missed anything out or it will come in for resubmission. And if the Registrar finds an error in your form on resubmission, too, the form will be rejected completely.

Once you file the form, you will be directed to pay the fees and stamp duty to a payment gateway. The fees will change according to the authorised capital fee and the stamp duty will vary according to your location. Stamp duty is similar in most states, but costlier in Punjab and Kerala.

Authorised capital fees are as follows:

a. INR 100,000: INR 5,000;
b. For every INR 100,000 of authorised capital up to INR 500,000, INR 4,000;
c. For every INR 100,000 of authorised capital up to INR 50,00,000, INR 3,000;
d. For every INR 100,000 of authorised capital up to INR 100,00,000, INR 1,000;
e. For every INR 100,000 of authorised capital over INR 100,00,000, INR 750.

Let’s take an example. For a company with a registered office in Mumbai and authorised capital of Rs. 300,000, the fees would be as follows:

  1. Memorandum of Association: Rs. 2000
  2. Articles of Association: Rs. 300
  3. Stamp Duty: Rs. 1300
  4. Authorised Capital Fee: Rs. 13,000
  5. INC-29: 2000

Procedure 4:

  • Issue of Incorporation Certificate
  • Time to Complete: 2 days onwards
  • Cost to Complete: Does not apply

While the government claims that it will issue the incorporation certificate within two days, this is still to be tested. However, the filing of the single INC-29 form will grant you the incorporation certificate, which is, in itself, a huge step forward.

Once you receive this certificate, you can follow the old steps listed below from Procedure 6 (Make a Seal) onwards. Hopefully, the PAN & TAN and ESIC registrations are also soon combined in the INC-29, as seems to be the plan. This would shorten the procedure some more and move us further up the rankings on the Ease of Doing Business Index.

Credits: The above new process have been written by Kenneth Saldanha of Vakilsearch


[Editor’s Note: The entire procedure give below (written earlier) is still valid. Like you read the first 5 procedures can now be carried out with Unified INC-29 form as mentioned above. If you have any questions, please drop us a mail.]


Please bear in my mind that these are standard procedures and are applicable in most cities in India, however, some in some cities there are some additional (or lack of) processes that you will have to find out.

The steps given below are for incorporating a Business in the city of Mumbai.

How to Start A Business in India
How to Start A Business in India

Steps involved in starting business in India

Registration Requirements:

No: Procedure Time to complete: Cost to complete:
1 Obtain director identification number (DIN) online from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal (National) 1 day INR 100
2 Obtain digital signature certificate online from private agency authorized by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (National) 3 days INR 1,500
3 Reserve the company name online with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) (National) 2 days INR 500
4 Stamp the company documents at the State Treasury (State) or authorized bank (Private) 1 day INR 1,300 (INR 200 for MOA + INR 1,000 for AOA for every INR 500,000 of share capital or part thereof + INR 100 for stamp paper for declaration Form 1)
5 Get the Certificate of Incorporation from the Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs (National) 5 days INR 14,133 (see comments)
6 Make a seal (Private) 1 day INR 350 (cost depends on the number of seals required and the time period for delivery)
7* Obtain a Permanent Account Number (PAN) from an authorized franchise or agent appointed by the National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL) or the Unit Trust of India (UTI) Investors Services Ltd., as outsourced by the Income Tax Department (National) 7 days INR 67 (INR 60 application fee + 12.36% service tax + INR 5 for application form, if not downloaded)
8* Obtain a Tax Account Number (TAN) for income taxes deducted at source from the Assessing Office in the Mumbai Income Tax Department 7 days INR 57 (INR 50 application fee + 12.36% service tax)
9* Register with the Office of Inspector, Shops, and Establishment Act (State/Municipal) 2 days INR 6,500 (INR 2000 + 3 times registration fee for trade refuse charges)
10* Register for Value-Added Tax (VAT) at the Commercial Tax Office (State) 12 days INR 5,100 (registration fee INR 5000 + stamp duty INR 100)
11* Register for Profession Tax at the Profession Tax Office (State) 2 days No cost
12* Register with Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (National) 12 days No cost
13* Register for medical insurance at the regional office of the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (National) 9 days No cost
* Takes place simultaneously with another procedure.   [Source]


Detailed Steps and Explanation of procedure to start Business in India


Procedure 1.

Obtain director identification number (DIN) online from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal (National)

Time to complete: 1 day

Cost to complete: INR 100

Procedure:The process to obtain the Director Identification Number (DIN) is as follows:

1. Obtain the provisional DIN by filing application Form DIN-1 online. This form is on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs 21st Century (MCA 21) portal. The provisional DIN is immediately issued.
The application form must then be printed and signed and sent for approval to the ministry by courier along with proof of identity and (address):
a. Identity proof (any of the following): Permanent Account Number card, driver’s license, passport, or voter card;
b. Residence proof (any of the following): driver’s license, passport, voter card, telephone bill, ration card, electricity bill, bank statement;
2. The concerned authority verifies all the documents and, upon approval, issues a permanent DIN. The process takes about 4 weeks.

Procedure 2.

Obtain digital signature certificate online from private agency authorized by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (National)

Time to complete: 3 days

Cost to complete: INR 1,500

Procedure: To use the new electronic filing system under MCA 21, the applicant must obtain a Class-II Digital Signature Certificate. The digital signature certificate can be obtained from one of six private agencies authorized by MCA 21 such as Tata Consultancy Services. Company directors submit the prescribed application form along with proof of identity and address. Each agency has its own fee structure, ranging from INR 400 to INR 2650.

Procedure 3.

Reserve the company name online with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) (National)

Time to complete: 2 days

Cost to complete: INR 500

Procedure: Company name approval must be done electronically. Under e-filing for name approval, the applicant can check the availability of the desired company name on the MCA 21 web site.
The ROC in Mumbai has staff members working full time on name reservations (approximately 3 but more if the demand increases). A maximum of 6 suggested names may be submitted. They are then checked by ROC staff for any similarities with all other names in India.
The MCA receives approximately 50-60 applications a day. After being cleared by the junior officer, the name requests are sent to the senior officer for approval.
Once approved, the selected name appears on the website. Applicants need to keep consulting the website to confirm that one of their submitted names was approved.
In practice, it takes 2 days for obtaining a clearance of the name if the proposed name is available and conforms to the naming standards established by the Company Act (1 day for submission of the name and 1 day for it to appear on the MCA website).

Procedure 4.

Stamp the company documents at the State Treasury (State) or authorized bank (Private)

Time to complete: 1 day

Cost to complete: INR 1,300 (INR 200 for MOA + INR 1,000 for AOA for every INR 500,000 of share capital or part thereof + INR 100 for stamp paper for declaration Form 1)

Procedure: The request for stamping the incorporation documents should be accompanied by unsigned copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and the payment receipt.
The company must ensure that the copies submitted to the Superintendent of Stamps or to the authorized bank for stamping are unsigned and that no promoter or subscriber has written anything on it by hand. The Superintendent returns the copies, one of which is duly stamped, signed, and embossed, showing payment of the requisite stamp duty. The rate of stamp duty varies from state to state.
According to Article 10 and Article 39 of the Indian Stamp Act (1899), the stamp duty payable on the Memorandum and Articles of Association for company incorporation in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is as follows:
a. Articles of Association: INR 1000/- for every INR 500,000/- of share capital (or part thereof), subject to a maximum of INR 50,000,000;
b. Memorandum of Association: INR 200;
c. Form-1 (declaration of compliance): INR 100.

Once the memorandum and articles of association have been stamped, they must be signed and dated by the company promoters, including the company name and the description of its activities and purpose, father-“s name, address, occupation, and the number of shares subscribed. This information must be in the applicant’s handwriting and duly witnessed.

Procedure 5.

Get the Certificate of Incorporation from the Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs (National)

Time to complete: 5 days

Cost to complete: INR 14,133 (see comments)

Procedure: The following forms are required to be electronically filed on the website of the Ministry of Company Affairs:
e-form 1; e-form 18; and e-form 32.
Along with these documents, scanned copies of the consent of the initial directors, and also of the signed and stamped form of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, must be attached to Form 1.

The fees for registering a company can be paid online by credit card or in cash at certain authorized banks. One copy of the Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Form 1, Form 32, Form 18 and the original name approval letter, consent of directors and stamped power of attorney must be physically submitted to the Registrar of Companies. The certificate of incorporation is sent automatically to the registered office of the company by registered or rush mail.

The registration fees paid to the Registrar are scaled according to the company’s authorized capital (as stated in its memorandum):
a. INR 100,000 or less: INR 4,000. If the nominal share capital is over INR 100,000, additional fees based the amount of nominal capital apply to the base registration fee of INR 4,000:
b. For every INR 10,000 of nominal share capital or part of INR 10,000 after the first INR 1,00,000, up to INR 500,000: INR 300;
c. For every INR 10,000 of nominal share capital or part of INR 10,000 after the first INR 500,000, up to INR 5,000,000: INR 200;
d. For every INR 10,000 of nominal share capital or part of INR 10,000 after the first INR 5,000,000, up to INR 1 10,000,000: INR 100;
e. For every INR 10,000 of nominal share capital or part of INR 10,000 after the first INR 10,000,000: INR 50.

The payment of fees can be made:
1. offline: one can upload all incorporation documents and generate the payment challan. Against this challan, the applicant must obtain a demand draft for filing fees amount in favour of -” the Pay and Accounts Office, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, New Delhi” and this demand draft is payable in Mumbai. The applicant must make the payment at specified branches of certain banks. It takes around one week for clearance of payment. Only after the clearance of payment does the ROC accept the documents for verification and approvals;
2. online: the applicant makes the payment by credit card and the system accepts the documents immediately. Please note that in Mumbai, the ROC requests for pre-scrutiny of documents for any corrections, before they are uploaded. Once the documents have been uploaded, they can then be approved without any further correction. The online filing mechanism requires only one copy of scanned documents to be filed (including stamped MOA, AOA, and POA).

Schedule of Registrar filing fees for the articles and for the other forms (l, 18, and 32):
a. INR 200 for a company with authorized share capital of more than INR 100,000 but less than INR 500,000;
b. INR 300 for a company with nominal share capital of INR 500,000 or more but less than INR 2,500,000;
c.INR 500 for a company with nominal share capital of INR 2,500,000 or more.

Procedure 6.

Make a seal (Private)

Time to complete: 1 day

Cost to complete: INR 350 (cost depends on the number of seals required and the time period for delivery)

Procedure: Although making a company seal is not a legal requirement for the company to be incorporated, companies require a seal to issue share certificates and other documents. The cost depends on the number of words to be engraved, the number of seals required, and the time period for delivery. The cost can range from INR 300 to INR 500.

Procedure 7.

Obtain a Permanent Account Number (PAN) from an authorized franchise or agent appointed by the National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL) or the Unit Trust of India (UTI) Investors Services Ltd., as outsourced by the Income Tax Department (National)

Time to complete: 7 days

Cost to complete: INR 67 (INR 60 application fee + 12.36% service tax + INR 5 for application form, if not downloaded)

Procedure: Under the Income Tax Act, 1961, each person must quote his or her Permanent Account Number (PAN) for tax payment purposes and the Tax Account Number (TAN) for depositing tax deducted at source. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has instructed banks not to accept any form for tax payment (challan) without the PAN or TAN, as applicable. The PAN is a 10-digit alphanumeric number issued on a laminated card by an assessing officer of the Income Tax Department.

In order to improve PAN-related services, the Income Tax department (effective July 2003) outsourced their operations pertaining to allotment of PAN and issuance of PAN cards to UTI Investor Services Ltd, which was authorized to set up and manage IT PAN Service Centers in all cities where there is an Income Tax office. The National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) has also launched PAN operations effective June 2004, setting up TIN Facilitation Centers.

The PAN application is made through the above mentioned service centers using Form 49A, with a certified copy of the certificate of registration, issued by the Registrar of Companies, along with proof of company address and personal identity. A fee of INR 60 (plus applicable taxes) applies for processing the PAN application. IT PAN Service Centers or TIN Facilitation Centers will supply PAN application forms (Form 49A), assist the applicant in filling out the form, collect filled-out forms, and issue an acknowledgement slip. After obtaining PAN from the Income Tax department, UTIISL or NSDL as the case may be, will print the PAN card and deliver it to the applicant.

The application for PAN can also be made online but the documents still need to be physically dropped off for verification with the authorized agent. For more details see( , , and )

Procedure 8.

Obtain a Tax Account Number (TAN) for income taxes deducted at source from the Assessing Office in the Mumbai Income Tax Department

Time to complete: 7 days

Cost to complete: INR 57 (INR 50 application fee + 12.36% service tax)

Comment: The Tax Account Number (TAN) is a 10-digit alphanumeric number required of anyone responsible for deducting or collecting tax. The provisions of Section 203A of the Income Tax Act require that all persons who deduct or collect tax at the source must apply for a TAN. The section also makes it mandatory for the TAN to be quoted in all tax-deducted-at-source (TDS) and tax-collected-at-source (TCS) returns, all TDS/TCS payment challans, and all TDS/TCS certificates issued.

Failure to apply for a TAN or to comply with any of the other provisions of the section is subject to a penalty of INR 10,000/- . The application for allotment of a TAN must be filed using Form 49B and submitted at any TIN Facilitation Center authorized to receive e-TDS returns.

Locations of TIN Facilitation Centres can be found at and The processing fee for both applications (a new TAN or a change request) is INR 50 (plus applicable taxes). After verification of application, the same is sent to the Income Tax Department and upon satisfaction the department issues the TAN to the applicant.

The national government levies the income tax. Since outsourcing, any authorized franchise or agent appointed by the National Securities Depository Services Limited (NSDL) can accept and process the TAN application. The application for a TAN can be made either online through the NSDL website ( or offline.

Upon payment of the fee by credit card, the hard copy of the application must be physically filed with the NSDL.

Procedure 9.

Register with the Office of Inspector, Shops, and Establishment Act (State/Municipal)

Time to complete: 2 days

Cost to complete: INR 6,500 (INR 2000 + 3 times registration fee for trade refuse charges)

Procedure: A statement containing the employer-“s and manager-“s names and the establishment’s name (if any), postal address, and category must be sent to the local shop inspector with the applicable fees.

According to Section 7 of the Bombay Shops and Establishments Act,-(1948), the establishment must be registered as follows: – Under Section 7(4), the employer must register the establishment in the prescribed manner within 30 days of the opening of the business. – Under Section 7(1), the establishment must submit to the local shop inspector Form A and the prescribed fees for registering the establishment. – Under Section 7(2), after Form A and the prescribed fees are received and the correctness of the statement on the form is satisfactorily audited, the certificate for the registration of the establishment is issued on Form D, according to the provisions of Rule 6 of the Maharashtra Shops and Establishments Rules of 1961.

Since the amendments in the Maharashtra Shops and Establishment (Amendment) Rules, 2003 dated 15th December 2003, the Schedule for fees for registration and renewal of registration (as per Rule 5) is as follows:
a. 0 employees: INR 100;
b. 1 to 5 employees: NR 300;
c. 6 to 10 employees: INR 600;
d. 11 to 20 employees: INR 1000;
e. 21 to 50 employees: INR 2000;
f. 51 to 100 employees: INR 3500;
g. 101 or more employees: INR 4500.

Hence in the given case the registration fees would be INR 2000, as there are 50 employees In addition, an annual fee (three times the registration and renewal fees) is charged as trade refuse charges (TRC), under the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act,-(1888).

Procedure 10.

Register for Value-Added Tax (VAT) at the Commercial Tax Office (State)

Time to complete: 12 days

Cost to complete: INR 5,100 (registration fee INR 5000 + stamp duty INR 100)

Procedure: Beginning April 1, 2005, the sales tax was replaced by the VAT, which requires registration by filing Form 101.
The authorized representative signing the application must be available at the Sales-Tax Office on the day of application verification. The applicant goes to the Sales-Tax Office and up to the registration counter. The clerk at the counter verifies that the applicant has all the required documents and gives the applicant a token (waiting number). After a short wait, the applicant-“s number is called and the applicant approaches the desk of a sales-tax officer.

There, all the information on Form 101 is manually entered into the system by the officer. Within 10 minutes, the system generates a Tax Identification Number (TIN) Thereafter, the company is considered fully registered to pay taxes. However, the applicant must wait between 10 and 15 days to receive the VAT registration certificate by mail.

In addition to Form 101, other accompanying documentation includes:
1) Certified true copy of the memorandum and articles of association of the company;-
2) Proof of permanent residential address. At least 2 of the following documents must be submitted: copy of passport, copy of driver’s license, copy of election photo identity card, copy of property card or latest receipt of property tax from the Municipal Corporation, copy of latest paid electricity bill in the name of the applicant;-
3) Proof of place of business (for an owner, in the case of Doing Business): Proof of ownership of premises viz. copy of property card, ownership deed, agreement with the builder or any other relevant documents;-
4) One recent passport-sized photograph of the applicant;-
5) Copy of Income Tax Assessment Order with PAN or copy of PAN card;-

6) challan on Form No. 210 (original) showing payment of registration fee at INR 5000 (in case of voluntary RC) and INR 500 (in other cases).

The whole process will be put online by the spring of 2009. This means that rather than physically having to go to the office, companies will fill in all their details online for Form 101 and then go to the office only so that the Sales Tax Office can verify the above listed-documentation.

Procedure 11.

Register for Profession Tax at the Profession Tax Office (State)

Time to complete: 2 days

Cost to complete: No cost

Procedure: According to section 5 of the Profession Tax Act, every employer (not being an officer of the government) is liable to taxation and shall obtain a certificate of registration from the prescribed authority. The company is required to apply to the registering authority using Form 1.

The registration authority for the Mumbai area is located at Vikarikar Bhavan, Mazgaon in Mumbai.

Depending on the nature of the business, the application should be supported with such documents as proof of address, details of company registration number under the Indian Companies Act (1956), details of the head office (if the company is a branch of company registered outside the state), company deed, certificates under any other act, and so forth.

Procedure 12.

Register with Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (National)

Time to complete: 12 days

Cost to complete: No cost

Procedure: The Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act (1952) applies to an establishment, employing 20 or more persons and engaged in any of the 183 industries and classes of business establishments, throughout India excluding the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

The applicant fills in an application and is then allotted a social security number. The Provident Fund registration focuses on delinquent reporting, underreporting, or non-reporting of workforce size. Provident Fund registration is optional if the workforce size is not more than 20. The employer is required to provide necessary information to the concerned regional Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) in the prescribed manner for allotment of Establishment Code Number. No separate registration is required for the employees.

Nevertheless, all eligible employees are required to become members of the Fund and individual account number is allotted by the employer in the prescribed manner. As per an internal circular, the code number is to be allotted within 3 days of submission, if the application is complete in all respects. However, in many cases applicants have received the intimation letter with the code number in 12 to 15 days. An online application facility is not provided so far.

Procedure 13.

Register for medical insurance at the regional office of the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (National)

Time to complete: 9 days

Cost to complete: No cost

Procedure: Registration is the process by which every employer/factory and every paid employee is identified for insurance purposes and their individual records are set up for them.

As per the Employees’ State Insurance (General), Form 01 must be submitted by the employer for registration. It takes 3 days to a week for the Employer Code Number to be issued. The-” “intimation letter””- containing the Code Number is mailed to the employer and that takes an additional couple of days.

The Employee-“s individual insurance is a separate process that is initiated upon the employer-“s registration. The employer is responsible for submitting the required declaration form and employees are responsible for providing correct information to the employer. The employee temporary cards (ESI Cards) are issued on the spot by the local offices in many places.

The temporary cards are valid for 13 weeks from the date of the employees’ appointment. It takes about 4 to 5 weeks to get a permanent ESI card.

We also did a series of posts about the legal information of doing business in India in a 4 part series. Here are those articles that you may find extremely useful in your quest to do business in India.

  1. The Legal Environment
  2. Investment and Trade
  3. Company Incorporation
  4. Intellectual Property Rights
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    I need your assistance regarding the legal formalities and License to be taken for the below said business.

    Type of Business: I am planning to start a small scale business where my team would be delivering Vegetables as per the customer requirements at their place. I am not planning to implement any kind of online website or application. The orders would be locally given by the customers and we would deliver the said quantity after sorting and packing it.
    As a second stage of expansion, we may widen the area coverage and also start a local store with Vegetables on sale.

    Please advice about the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Sijin says

      I’ve been waiting for your reply since a week. Could you pls help me with the above enquiry?

      1. Shivangi singh says

        In this case you can open a private limited company or a one person company to take up your business. For further discussion you can connect at 8447566978 for all formalities.

  10. Prathamesh says

    Hi mam,
    I am Prathamesh from Pune.
    Which is the best entity for an inventor (inventing new products like research and development), OPC or PVT LTD.
    Because research takes lot of time and money, which is best

    1. Shivangi singh says

      private limited is better

  11. Prathameh Pade says

    Hi Sir, I am Prathamesh from Pune. I want to start a company in pune, but I am still 17 years old, I don’t have my pan card yet. Is these possible to register company for me ?

    1. Shivangi singh says

      yes you can get it registered but later you have to provide your PAN Card, so it is advisable to apply pan card simultaneously with company formation, for any further you can connect to us at 8447566978

  12. Rajeev kesavan says

    Hi Sir,
    I would like to start a small home based idli/dosa batter business for which I had applied for Food safety registration. Could you please explain whether I need to register with any other goverment office before I start this business other than food safety? Initially, I will be using food grade bag to pack this batter and I wish to use a brand name for this product. Is there any legal formalities required for this? It is a small start up and the total sale will not exceed Rs. 1 lakh per year.
    Can I start this business on getting food safety registration number?
    Your valuable answer will be highly appreciated.

    1. Shivangi singh says

      Hey Rajeev

      If you have taken the FSSAI licence then you can start your business under proprietorship of an unregistered partnership firm in both of this you need not to go for any further government registration, but for any other form of business you need to have further registration. for any further assistance you can connect at 8447566978

      1. Paromita says

        I want to start an canteen in IT company in bangalore….How would I do it plzzzzz guide me.

        1. Shivangi singh says

          Please take FSSAI license go for shop establishment take GST registration and you can start your business. For further assistance please connect 8447566978

  13. Sunita pal says

    Hi i want to start business in investment and finance sector. What kind of registration is best for me where in i can accept investment from my customers and can finance that money to other Members or invest in other market instruments against a assurance of 100 percent guaranteed returns after a period.. I have got large no customers who are interested to invest on me due to trust. I m also in business of providing financial solution to clients. But on other side i also dont want to get stuck in problems created by RBI and SEBI.. So Please advise… As i want to expand my business but with full honesty to serve my people…

    1. Shivangi singh says

      Hi, can we have telephonic conversation to get a clear idea, so that you can get a satisfactory conclusion. ph. no. 8447566978

  14. NISHIT BALLU says

    Hii Everyone You can contact us for Income tax and gST compliance at reasonable rate we are providing one stop compliance solution for your business. Kindly contact us on 9819810926

  15. Amit says

    A private limited company was incorporated in 2015 with 2 Directors.
    Since last 2 years they have been developing a product which would ” Analytics” and there is certain intellectual property – now the question is ;-

    1. One of the director exits and also transfer his shares and 2 new director joins the company and buys the shares of resigning director .
    2. 2 new director joins and the existing one director sells his shares to new directors

    Will that Co. be eligible for Start up ? Please elaborate

    1. Shivangi singh says

      pYes the company is still a start-up

  16. Krunal Shah says


    Want to start a new biz, turnover would be above 50 Lacs, I need less compliance and better taxation, what is a a better option, HUF, sole proprietor or any other option….

    1. NISHIT BALLU says

      Hii Krunal,

      Based on your nature of product, expansion plan, region to cover, nature of entity cab be selected.
      For local city trading, you can opt for proprietorship or HUF, else its advisable to form Pvt Ltd Co or LLP.
      As you should aware of GST, type of entity will not impact GST compliance, as its destination base tax.
      You can start as a start up Proprietorship and after a couple of years based on growth you can transfer or change entity as required.
      Let me know more about your product and nature of business to guide you further.

  17. CA SHIVANGI says

    Registration of company is now very easy and less time consuming in India it take only 1 day to incorporate a company. The initiative has been taken by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) India. PAN number and TAN number issued to the company on same day and the PAN get delivered to the registered address of the company.

    For further query and any professional help regarding Company, LLP, NGO, Trust, Society, Shop Establishment, Trademark, Patent, Copyright, Taxation. Drop a mail at [email protected]

  18. Ritu says

    Good Article about starting a new business in India.
    Could you tell me how to register a LLP company in India?

    1. Nishit Ballu says

      Hi, Ritu,
      Formation of Pvt Ltd Company & LLP both govern by MCA [Ministry of Corporate affairs]
      Major Difference from Pvt Ltd company, LLP required following.

      (1) LLP deed [For Pvt Ltd its MOA and AOA]
      (2) In stead of Directors(DIN) its required Designated Partners Identification Number(DPIN)

    2. NISHIT BALLU says

      And in continuation of my prvious reply, there are no restriction in LLP for accepting and giving loan as its in Pvt Ltd Company

      For further query you can reach on [email protected]

  19. Unni Krishnan says

    Good Article. Could you give more details on how to register the newly incorporated Pvt Ltd company in Startup India Program of India Govt ?

  20. K B Choudhury says

    Dear Sir, Need your advise to start myself as a traders for various agricultural products on online shopping sites like Amazon etc.
    I live in Delhi NCR, but I will supply the products from Assam, our own production.
    Whats the procedure for this?

    1. NISHIT BALLU says

      Its advisable to registered address of Company in Aasam in stead of Delhi, you can add delhi address as additional place of Business.

      For Company formation, following are minimum requirements in brief. Obtaining of DIN(Director Identification Number), Digital Signature, MOA and AOA, get registration with MCA Site & obtaining Certificate of Incorporation, obtaining PAN of Company,Obtaining shop & Establishment licence.
      On completion of above formation, you can approach to ebay, amazon etc for listing of your products on their site.
      For ny further asistent reach me on [email protected]

  21. Shivangi singh says


    1. Assesses with below rs. 5 lkh income will have to pay late fee of rs. 1000 on filing of IT returns after July but by December 31 of assessment year.

    2. For 5 Lkh and above income fine will be rs. 5000.

    3. Beyond this date, an assessee with income of 5 lkh and above will have to pay a fine of rs. 10000

    4. Fine has to be paid at the time of filing return along with tax on income and interest on tax

    5. Time limit of filing revised return reduced to one year from earlier two years

    1. Nishit Ballu says

      Dear Shivangi,

      Just want to correct you, this provision for delay in filling of return is applicable from AY 2018-19 returns and not for AY 2017-18

      1. Shivangi singh says

        Dear Nishit, just to inform you i have not mentioned any year in that its just a normal in formation kindly check.


    Dear Start ups.

    This is time to take advantage to grow you business as the Budget has done few innovation which are helpful for start-ups.

    1. Lowering of income tax to 25% from 30% for those company having turnover of 50 Cr.

    2. Extension of Minimum alternate tax (MAT) credit to 15 years from 10 years.

    3. Extension of carry forward of losses if the promoters remains same

  23. Shivangi singh says

    Good News for START-ups, Tax Holiday extended;

    1. The center has extended the profit linked deduction for start-ups to 3 out of 7 years, from earlier norms of 3 out of 5 years;

    2. Corporate Tax for MSME with 50 cr or below turnover will get a Tax reduction of 5% which means they will have to pay only 25% instead of 30%;

    3. There is also few indirect benefits for startup which includes the extension of MAT credit up to 15 yr instead of 10 yr;

    4. Further, there has been relaxation in the norms of carry forward of losses, provided the holding of the original promoters remains.


    Dear All,

    The company incorporation is changing day by day in India. Earlier we use to apply for PAN and wait for PAN for minimum 10 days after getting our company incorporated, but now this an initiative taken by government that every company will file the PAN and TAN application in the same form of incorporation and the most important thing is that the Certificate of Incorporation will consist of PAN. Now it is not possible to incorporate a company without PAN and TAN. The things are not taking time, its getting easier and hassle free to start your business in a company format.

    The company are getting incorporate in 2 days. The time consumption is reduced with great speed.

    For Further query please contact

  25. [email protected] says

    I want to start my packaged food product business. The product is Chatani. As I don’t have much capital, I am going to start it at home. Is it legal to start production at home rather than starting a plant? Also, What kind of licenses would I need to start this kind of business? Do I really need to register company if I am going for LLP? When do I need company secretary and what are their general charges?
    Please feel free to call me on 7887448877 if you’ve right information.


  26. Harpreet says

    Hey, I am looking forward to start my first project which will be completely based on an application like (paytm, uber etc.). I have a good proposal, but I don’t have to funds to start. Just to confirm how much will it cost for the marketing and advertisements.


      Dear Harpreet

      To evaluate the cost, one should be aware of the project, bcoz cost includes every thing, and if you have ignored any factor that is your fixed cost or some important variable cost, you can not evaluate cost, so request you to give information. give some inputs on your project then only we can evaluate a cost.

      Plz contact on 8447566978, to discuss the same


    For getting registration under startup scheme a startup should follow this.

    1. Incorporate a company and should get a certificate of Incorporation issued by ROC ( Registrar of companies). or if already incorporated the company should be 5 yr old

    2. The annual turnover should not be more than 25 lkh in any preceding yr this is applicable for those startup already having a company.

    3. The objective of the startup should be innovative.

    4. Get your startup registered under DIPP and register your startup for benefit also.

    Thanks & Regards
    CS Shivangi Singh




  29. Anshuman says

    Dear All,

    We are pune based bankable and MNRE em-paneled EPC contractor for solar roof top power plant . We mainly focus on industrial and commercial consumer where their electricity tariff is high .
    We have below requirement . We work on BOOT and Capex model

    1) We are looking for consultant who have experience of debt funding(Project Finance) from IREDA or other banking channels and should have understanding of solar business.
    2)If any one assist me with Investor. as solar power plant gives you stable and assure returns for longer timer.( Investor can claim Accelerated Depreciation benefit)
    3) PPA drafting .

    Anshuman Shrivastava

  30. mehmet says

    hello, is that same procedure is valid for foreigners or there are some additional tasks as well, regards.

    1. CA. Bhavesh Savla says

      If shareholders/ Directors are Foreigners, then the laws applicable under the Foreign Exchange Management Act shall apply. RBI rules pertaining to FDI declarations like Declaration to banker, intimation under Annexure VI, FC GPR for share allotment shall apply.

      The business objectives need to be scrutinised to understand if the FDI regulations permit automatic route or approval route.

      CA. Bhavesh Savla
      Email: [email protected]

  31. Radheya says

    Hi Guys,

    I am an aspiring builder and am looking forward to start my first project in this financial year. could anyone please assist me with the list of registrations required.

    Also do we need to register for companies act or shop & establishment act to start our company.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Shivangi Singh says

      plz contact at 8447566978 for the details

    2. Shivangi Singh says

      Dear Radheya,

      I would like to inform you that you are required to incorporate a company and can get your self ready to start your project. you are not required to take any registration for shop establishment act.

      Shivangi Singh
      [email protected]

  32. vince says

    hi i am from malta and i want to open a shop in new Delhi to sell electrical and pluming accessories can you help as i don t know the procedures, thanks

    1. Shivangi Singh says

      Dear Vince you are required to follow the legal process for establishing a shop in any part of India, we provide the facility for opening the same you can contact us 8826673810, we are group of legal professionals working for startup clients to provide them all legal and accountancy solution,

      You can contact Shivangi Singh at 8447566978

      1. Manoj Kumar says

        What are the charges for your services. Please inbox me

  33. cs parvinder kaur says

    Dear All, Pl find the below mention brief on ENTRY OPTIONS FOR DOING BUSINESS IN INDIA.


    To do business in India, following options are available to Foreign Companies:


    1) Liaison office: A liaison or a representative office can be opened in India subject to approval by Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Such an office can undertake liaison activities on its Company’s behalf.

    A liaison office can also undertake:
    • Representing parent/group Companies in India;
    • Promoting import/export in India;
    • Promoting technical/financial collaborations on parent company/group’s behalf;
    • Coordinating communications between parent/group Companies and Indian Companies.

    2) Branch office: Foreign Companies can conduct their business in India through its Branch office which can be opened after obtaining a specific approval from Reserve Bank of India.

    A Branch office can undertake following activities:
    • Import & export of goods;
    • Rendering professional or consultancy services;
    • Carrying out research work in area which its parent company is engaged;
    • Promoting technical/financial collaborations on behalf of parent company/ overseas group company;
    • Representing parent/group companies in India and acting as buying/selling agent in India;
    • Providing IT services and developing software in India;
    • Providing technical support for products supplied by parent company/group

    3) Project office: If a foreign company is engaged by an Indian company to execute a project in India, it may set up a project office without obtaining approval from Reserve Bank of India subject to prescribed reporting compliances. As applicable in case of a branch office, a project office is treated as an extension of foreign company and is taxed at the rate applicable to foreign companies.


    1) Wholly-Owned Subsidiary (WOS): Foreign Companies can set up wholly-owned subsidiary companies in India in form of Private Companies subject to FDI guidelines. A wholly owned or a subsidiary company has the maximum flexibility to conduct business in India when compared with a liaison or branch office and has following salient features:
    • Funding can be done via equity, debt (foreign as well as local) and internal accruals
    • Indian transfer pricing regulations apply
    • Repatriation of dividends is allowed without approvals

    2) Joint Venture with Indian partner (JVs): Foreign companies can also set up joint venture with Indian or foreign companies in India. There are no separate laws for joint ventures in India and laws governing domestics companies apply equally to joint ventures.

    3) Foreign Institutional Investors (FII): FII’s can invest in India in financial markets such as pension funds, mutual funds, investment trusts and asset management companies or their power of attorney holders. FII’s can invest in all securities in primary and secondary markets including the equity and other instruments of companies which are listed or are to be listed on stock exchanges of India.

    For further assistance Contact us at:

    Nemesis Consultants LLP
    Legal & Secretarial Department
    Parvinder Kaur
    Shivangi Singh

  34. cs parvinder kaur says

    Startup India
    An initiative taken by PM Mr. Narendra Modi

    Dear Reader(s)

    It’s high time now to develop in yourself by starting your own business. The time came to en cash your dream by innovating your own idea by using this platform.

    Idea behind the Startup – This idea has been initiated by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in his speech on Independence Day. He aimed to promote an entrepreneurship and innovation. The main objective behind this is to make India a Nation of Job Creator instead of Job Seeker. For this he has initiated Startup India Action Plan on January 16, 2016.

    What is Startup??
    (Only for the purpose of Government Schemes)

    An entity:
    – Private Limited Company (as defined under Companies Act, 2013); or
    – Registered Partnership Firm (registered under Section 59 of Indian Partnership Act, 1932); or
    – Limited Liability Partnership (under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008)
    shall be considered as Startup;
    • Upto 5 years from the date of its incorporation/registration;
    • Annual Turnover (as defined under Companies Act, 2013) not exceeding INR 25 crore in ANY preceding financial year; and
    • It is working towards innovation, development, deployment or commercialization of new products, processes or services driven by technology or intellectual property.

    What NOT is Startup
    – The entity which has been formed by splitting up or reconstruction of a business already in existence;
    – A Sole Proprietorship Firm, a Public Limited Company and Unregistered Partnership Firm;
    – An entity on completion of 5 years from the date of incorporation; or
    – Annual turnover for the previous financial years has exceeded INR 25 crores.

  35. cs parvinder kaur says

    An outline of startup, check it out,

    what are the benefit a startup can avail while enjoying the status of start up. The following are the benefits available to an startup.
    1. Start up will be exempted from paying income tax on there income for the first 3 years.
    2. 80% rebate in filling a Patent Application
    3. Fast track mechanism for patent application
    4. Tax exemption on Capital Gains
    5. Compliance regime are based on Self Certification.
    6. No inspection up-to 3 years for Startup.
    7. Single point of contact will be launched.
    8. Startup (in the manufacturing) got relaxation in public procurement, as they are not required to have any prior experience or any prior turnover to participate in the tenders floated by a Government or PSU. but their were no relaxation granted to start up in Quality standard or Technical parameter.
    9. The exit for startup has been made easy and fast.

  36. Parvinder Kaur says

    Hello all, we are group of professional working towards the startup like we provide services related to all legal and statutorily, Taxation, Accountancy, HR and all related work, we also arrange funding for startup as per their business plan.

    We are available at [email protected] and contact numner is 8447566978. Interested person can send their requirement to us by mail.

  37. Prem says

    Dear Team,

    Need your advise to start myself as a traders for various products on online shopping sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal & PayTM etc.
    How do I get the TIN Number in New Delhi and Do I also need to register a Sole Proprietorship Firm for as a seller on shopping sites. If Yes, Whats the procedure for this?

    Pls Note:
    1. I’m not a manufacture. I will procure the product from direct manufactures or Wholesale Market.
    2. I Dont have premises to setup an office.
    3. My Products will be like hand-loom, Wrist Watches etc.

    1. cs parvinder kaur says

      Hello, Sir as we have replied you regarding your business set up we are waiting for your response

    2. cs parvinder kaur says

      Hello Mr. Prem, we can help you in starting your business, we are firm of professional working for startup, and other individuals, kindly contact us on the mention email.


  38. Jithin says


    Thanks for your valuable article.
    I have a question please help me.

    I wish to start a webhosting company in India and for UK customers. I have bought some servers and I wish to resell ( shared hosting and reseller hosting ) for UK customers. Is there any legal issue for this business in India or UK ?

    1. CA. Bhavesh Savla says

      There should not be problem. Since the services are to be used exclusively by foreigners, even service tax may not be applicable if you get proper Foreign Inward remittance Certificates from your banks and get the money in USD or other convertible currency.

      But cant speak for UK laws. I dont think there should be an issue though since it is legal business proposition.

      CA. Bhavesh Savla

  39. Tipusultan says

    My contact no is 8082779658 I have planning opening new canteen in Mumbai. Canteen assets are available but how are the process of govt rules and regulation to opening a canteen. I m student. Plz help me and suggest

    1. CS Parvinder Kaur says

      Hii, its a vy good idea to start a business, i would like to suggest you that, you are required to take license for the food n trade n to establish shop u need license for that also. we are a group of professional engaged in providing this type of license for startup to make there work.

      For further solution you can contact at 8447566978

      1. Bush says

        Hi, Parvinder , i want to set up a incorporation with export authority in Mumbai. how much total it spend and how long about period. my mail :[email protected]. now i am in Mumbai. maybe we can have a talk face to face.

  40. Viswa says

    Thank you very much for giving this information. I am from AP. I don’t have money to start a software company. so , I decide to take the money from Mudra Bank for 1Lak to 5 Laks. But is that much suitable to start a small tech company to me? I don’t have any idea where to get project to my company? can you suggest to how to do that?

    1. SHIVANGI SINGH says

      Hi, First i would like to the business model of yours

  41. CS Parvinder Kaur says

    we provide service of service tax, VAT, all type of corporate solution plz contact at 8447566978


    For registration of Companies, Income Tax, Service Tax, Intellectual Properties, Investments, Merger, takeover. All type of Audit. Plz Contact 8447566978

  43. consultlane says

    Useful Article….For company registration call 8080809301

  44. Shrenik says

    The procedure mentioned above is incorrect in terms of cost and on timeline of steps, please recheck and correct the same, Its misleading !!

  45. RAJ says

    I want to startup mushroom business .But I have no idea how to start properly .And how to branding own Horticulture business ? ……..

  46. rahul says

    We Have started this company in bangalore.. we need more investors for our venture please if some one intrested call me at 7760232423

  47. bharathi says

    hello sir, I am planning to start waste management business in Bangalore pls give me some information

    1. Vijay Pundeer says

      Waste management business is an excellent idea. I am planning to do that too. Please let me know if you want to start this as a partnership. I have good knowledge of this industry.

      1. Kamal Parakh says

        Do you think that would it be a good idea to go for waste management business in Kolkata and how can you be helpful in the venture.

  48. Abhijit Chatterjee says

    To Start a Business I need the following Information :

    1. What is to be done First – Obtaining a Trade License or Register The Company ?
    2. The Type of Trading License [ Options available ] can be obtained from where ?
    3. Can a Salaried Person Working in a Company, be the Director of another Company ?

    1. Bhavesh says

      Dear Abhijit,

      1. Registering Company is the first step so that you can get trade license in the name of the Company

      2. Completely depends on the type of business activities that you want to get it. Have a look at ebiz portal introduced by Government. That shall give you a fair idea.

      3. Depends on HR rules of the Company. also have to check if the business you want to get it in is in competition with your existing Company where you are salaried.

      CA. Bhavesh Savla

  49. nikki says


  50. Satish Kumar Baghel says


    I am looking to start trading business in e commerce sector, do I need to apply for Sole Proprietorship for this or just for shop & establishments certificate?

    Also, I do not have my owned property in Mumbai, in this scenario can I start business from Mumbai?

    please guide.


  51. K.Modi says

    Dear Bhavesh Sir,
    I am in to commercial kitchen equipment, we supply Kitchen equipment to Hospitality industry like Hotels, clubs Resorts. And hospitals, corporates institutes et.. where bulk cooking happening.
    All buys even Imported Kitchen equipments from either importer or direct from Europe / China / US etc…

    Being we are in this line, and we found that machine buying is not issue and it is easy but if any breakdown happens then problem starts like not getting the spares for the same on time. results they loose revenue, so we think that spares are very important.

    We have contacted one company in Europe as they are major stockist of all the spares of all manufacturer of Europe and US. so we get all brands spares under one roof, and we can supply the same with in time line.

    I need guide line from you that how do we make aware to all about the same that now the spares are available. and the same i am planning to set up on-line buying but i am not having any idea for the same.
    Can you guide me for the same please.

    1. Vijay Singh says

      Bhavesh, Please email me separately. I can answer your questions. My email is [email protected]

  52. Dr.Syed says

    Hi folks, this is Dr.Syed, I am planning for a startup in the field of biotech and life sciences. I have few innovative ideas out of my research which I am looking to implement these ideas as commercialized product. But I am completely unaware of legal issues like registration and other stuffs. I am planning to set up in Mysore. Please help me out in this regard.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Javed Siddiqi says

      I would like to collaborate with your in your biotech venture. You can call or email me at 1-301-296-8436/[email protected]. Javed

  53. Sanjeet Sharma says

    Hi, I am Geographic Analyst and now i want to start my own GIS Consultancy company in India. kindly guide for that.

  54. sapna says


    Its been 4 years that i have always wanted to start garden planters & accessories business with affordable and designer terracotta planters but i am unable to get any information/data on the market size and how can i market it. I also want to explore the possibilities of how much profit can be gained with this business as i have passion for this but no sense of direction.
    Also, the logistics seems to be a tough area as the cost of transportation comes more than the cost of the piece due to which i am not able to courier it any where in india. please help!

  55. Asheesh says

    Hi all. I’m a great fan of this site.

    I needed help, I would like to open a proprietorship firm which would be dealing in the procurement of perfume and related products, packaging it and hereby selling it under my firms name to whole sellers,retailers as well as directly to the consumers.

    I would want the firm to have a separate legal entity from me.

    Kindly help me , in case I would need Register it ,incorporate it and/or need a trademark?

    Much Appreciated,

  56. Renk says


    I would like to start a business in India in condiment and cooking sauce market.
    I are going to run a pilot project and if I am successful then considering setting up a manufacturing unit.

    As this is my first venture, I am very passionate to start this business.

    However, I have no idea about company set up, legal liabilities and regulations, taxation issues, licenses /approval from various departments.
    I am an Indian origin person currently living in Australia. I do have an Overseas Citizenship of India (aka dual citizenship).

    Would anyone be able to provide guidance or reference ?


    1. CA. Bhavesh Savla says

      Hi Renk,

      I am sharing with you a link for an article specially written for business set up in India for NOn Residents and Foreign nationals.

      From your post, I assume that you intend to first import from India to Australia as a pilot project and then, if successful ,set up a manufacturing concern. If that is so, for pilot project of importing , you may not need registrations as such. YOu can directly deal with distributors/ manufacturers for some time and if you do find things profitable, then you may go for registration.

      I hope you do find the article worth it. It was written some time back and there have been few changes in the regulations since then; most of them are beneficial for businesspersons. If you have any more questions, you may drop an email to [email protected]. I shall be glad to help you.

      CA. Bhavesh Savla

  57. Nayana Mehta says

    I want to start a company in Pune which uses technical skills. This company will have only expenses, no income. What kind of company can be opened. Is it OK to have an expense only company.

  58. Nayana Mehta says

    I was to start a company for outsourcing resources. So I have only expense in the indian company and no income. What kind of company can be opened?

  59. Abhishek bhatia says

    Hloo sir, I want to start a new business in Amritsar .I want to invest the money to start a new business but i have no idea .I thought of opening the factory of water but some people tells that the water of amritsar is not too gud. So plz help me to start a new business
    Contact no. 8146711260

  60. marg says

    I wanted to start a bus travels in India what is the minimum cost and how is the procedure to start a business

    1. SHIVANGI SINGH says

      Hello Sir,
      I am a qualified CS i m pursuing my practice as a CS i belong from a business background. my father is having his medical business in Uttar Pradesh India as we all are aware that medical facility in rural area is lacking many a time it happens people are not aware with what disease they are are suffering from because they do not get facility of doctor within there reach. I want to take initiative to develop the medical facility in the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh. can you please guide how to start up for the welfare of society

  61. Vivek says

    I need start up consulting to start my business.Any good start up consultants here.


    Hi Arun,

    I want to start IT business in the area of IT support. I have 12 years exp. in IT industries with reputed IT companies. Now want to move in IT business. Please guide what will be steps to start own business in IT support.

    Sunil Kumar Singh

  63. Sonvir Singh says

    Hi, Please guide me that which company formation is suitable (LLP/ Pvt. Ltd.) so that minimum amout of tax we have to pay.

    1. Jinesh Mehta says

      Hi..According to my opinion, nowadays LLP is cost & tax effective tool for the purpose of starting business in India.

      There are very few compliance required to maintain LLP compared to Private Limited Company.

      CA Jinesh Mehta
      Email: [email protected]

  64. Nabajyoti Baruah says

    Dear Sir, I’ve done engineering in mechanical branch. My plan is to establish an automobile industry. Kindly guide me sir how can I take the steps for that and how to finance for the same. Initially how much capital will required everything. Thank You

  65. mohd salman says

    hii i am salman from delhi i want to start a import/export online small business but i dont know what is the procedure to start can i start with sole properitership.

  66. Manu Joseph says

    I have start a online service based business in UK. Company registration completed from UK. Its a private ltd company. Now i think Start a office in India. What can i do?? need any registration?
    I don’t have any Registration process in India… Anybody can help me? I m originally a Indian Citizen.

    1. CA. Bhavesh Savla says

      Dear Manu,

      Please read this article of mine on itself about how NRI and Foreign nationals can start business in India.

      CA. Bhavesh Savla
      [email protected]

    2. Deepak says

      Plz give me some job….if u start ur business in india….

  67. anup dey says

    I live in Tripura(agartala) and i would like to start a share trading firm bt I dont hv any NCFM or other certificates. i want to know dt how much capital will required to start it smoothly with 5 salesmen and also about a master franchise. If i go to Karvy then what is the minimun monthly income from it…etc plz help me in this regards…email id: [email protected]

  68. Mario says

    If I have a website dedicated to ecomerce from india, without company. Are from how much money should report the income?

  69. amit says

    i am a software engineer . i have four year software industry experience ,i want establish a software firm without any friend or team. it would be possible to register a company like one employee(me) if requirement raises than hiring employee . i have also check many blog most of explain freelancing or private ltd company as starting and it required two director so on..but i starting indivisibly with company registration if it is success than increase company boundary . plz give me suggestion Thanks

    1. Jinesh Mehta says

      Yes Amit. You can start with a company which is having one shareholder and minimum one director. It is called One person company [OPC]. It will be recognized as private limited company for all purpose.

      You can also expand company’s boundary whenever it is required.

      CA Jinesh Mehta
      Email: [email protected]
      (M) 9428431836

    2. CA. Bhavesh Savla says

      Hi Amit, There is no need for 2 directors now. You can go for a One Person Company (OPC) with just one Director/ shareolder. You can read more about OPC in my article in this magazine itself :

      CA. Bhavesh Savla
      [email protected]

  70. Mario says

    Is it possible for a person without an Indian national, no resident license, be a company in india? Can it be a sole proprietorship? Can you go to a figurehead?…

    1. CA. Bhavesh Savla says

      It is possible to form a Company in India without an Indian national as shareholder. However under the Companies Act, 2013, one Indian resident Director is compulsory. So you can have a Director but not as owner of the Company.

      Proprietorship is not allowed for non-Indians.

      CA. Bhavesh Savla

  71. amit yelne says

    Hello sir still I am studying in degree course of pharmacy I want to established my own pharmaceutical company with my colleagues can you tell me?
    Whats the procedure for it????

    1. Jinesh Mehta says

      Hello Amit,

      First you need to decide the constitution of business. There are two options i.e Limited liability partnership & Private limited company. Nowadays & specially after enactment of Companies Act 2013, LLP is more flexible & cost effective tool of business compare to private limited company.

      Please share your email id so that I can guide you in detail. We are Ahmedabad based Chartered Accountant serving many start ups across the India. You can alternatively contact me on my email id. i.e. [email protected]

      CA Jinesh Mehta

  72. Joshi brijesh says

    I want to start a new business in a large scale business industry in India. I want to make a India of a large electric hub. So I want to establish a corporate firm In the country

    1. CA. Bhavesh Savla says

      Dear joshi

      Have you formed your company yet? The new Companies Incorporation process pretty much makes it easier to form a Company than ever before. If you have any doubts, kindly mail to [email protected]. We will be able to guide you.

      CA. Bhavesh Savla

  73. Nandy says

    Hey I would like to know from you before May 2015 how many days it took to start a business or to register a startup or company and after May 2015 how many days it takes to start a business or register a startup or a company please mail me i want to have a detailed conversation with you so that i can understand it in detail.

    1. CA. Bhavesh Savla says

      It actually is not uniform but depends from RoC to RoC. For example, RoC Mumbai takes a longer time to incorporate a Company than RoC Pune or RoC Hyderabad. This is purely because there are so many companies being incorporated in Mumbai that work pressure is higher.

      CA. Bhavesh Savla

  74. Aneesh Gopalan says

    I would like to open a shop for sale of school/colleges/office stationary and computer stationary items in Kerala. Also like to deal with government establishment for supply of stationary items. I am a Ex-serviceman from Indian Army. What is the procedure for start the same and what are the privileges for ex-serviceman.

  75. Vijay Gomes says

    Hey Arun thanks for the info above. Is this valid also for an Online business?
    Can I have a direct contact or email address I can chat with you?

  76. Rizwan says


    I am planning to start a FAIRNESS CREAM business, which is purely home made.I have prepared it at my home.and i have given to so many of my friends & i have used it too.It is very useful for all skin types.This is being done from past 3-4 years.So i have planned to make it as a small business.
    Do i need to register for this???If yes,please help me with the exact procedure.
    If anyone knows about the procedure please help me..I will be very thankful to you…

    1. SHIVANGI SINGH says

      We are a firm of professional in India we can help you to setup business in India.

      1. Raushan kumar says

        Hello I want to know about detail of low budget firm (eg. Like daily use product).can u tell me about that.

        1. Shivangi Singh says

          Sure Sir, can you plz tell what type of Firm you want to incorporate whether registered Partnership Firm, Limited Liability Partnership, or any other mode. So that we can give you costing.

          Dear Sir, plz provide us your mail id so that we can disclose rest procedure.

  77. abby says

    thank you Arun for this useful info. this will be the best article for all emerging entrepreneur.

  78. kiran says

    Thanks you Arun. This is a great article – informative and helpful – especially the NRI community. Keep up the good work.

    1. kiran says

      Correction : especially for the NRI community.

      Additional Comment: Time spent on is well worth it.

    2. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Thanks Kiran – Glad you found it helpful! :)

      1. Myint Thu Zar Aung says

        Hi Arun,
        Could you please advise me how to start small trading business, meaning to say, selling daily household products in India as a foreigner.
        I am not able to spend too much.
        Awaiting for your reply.
        Very kind regards,
        Thu Zar

        1. bhavesh says

          Please note that Foreign Direct investment (FDI) is not allowed for multi brand retail trade in India. Incorporation as well as regular periodical compliance of a corporate entity with Foreigner stake in India may expensive for a foreigner. Also dissolution is difficult in the unfortunate circumstance that a business may not work out. My suggestion is that initially you can look out for a distributor (s) in India for your goods. You may lose out on some profits but you can gain an idea about how a business operates in India and what is the exact potential of your products in India. Once you gain confidence, you can then venture out on your own.

          CA. Bhavesh Savla
          [email protected]


    Dear Sir
    I want to start a small business in india , kerala state
    please give me a good option
    which is the good business and all informations also

  80. Amit Rai says

    Hi Arun grt article but i had a suggestion wouldn’t it be better if the article had link of best agencies that are doing it cheap would be much helpful …also tx for the info would be lost without it .

  81. Michael Raj says

    I live in chennai and i would like to start a trading company with one of my friend who is a doctor and lives in Iraq. He is an Iraqi national. My friend is already buying many products from India and supplying in Iraq. Now the business is increasing day by day. We would like to start up a small trading office at chennai. We are not sure how we could do this. Me and my friend should be the managing partner and he will be coming to India once in three month to look after the business.

    I need help..

    1. CA. Bhavesh Savla says

      Hi Michael,

      Since your friend is an Iraqi national, investments done by him shall be considered as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India. Apart from the process above, you also need to follow RBI process as well. You can go to my article in magazine itself —– “How Foreign Nationals / NRI’s can setup a Business in India [Overview]”

      Hope this helps you.

      CA. Bhavesh Savla

  82. Ali Qureshi says

    Hi All,
    I want to start import export business so can u help me to know the process from starting to end. If any one know the process plz contact me on ([email protected]). Thanks

  83. KS Kumar says

    I am an Ex-Service man from Chennai having my own accommodation facility in Chennai and Kerala. I would like to start one small distribution channel of Agricultural equipment initially and has a plan to start up my own small manufacturing facility either in Kerala or in Chennai. Can any one guide me on how to go about this. I am available on 9941011045

  84. TAPAN KUMAR BOE says

    its very helpful and encourage to us to start a business . you provide the guideline all the information is so simple and easy to understand . its a very measure steps to improve our nation economically . hardly thanks

  85. Rakesh Kumar says

    Hi Sir,

    I want to come in Publication distributorship (Books/Magazine/Journals). Please let me know about the legal aspect and needful information.


  86. Rakesh Kumar says

    Hi sir,

    I want to setup a new business in publication sector. I want to be a distributor for Magazine/Journals. so how can i start and what are the legal aspects rearding this. Please guide me and provide me needful informations.


  87. mohit says

    hello sir, i am mohit i want to sell the sports goods to companies i am just starting . i have no company and nothing . i have only just the make the product and sell it . could you please tell me how can i sell the product without i have a company it can be illegal and how can i sell the product .please help me out and explain in full details and also point of Indian govt. please give me answer as soon as possible . i am waiting sir………………………..

    1. Jinesh Mehta says

      Hi Mohit,

      There are different constitution of business with which you can start the business. For example: Proprietorship, Partnership, LLP, Pvt ltd company etc. Each has it’s own advantage & disadvantages. I suggest you to plan properly for selection of constitution & start the business as it is long term decision.If you need any guidance regarding the same, please let me know. I am basically chartered accountant specialised in providing various profesisonal services to startups. My email id is [email protected].


  88. Chandrashekhar says

    I have my own under company act register investment public limited co.The said company hasbeen closed on oct.98 due to new rule of RBI.can i star this company for shere teading co.or can i get inveter partner to run this co.Main objects of the co.are.costruction of building ,bridges , plantation pl.gide me

  89. suresh says

    i want to start all in one recharge business on my own. Anyone help me how to start it.

  90. abhijit says

    Rcmc ,digital signature,& EPCG licence fee, rates are going to increase after March end.? Is this true news??

  91. Anthony says


    I need advice on setting up a business in Bangalore. Any recommendations where I can get a good consultation in Bangalore? I can be reached at [email protected]

  92. richa says

    hi sir,

    i want start as realestate builder but this just an idea of starting business now i am all alone
    for starting a business fore most we need funding and plan sir i am very new to this business
    can plz guide me how to arrange funds starting in a small scale in india then gradually expanding overseas

  93. pramod uttamrao phole says

    I want to start Software Developing company in Maharahstra Pune and For that What are the Procedure for Registration and What legal formalities i have to complete and where please guide me.
    My number:-9158171595
    Email id:[email protected]

  94. Anupam Rastogi says

    Thank you so much Sir. Basically, I am an NRI and I wanted to start my import export business in next 2-3 months. And i think this article will help me a lot. In addition to that can I have your personal Email ID for any other help in case.

    1. annapurna says

      another wow from here, thank you somuch for the precious article!!.

  95. RAJESH NOHAR says

    I want to start some business for my living.nature of business not yes finalized but will be a trading /contract kind of business. pls guide me how to proceed legally so as to meet all govt. requirements for starting business.

    1. Shashi Mohan says

      Nice to see that there is a lot of interest and replies on the said article “Starting Business in India”. With the passage of time, there are many changes already taken place in rules, time lines, cost etc. One should consider these factors before formulating any decision related to their business.

      Best regards
      Shashi Mohan, Delhi

  96. dhaval says

    dear sir,
    i completed B.E. in mechanical engineering a year ago. now i want to start my own business for making machines in agriculture field. please suggest me with some details like future growth and profit.and also initial cost for this.

  97. sarika says

    I want to sell something Online, I don’t have any company name, I work from home, So will it require to register a company or that will do with TIN no. only.

    1. veda says

      hello.. am also starting online shopping site. almost 80% of work completed… I want to talk with u about this. 8886502502 is my num

  98. AJAY PAL says

    Hi i want to start a business like provide the manpower (Hardware & networking support),so i just want to ask wat to do that for,how and what type of company i can start,and what is the procedure for registration and how many registration required for that

  99. Ranjan says


    First of all thanks for this post!! It’s really informative.

    I want open a computer training institute, can anyone tell me what is the necessary steps need to be completed.


    1. Jinesh Mehta says

      Hi.. firstly you should select perfect constitution for starting business. There are various constituion such as Limited liability partnership, Private Limited Company, Partnership, Proprietorship etc. Each has it’s own advantage & disadvantage. We are start up advisors from Ahmedabad. Please email for detailed guidance. Email id: [email protected].


    2. Vinesh Jeyaraj says

      Hi Ranjan,

      TO open a computer Training institute, you will need a registration with the service tax department if your total turnover crosses Rs. 10 lakhs in a year else otherwise service tax registration is voluntary if the turnover is below Rs. 10 lakhs.

      Further, as per local municipal or state law, you may require shop and establishment for the Institute.

      If you decide to go for a proprietorship, you do not need any specific registration as cuh. If you decide to go for a pvt ltd company or LLP, you may require one more person as director/ shareholder. You can also go for a One Person Company, a newly introduced concept under Companies Act where you can form a pvt ltd company by only one shareholder/ Director.

      I hope the above info is useful. If no just drop a mail at [email protected].

      You can visit our website

      We are a corporate ourselves and assist start ups in taking the right decision for business incubation and growth.

      Vinesh Jeyaraj,
      Managing Director.
      Vinning Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.

  100. Reshmi says

    I am starting a sole proprietorship online business. As per the government of India website, we do not need to make any registration for a sole proprietorship business. Is it true? If yes, what other kind of licensing procedure will be needed for such a Startup? Thank you for your help

    1. pramodh says

      hi reshmi,

      have you started online business? for this, do we need to take manufacturing company permissiom to sell their goods?

      1. annapurna says

        no pramodh!!.

    2. annapurna says

      dear rashmi,

      1. if ur annual sale is lessthan 5 lakhs
      2. if u r the only one person who wants to do this business–

      then you dont need any vat/service tax.

      all u need to do is—-register ur self under proprietership (proprietorship registration). and start an online website, start selling. meet me at [email protected], i am also starting new online business.

      1. Shashi says

        Hello, I am interested to set-up online business wth Flipkart and they are asking me to have VAT and other registrations. Can you pls suggest what I should do minimum to start-up my business.


  101. Harsh says

    hello sir please guide me how can i start a business of my own made fruit jams and tomato ketchup in mp with my own brand name and how can i register my business and how can i promote my business….please guide me with ol necesry documnt and initial cost thnk u

    1. Vinesh Jeyaraj says

      To register Brand name, you need to go for Trademark registration. Can you give more details at [email protected] ?

      Vinesh Jeyaraj,
      Managing Director.
      Vinning Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.

  102. VIKRANT KUMAR says

    i want to register a export and import company in India,please send the detail process of registration,m
    my mail id [email protected]

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  104. abhijit says

    Good afternoon Sir,
    I hv plan to open a pharmaceutical company (ethical marketing base). so what r the legal aspects n how to clear. I need ur assistance. revert me on [email protected].

  105. ashok kumar says

    Hi i want to start a business like provide the manpower (housekeeping, Pantry Boy, Warehouse n company worker),so i just want to ask wat to do that for,how and what type of company i can start,and what is the procedure for registration and how many registration required for that.

    1. Narayanan says

      Hi, you can start a One Person Company for this kind of business, the registration requires basic proof such as PAN card, Voter id and Passport or driving licence. The registration can be done within 15 days of time. You can contact me to my direct number 0801 550 2888.

      1. Satish says

        Hi Narayanan, I have a few queries in starting a new business in Bangalore. Do you mind if I call to discuss the process involved?

        1. Narayanan says

          Ya Satish, you could contact me to my direct number- 08015502888. Sure we would guide you in this.

  106. rohan says

    Hi All,
    I had started a packers movers business in pune and it running good. I had purchase domain and web hosting from and they are providing an awesome service. So i can suggest you to go for hostindia for domain and web hosting.

  107. ashish bhanushali says

    nice content really helpful

  108. Vinoth says

    Sir,i want to start small scale company of Electronics services and Training course. how can i start and what are the procedures? please give me suggestion.

    1. Narayanan says

      You can start a one person company which would be ideal for the new start-ups or Private Limited company, if you think you can get some investors for your business. If you need more clarification, call me at 0801550288 for free counsel.

  109. keshav kumar singh says

    sir this site is very helpful for me.i am B tech student and i want to start my own onlin Business.and i have a unique idea but i don’t know more about how to pls help me…sir i must need ur help my cell no. is 8447024756

  110. Mrityunjay Jha says

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to start my own business in Pest management services with other services like security sector, house keeping and agriculture sector and more…….. kindly suggest. How to start from very begining stage…….

    M.K. Jha

  111. magesh says

    Dear sir, I have done my engineering degree in Ece. Now i wanna start a new business .pls guide me which one is suitable to my qualification.and also i dont have enough money to start up a business so tell me how much loan can i get by bank or guide me if u know another idea to get money..

    short msg:: *guide me which business may i start
    *economical support

    1. Abhishek says

      In general banks don’t grant loans simply on the basis of business idea but on the business promoter’s financial credibility. Look for investors instead.

  112. Rashid says

    Hi all..
    hope you all doing great..
    Can anyone help me to find international buyer for leather items… specially all kind of and women..

    Would be highly appreciated..


  113. Prakash Kumar Dalai says

    Dear sir, I have done my in Ece from Bput,Odisha. Now i wanna start a electronics company. First tell me that i am eligible or not for a company set up and second, i dont have any money so please tell me how much money i can get by loan and any other option of money please help me

  114. YOGESH says

    Thanks a lot it helps me lot
    it gives me enough detail data/ matter to make my project
    i can satisfied my teacher and she will be too happy to see matter
    again thanks a lot

  115. Trimurti maurya says

    I am trimurti. I have established a icecream factory in feb 2014.
    can anyone tell me how to get licence for that?
    and which things are necessary for that.

  116. Sagar Ganatra says

    Hello There,
    Nice article i want register proprietorship firm and just want to sell on snapdeal flipkart and amazon shopclue eCommerce website but they ‘ve said i just need VAT and CST Registration but my turn over is below 5 lac how i get VAT and CST number.

    From Gujarat Rajkot

    Sagar Ganatra

  117. sen says

    i want to start a online fashion jewellery bussiness and want to sell my jewellery in populer online sites. what
    documents do i need to start this… i am not a manufacturer i am just a retailer… please reply in detail…

  118. sanjeev kashyap` says

    Hellooo…. we are starting up business related to export import. can you plz tell me how we start this type of business.. whats better for us is formation a new company or a partnership firm…??

  119. Nikhil says

    Hi, I am opening up a Microbrewery in Pune.. Can anyone tell me how much will it cost to get the license and what is the procedure. Anyone we can approach who will assist on the same.


  120. Shifas says

    We planning to start a software company in national level. We need some detail input from you. We are from kerala and If possible kindly leve me your contact details please or leave us some guideline.


  121. Md Quaisar Raza says

    Dear Sir
    Please advice me about tax …If I registered my own construction company I would have to pay tax even if I got projects or not..or tax is depends upon the bank transaction. ..please clearify

    1. akshay says

      No ,you will have to pay tax for only your income and cross border trades

      1. taran sharma says

        Akshay you mean to say that if one has opened a Pvt Ltd Co. and does not get any business i.e no projects done, no income, no profit nothing then one does not have to pay any tax or any amount for registering and opening the Pvt Ltd Co.. Waiting for a quick response.

  122. mamatha says

    Hi, Are all the above steps mandatory for starting a LLP too?

  123. Shailendra Singh says

    Thnx , I’m interested to start a domestic trading of Hardwares . i want to know the whole procedures about this. i need you reply ASAP

  124. Shailendra Singh says

    Sir, i want to start domestic trading of hardware. please suggest and direct me about procedure.Please reply ASAP. thanks.

  125. katuri says

    i would like to start the Training and placement inst. any one can help me about this..wat theprocess.where i can approval whoom to meet..

  126. […] In terms of ”starting a business”, India is 179th in the world. Only 10 countries fare worse than her. Anyone wishes to start a business needs to go through 12 different procedures and takes nearly a month! [Suggested Reading: Starting Business in India – Simplified step-by-step process] […]

  127. pratap says

    i want to start a business like provide the manpower n company,so i just want to ask wat to do that for,how and what type of compny i can start,and what is the procedure for ragistration

    1. akshay says

      You can start as aservice provider incorporated under companies act 2013 ,if ur applying for services of labour you will have to keep in mind allthe industrial and labour basic laws which can be told by any civil advocate and to register for company meet a ca .

  128. Robin Solanki says

    I am searching for information on how to go about registering a company in partnership, this was a useful piece of information though, thanks a lot for sharing.

  129. Gareth says


    I’m currently looking at starting a game development studio in Bangalore with an Indian partner, but we are struggling to see the best way for me to be able to visit and stay in the country for any length of time. Do you know any one who can advise us in this area?

    best regards,

    Gareth Glover

  130. Manali Rawat says

    Can you please guide me with the licenses and rules for starting an online store.
    A step by step necessary things to start selling my clothing and accessories online

  131. Ravi shankar says

    Dear sir, I have done my from iiit jabalpur…now i wanna start a aotomobile company…first tell me that i am eligible or not for a company set up…and second, i dont have any money so plzz tell me how much money i can get by loan and any other option of money…plzzz mail me ASAP…[email protected]

  132. Jay Joshi says

    Hello! Arun,

    It was very good and accurate information I was seeking for the business started since 2003 named as Krishna Infotech which deals in software, Website and graphic solutions and the business started in 2012 named as Kushal Mangal Life Advisors which deals in Energy Healing, Life Coaching and Matrimonial Services.

    I am seeking some finance which could stabilize the business by its marketing. Will this registration could provide me some government grants? And yes I have one Public Trust also named as Krishna Hari Foundation based on Medical and Educational Agendas I want to establish one Yog School and Yog and Energy Healing Centre. I have 10A, 12B, 80G registrations and its 7 years old with complete audit reports. Can you help me in the same to get funds for the establishments?

  133. Anil A.S says

    Hai, Im anil from cochin. I want to start a new software and multimedia based educational institution and a company as named Lakshmi Infotech. Please provide some info for how to make it happen..
    Thanks Anil

  134. Samir says

    Hello writer,
    Thank you very much for such a awesome information. This information is very useful and Important to me.I am going to start a business and this is what I really needed. Thanks once again.

  135. Llama says


    Lot of information on how to start a business. Thanks for the blog and a place for future entrepreneurs to meet and exchange ideas.
    I want to start a business and am not sure on what, I know most people have the same doubt. Kindly help me with this. I want to start a women centered business, specifically women in the age group of 30 to 60, moms, stay at home who are computer literate and have some work experience. I want to start a business and register in India and maybe later make it a part of a UK registered company. Thanks in advance.

  136. Janani says

    Hello Sir,
    I’m planning to start a separate venture and I wish to use the property which is owned by my father who’s already running a company. Is there any rule to compulsorily pay some rent for this property even though it belongs to my father? And should I need to enter into any rental agreement with them which would be required for company’s registration and all?
    FYI: My father will become one of the directors for my new venture and he’ll be providing the total funds for my new company..

    Kindly clarify on this. Thanks in advance…

  137. Afzalur says

    i want open one company at mumbai. We are Japanese company. please advice me.

  138. vishnu says


    Thanks for the detailed information. I would like to know whether Company secretary is a must to complete this whole process?


  139. Yogesh Khandke says

    How about these statutory requirements?
    1. Bank account in the name of the firm.
    2. Service Tax Registration (applicable in case turnover crosses 10 Lakh in one financial year) (national)

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    sir, i want to start my business in electrical field.
    i want to manufacture some energy meter testing kits.
    i would be glade by getting your valuable suggestions.
    waiting for your response.

  142. Robert Manda says

    I am interested in starting a paragliding tandem business in Goa. Can you make money legally in India of tourism ? Can I own 100% of the company or do I need an indian partner ? If anyone can answer thank you in advance I’m much obliged.

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    How can I register IN GEDA? I am NRI what procedure do I need to start business for the same?

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    Is it advisable to do it yourself or its best to engage a CA to do the same. Does a cost of 45K be justified to be charged for the services from a CA?

  149. Very nice article. This is a lot like forming a corporation in America. Here in America we have various entities to operate businesses such a C corporations, S corporations, LLCs, partnerships, limited partnerships, etc. The steps and processes are different for each entity and by the state of formation.

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    what is processor to open company .and what is requrement document .
    and how much investment .

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    Hi i believe the timeline is not correct. And also the money of stamping is not 1300 but actually too high of that. It depends on each states.

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  157. Vikash Kumar Singh says

    For raising funds which one is a better option – LLP or Pvt Ltd.?

    Please elaborate the disadvantages of LLP also?

    1. Darshak Shah says

      LLP is better since it is cost effective.

      Disadvantage of LLP is Lack of corporate image.People still consider it as Partnership firm only.

      Rest Less Compliances and better in many ways.

      CA Darshak Shah

  158. Vaibhav Narvekar says

    Can anyone guide me how to start a pharma (bulk drug only) exports agency? The bulk drugs shall be sourced from local manufacturers and exported. The C/F shall be handled by our company only.

  159. Indrajit says

    Well, this is a pretty exhaustive list, but let me tell you even this is not easy to handle. much more difficult in reality. when registering my company M/s D-Tek trading Pvt Ltd which runs an e-com website besides two seller accounts on ebay, had to face a lot of heartburn greasing unworthy palms to make people do their job!

    Anyways that part being behind me, it is time for the actual grind, doing real business. Offline business is tough!! fixed and sunken costs can kill you. hence went online with my e-com site and has not regretted a moment. there is a little to make even when i m shipping a scratchguard sold for 79 which includes free shipping!! plus the kick and lure of becoming the next flipkart some day ;)

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    1. Darshak Shah says

      Naushad ji, why to spend such high amount.

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    1. Darshak Shah says

      Hi. I am CA Darshak Shah.

      Contact me for any legal guidance needed of MCA.

      My contact number is 09428589892.

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    I want to set up a placement consultancy firm in Chandigarh but don’t know which way to begin with. Please share your views on it. What are the documentations and capital required to start it?

    1. Arun - Leadwell says

      Please call us t provide you detailed info n the set up

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    Suppose we register a company following above steps and get PAN,TAN, VAT no etc.. but the business doesn’t make any income. Do we still have to pay any tax or annual fees.

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    But what makes me really worrying is i have read a article that starting business in India requires huge investment

    can you please provide more information about the business on which we can make investment on coming years.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Darshak Shah says


      As per my opinion, it wont require much days these days.

      As far as cost is concerned, it always takes establishment cost at higher scale in any country not only to India.

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    Therefore, please give suggest some disadvantages of my decision. If i will taking this step then what kind of disadvantages I will face.

    1. Darshak Shah says

      Yes sir, your decision has some pros and cons…Converting into private limited company will put you into following added liablities.

      1) One time incorporation cost
      2)Compulsory audit every year

      3) Higher filing responsibilities.

      on other side you can always have advantage of corporate image if you convert into the same and it helps you in earning big orders, tenders etc.

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    1. Arun - Leadwell says

      Hello Goutham,
      All procedures for a new start up will be adviced. You may mail the details to [email protected] or call me @ 08089050301. All da best!

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    I am going to launch a Classified Ads Website next month.. I do also have a website where we do BPO Services from home.. Do I need to register two times for two website or one time is enough?

    Confused at this point & would appreciate anyone help about this.

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    Your given details are excellent but……………………………
    the fear of lossing the hard earned money keeps me away, sometimes to even think
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    Planning to start a business in Pune,maharashtra.

    How can i get over with it?
    Any help

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    This post explains a lot about registering a firm, particularly a generalized business. I would like to know whether all these procedures are also required for starting an IT/ITeS business in India?

    How about starting it within the incubation centers ?
    Can you explain it in a little detail?

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    Please advise how much should a CA charge for completing the above formalities.

    Also the fees chargeable for the following:
    1) VAT Audit
    2) Tax audit
    3) Filing Bal sheet with ROC
    4) Filing Co. I tax return+ Director;s I tax return

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    I have returned back to India and was researching to start a new firm with 3 good Biz ideas which I wanted to work on, also found lot of interesting comments as well from the readers of your article.

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    Thank you for the very helpful and detailed procedure. I’m sure that, should I form an Indian company, this information will be very helpful. My circumstances are perhaps a bit unusual and I am not certain this is the way to go. Let me explain.

    I currently purchase chemicals, both standard products and custom-made, which I then market from the US to customers all over the world. In the current circumstances, I have the goods shipped to me, we warehouse them in the US, and then ship to our customers. Some of our customers take fairly large orders and the shipping costs at both ends are significant. I have been considering creating an Indian business that does the purchase locally, and then ships directly to my customers. This way, the only name on the packages, documents, etc. would be those of my company rather then my suppliers.

    The company the I would create would have no staff other than myself and I would only be there occasionally. Does this make sense and is it doable?

  209. M. Abdul says

    Hi Experts…
    I’m planning to start a company with these 3 objectives (Probably 3 SBU).
    a. Manufacture of Vermi compost from Solid Municipal Waste, Supply and Marketing of Organic Bio fertilizers across India and Globe. (P/L Account)
    b. Organic Farm cultivation (Own land and leased ones) (P/L Account)
    c. Create awareness towards school kids on Solid waste Management to build Sustainable world (Build next generation of world with Sustainability of Soil, Water, Air, Sun and Sky) (Not P/L Account)
    Since I don’t have large capital to pay fees to register the Pvt Ltd company, I’m thinking to register as a Partnership firm till I have good operation stability on my objective.
    Can some expert clarify me the following please….
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    2. Is the Name of the firm can be retained till I upgrade the Partnership Firm to Pvt Ltd?
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    4. How much costs will incur to float Partnership firm and how much cost for Pvt ltd?
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    Im Tre from Durban, South Africa. I recently got my OCI and would like to do business with India. Looking at having quality t shirts manufactured in India and sold here in South Africa.
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    and i am will be the sole person who operate the business activity
    so please help me about this

  240. nidhi says

    u done a gud job

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    Hello! Arun Prabhudesai , First of all thanks for your valuable information…But Arun please provide me a full and a total detail information regarding for opening a retail outlet like puma, Nike, UCB in India (Kolkata or north east part of India)hope and wish yull be helping me out in these matter, plz do contact me in these E-mail [email protected]

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  243. Rajitha says

    Dear Concerned

    Good Day!

    First of all thank you very much for all these valuable information and kindly provide me a agent contact details which they can do the all the procedures for opening a company in Cochin, Kerala because I am working abroad.

    Awaiting for your reply.

    Best Regards

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    Thanks guys
    it would be great if you can provide me detail about online business as I am planning to start my online business so plz tell me the procedure for that.

    would be great help

    awaits your positive reply



  247. DKJ says

    To Form a New Company in India including obtaining DIN No., Registering Name of Company, Change in Name of company , Obtaining Digital Signature, Incorporating a new Company and all related wortks , Contact N.M.S. Pvt Ltd. : Mr.D.K.Jain : +91-9810092750 or Email us at : [email protected] for further guidance

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    Dear Arun, Thank you for excellent guidelines. I was lucky to have found your site, or else I would have been gathering info bits and pieces. How can I contact you ? I still need some info
    My email as mentioned above is arkundapurat yahoo dot com.
    Best wishes,


  249. Sridhar says


    I incorporated a partnership firm in India, we offer services to clients in US.
    How can I invoice or send bills to them and get money in INR.
    Our area of business is IT.
    [email protected]


  250. Sandesh says

    I am from mumbai . Iam interested in starting new business in field of Security CCTV equipments, Office automation , LED lighting, .If anyone from Mumbai, pune interested drop me a mail : [email protected]

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    yes.. great informative stuff. I am a freelance writer looking to be established as a complete content writing firm This article helped me a lot.. thanks a ton Arun and keep writing.. wishing you success ahead..

  252. Kiran says

    I am planning to start a business in INDIA. I am from software background with 13 years of experience. I have INR 1 Cr investment and I am looking for another partner who can invest 1Cr. Can anyone help me find a partner

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    Could not believe that I could ever get such meticulous
    procedure to get started.. To start – atleats we get a wonderful
    insight of what goes into starting a new company.

    Knowing the total cost and the number of days for these
    procedures, ensures we dont get started that I will do this
    all by myself and then approach a professional.

    Thank you Arun. It was a really great kick start..

  256. Thiru says

    Dear frnds,

    what is the procedure of new embroidery business opening?

  257. Sanjay sharma says

    Please guide me how can i start a buisiness of sanitary ware. I dont want to manufacture those items but i want out source it from someone else and i want to promote it as my own brand. Please guide me. THANKS

  258. achilis das says

    Hi, Thank you very much for this valuable posting. I am a Bangladeshi by born and live in Bangladesh. Now i want to start business in India and stay in india as i like india and my all relatives except and mother and father are indian citizen. Can you please tell me whether Its possible for me to start business in India and while doing business, can i stay in India?

    1. Rajesh Hurana says

      Hi I am interested in starting a bioinformatics training company. we will be teaching bioinformatics tools, etc. to students and perhaps start developing some software later. Can we register our company to STPI? will we get tax benefits?

    2. Biswaranjan jena` says

      Yes you stay india.Orissa is the best state in doing will contact with me [email protected]-9040225161.

    3. Ashim Das says

      Dear Ahilesh
      i am from Kolkata. Would you please send friend request in my FB. my name is Ashim Kumar Das.

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    please, send me details regarding business in which there are 50% net profit margin & which business is started with capital of rs. 10 lacs.

  260. Nanadkishor patidar says

    very helpful Thanking you.

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    I have a business plan. but i have no money but that plan is very successful any person want to start a business contact me on this mail only small investment.

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    Its very good information to open any company and know the process.

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    Please tell what paperwork is required for starting a motorcycle assembling unit.
    Small though…


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    We are 4 friends want to start a small business.
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    1. DK Jain says

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      1. ABDUL says

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  266. Mohit Shriwastava says

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    i am interested to open a law firm can anybody guide me what procedure can be take and how, i am a practicing lawyer in patna high court.

  267. Kumar says

    Hi friends,
    Thanks for a informative article. I am a retired army officer. I am planning a cow dairy farm and organic farm business. I have agriculture land approx 80 kms away from delhi,
    near Jewar( proposed airport). I require genuine partners who can contribute financially.
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  268. Nagender Reddy. K says

    I am studying M sc in U.K. In India I completed my Master of Computer Applications(MCA) in 2010. My bachelor’s degree also in Computer science. But I am not interesting in IT field. I want to start a new business in Andhra Pradesh. But I don’t know which business good for nowadays and which is suitable for me. Give me some suggestions and some kind of business hints.

  269. DK Jain says

    To Form a New Company in India including obtaining DIN No., Registering Name of Company, Change in Name of company , Obtaining Digital Signature, Incorporating a new Company and all related wortks , Contact N.M.S. Pvt Ltd. : Mr.D.K.Jain : +91-9810092750

  270. Sanjay Bharadwaj says

    So many formalities to start a business in india? No wonder there is so much black money and illegal businesses thriving in the country because it's easier to do business illegally in india rather than a legitimate one, all you have to do is pay your bribes on time!

  271. Sachin says

    I am a science post graduate and want to start a business in low investment.I am mainly interested in doing outsoursed work in any field.It will be really helpful for me if you provide some information.

  272. sandeep says

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    Wish you Happy & Prosperous New Year. Many thanks for such detailed information.
    Its just because of people like you, many people are able to find necessary directions at such ease.

    I have couple of question as I wish to start e-commerce business from India with
    its own distinct feature. Currently I am just on drawing board and need to do lot of
    ground work.

    1. If my business involves import or export of goods what additional ground work needs to be completed.

    2. For the detailed information you have provided, are there any amendments with respect to current regulations or procedures.

    3. How can protect my business model against big players. I may have limited capital
    and hence limited budget,resources. Its will be easy for big players to copy my business model with heavy capital where I may not get any chance to compete in
    longer run.

    Thanks for reading my comment and I look forward to your response.


  274. Himanshu Gowda says

    The money spent on this is just to get the documents done but if u want it in the exact time mentioned above u need to fill the government employees' pockets.. Or have Anna Hazare's contact number :/

  275. Himanshu Gowda says

    The money spent on this is just to get the documents done but if u want it in the exact time mentioned above u need to fill the government employees' pockets.. Or have Anna Hazare's contact number :/

  276. Info Warrior says

    Hey Admin, do the above mentioned steps hold good for starting a COOPERATIVE business? If not, can you please direct me to an appropriate source for such information?

  277. Sai says

    Thanks of this great resource. I have a question and it would be great if anyone could answer this for me.

    I know someone in US who has a home based business selling some personal-use items (home made). If I were to get these items about a dozen a time (through international post) and then sell them in India through a website (as a distributor), would I be required to go through some legal formality to do such a thing? Or can I just do this as an individual without requiring any kind of formal setup? I want to do this on the side and it won’t be my main livelihood.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who answers!

  278. C Prince says

    Sub: Business Advice Reg.
    I had gone through the above article and have some queries. I appreciate the effort taken to exhibit the details.

    Kindly let me know whats the difference starting a restaurant and trading (brokerage, buying and selling any products) if possible. To start any of the above business should I follow all the 13 steps provided by you.

    Thanks in advance and Regards

  279. Gazala Khan says

    Great information.

    1. Vinod Ram says

      Yeah, thats like a lot of information. Definitely marked on my fav list. However, it still leaves me with a few questions. Well! the initial glitches are unavoidable.
      Thats the book review of Malcolm Gladwell’s “blink-The Power of Thinking without Thinking for Small Businesses’
      Thats a good read too. Thank you sharing!

  280. chelladurai says

    Dear friends,

    I can offer good quantity of Handloom sarees, lungies and towels. Is any body willing to buy in bulk. all are pure cotton with quality product

    chelladurai isaac

  281. chelladurai says

    Hallo friends,
    I am a retired officer from Public sector. I want to do some small business to keep myself busy in retired life. Can anybody guide some good business line with small investment and routine income. Main aim to to keep myself busy

  282. netzentry says

    @Abhishek, you may contact any CA or CS in India. One of my friends (from US) got her startup registered in India with the help of

  283. Abhishek Sharma says

    The article is good, but I have some doubts,
    To start private company, what is the meaning of 1lakh paid up we have to deposit 1lakh some where?
    And overall how much expenses incur in starting company?

    1. Bhavesh says

      Dear Abhishek,

      The Rupees One lakh paid up capital denotes that you have to deposit Rs. 1 lakh as Capital in the company.
      After the company is incorporated, you have to open a bank account for the Company and then the shareholders have to deposit the amount for the shares they have to be agrees to take up. The total shall be at least Rs.1 lakh. In return, they get shares for the Company.

      Further, please note that this money doesnt go anywhere but remains in the Company’s custody. It is neither locked up but can be used up for the business uses of the Company. However, it cant be used for the personal uses of the owners or shareholders.

      CA. Bhavesh Savla
      [email protected]

  284. V.Rajan says

    Please let me know whether the formalities mentioned above are true for starting an online retail store also. Or any other extra formalities are required? Thanks a lot for your excellent article.

  285. Prabhat patel says

    I am a hospitality Industry Professional and Its been ten years I have been in this Profession but now i am planing to Establish My Own Company Of Cunsoltancy & Staff providing to the Industry so Please send me some details

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    I am Hitesh Lakhara persuing MBA (Finance & Marketing) wanted to start a bussiness in Rajasthan but, not decided what to do. If you have any good business please suggest me & give missed call on my cell no. 09460771270.I m waiting for reply.

    Thanking You,
    Hitesh lakhara.

    1. Palani Ga says

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    2. Rupesh Satam says

      Palani Ga mr. palani u have provided wrong contact no

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    Pl revert back to my mail ID- [email protected]

  288. Naresh Khanna says

    I want to start a business in lighting i.e. inductin/LED etc with some other aumation product, can some body help me who already working and help me in this field.
    i can also think to work with him as a associated company i different location or how can i find a partner for this business?

    Pl guide me my mail ID- [email protected]

  289. Rakesh says

    I want to start a business with corporate agency (insurance) in Jharkhand. I also want to put some other products (like fmcg/cloths/paper/stationary etc) marketing in my business. Can I start it by a Trust/NGO(I’ve my own trust)? Can u tell me the procedure how to start this businees. I want to start it within 2-3 months. How can I find a partner for this business? Kindly guide me.
    My e-mail add – [email protected] & cell no is- 09199944999/09386601600

  290. nilesh says

    sir i want to strat the my construction company.but sir i has no capital but i has property in pune

  291. Surjeet Singh says

    Hello !!!
    I have plan to start direct marketing business in Uttarakhand foothill area. I having few people who already have done this marketing business earlier. In this, they were used to sale house hold items by visiting door to door. Its good margine giving business without any loan or dependency.
    I again want to start bt need your help that this time it should be through a registered company/firm. Which form of registeration will good for this i.e. company act, firm, LLP or simple partnership dead.

    My only perpose is – no one should harrase me regarding not registration. pls reply is some one having knowledge about registration. my id is there.

  292. Jack says

    Hi all. I started my business of Gadgets but lost some of my docs….

    Its really difficult for us to carry our important documents everywhere. Specially when it comes to HR. My HR in the company has lots of works to do apart from managing documents. So I heard about a company providing a fab service. Compnay name is Kleeto. It digitize all the documents and give you 24*7 access to them online. Now thats wonderful. I calculated it as well and found that the cost they are charging is less then what we invest in keeping our very important documents safe. Do check this: its a calc provided by company itself… Great from from Kleeto.

  293. CA. Bhavesh Savla says

    @ Monica,
    The regular compliance is mainly in relation to Roc returns, Income tax returns, Audit and Accounting. You may also be liable for various direct and indirect tax compliance depending on your business activities.

    CA. Bhavesh Savla

  294. monica dhanraj says

    hey…..could you please tell me what are the compliances that a private limited company requires and what all it needs to do to operate again after a permanent stay on its winding up…thanks so much

  295. Mukesh Mishra says

    I am Planning to Start New Construction Line Bussiness.

  296. Joel says

    Dear friend,

    I would like to start a unique business in India. I am an Indian but staying abroad. How should I contact you for further details to start the business in India. Also shortage of money, I am looking a partner to start the business in all over India. How to get a partner to do this business. This business is tie up with Police control rooms.
    Please help me.
    My email is [email protected]

  297. Rakesh Jha says

    I want to start a business with corporate agency (insurance) in Jharkhand. I also want to put some other products (like fmcg/cloths/paper/stationary etc) marketing in my business. Can I start it by a Trust/NGO(I’ve my own trust)? Can u tell me the procedure how to start this businees. I want to start it within 2-3 months. How can I find a partner for this business? Kindly guide me.
    My e-mail add – [email protected] & cell no is- 09199944999/09386601600

  298. Tabish Mahmood says

    Hi All,

    Thanks for for your informative article and well organized procedure,I am engineering graduate in Computer Science wanted your input in setting up bussiness in IT.Please guide me how to go with,I’m really new to it,please help me with low cost and low risk way of getting into bussiness at early stage.


  299. Tabish Mahmood says

    Hi All,

    Thanks for valuable post,valuable and informative site for new beginner in enterpreniure and bussiness sector,I completed my Engineering with compter science and is working with IT major MNC but I wanted to setup bussiness with low cost and low risk at an early stage,please suggest some IT based bussiness that could help me get further.
    Waiting for your valuable inputs.


  300. Pardeep Bassi says

    Cn anybody suggest that I am interested to start ONLINE trading in india with a small level……….what would be the procedure…….

  301. prashanth s m says

    dear sirs,

    i am presently pursuing my mca in christ university…but i am passionate to start my own business in the computers plz plz guide me..

    also guide me the scopes of IT field in which i can concentrate to start my business…

    waiting for best reply..


  302. prashanth s m says

    selecting the good location matters a lot for ice cream business….

  303. Robin says

    I am planning to start and Ice cream shop in bangalore. I want to know the legal/statutory requirments. I understand that I need to do a VAT registration. I want to go the propritership model. what else do I need.? I need Professional tax registration, Registration with Shop and Establishment, Trade licence…and how much would it cost?

    Appreciate your help

  304. Sandeep Waghmare says

    I think the information, though procedurally correct, has many more things required. For eg., not all are required to have ESIC/PF registrations. Neither, it is advisable to have a VAT TIN at the outset.

    It is another matter that you can choose to register voluntarily. However, the registrations can be done at a certain stage even after the business starts. Would request Arun to clarify on those as well.

    Good compilations, though! :)

  305. parul says

    hi,im parul bhadauria from allahabad,i wanna start my own business,i dont ve money bt i ve ideas,anybody interested in starting a biz wid me cn call me nytime.9453661006.or mail me [email protected]

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    the idea of business with which i want to start is already well established in USA…do i have to go through a legal documentation to start the same in india

  307. Amit says

    i am graduate currently working for a MNC .i wan’t to open a firm of mine so..
    anybody intersted ..feel free to mail me..

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    Hey Guys,
    I am a B.E(Electronics and Communication) graduate 2011 passout. I would like to join a start up company or may be involve myself into a start-up. If anybody is involved in these kind of stuffs, please inform me. Here’s my id [email protected].
    I can assure you to put my 100% and work towards the goal of the Organisation.


  309. abhijit says

    @CA, Bhavesh Savla
    i want 2 know exact idea of LLP.kindly help me out……… my e.mail id is [email protected]

  310. Sanjeev Chawla says

    lucky……ur indian..we both have same idea…………..startand go forward.

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    planning to start joint venture very soon.

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    I am interesting start bushiness low investment. please suggest.

  313. ganesh says

    hi sir i am ganesh and i want to do the buisseness in electronics field so can u tell m the procedure how to start buiseenees from the first step.

  314. Kanika Singh says

    tanxx… m planning to start my dream.. it will help me alot.

    1. Idea that Works says

      plz share….a bit of it…I might Help !!

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    I want to start a business and looking for a partner….anybody wanna be partner can give me call @08802890353

    1. vivek kumar says

      What type of business you want to start and, from where do you want a partner and what are the requirements for this.

  316. Himanshu Chaturvedi says


  317. Mohamed Adam says

    Hi I am looking to start business in India Import and Export. I am africa , Somalia basically. What i want to know what is the best way to start business in india under my doucments as NRI or Under local Indian person example my any of my friends.

    My mail id [email protected].

    1. george says

      i am a exporter from india,if ur genuine importers from abroad,did u want any product,u can mail me.
      email:[email protected]

  318. Mohammad Haseeb says

    Pradeep, In western Country every day some company close down… No potential

    1. Sanjeev Chawla says

      ya..kayoki eur…..main indiatarah chori nahi hai………..

  319. vivek kumar says

    There are many sites options are abailable, just goto to google and type keywords like online business oppotunities, online business, step to step process for online business, scope of b2b business etc.

  320. Allan says

    I am from Chennai, and have completed MBA (HR), and thinking to start a new business(small) with around 2lakhs investment, but don’t have the idea of what to start.Please help me.

    1. Vivek Kumar says

      In that much of investment you can think about online business, like b2b or search engine marketing or search engine optimization or some extra. The benefit of this is one you don’t need to invest much and second it have very rich growth too.

      1. gaurav says

        hi vivek ,
        Can you please suggest some website or elaborate on the online business opportunities. Thanks

    2. CA, Bhavesh Savla says

      @ Alan

      Would advise you to work somewhere for some time to gain experience. only then start your own business

  321. FormMyFirm says

    Dear Pushpendra,

    A Private Limited Company will be the right construct for you. You need to ensure that the objects in your MOA/AOA are broad enough to allow consultancy, manufacturing and anything else you would like to do.

    In case you wish to get this off the ground or if you need any clarification, you can mail us at [email protected] or call at 9987170002.


  322. FormMyFirm says

    Dear Sadanand,

    You can start your employment consultancy in the form of a LLP/Pvt Ltd company. To assess which suits your needs better, do read

    We can help you with incorporation of LLP/Pvt Ltd once you decide on the form. In case, you need any clarification, do mail us at [email protected] or call +91.998.717.0002

  323. CA. Bhavesh Savla says

    Dear Abtin,

    1. Investments in India by foreigners are classified as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Permission for FDI depends on the business activity as well as the nationality of the investor. Prima Facie, your activity being web developing, no prior permission may be required. However post investment intimation must go to the Reserve Bank of India.

    2. Costs would depend on the amount of Capital that you plan to bring in and the state/city where you want to establish the business.

    3. You should employ based on your cost benefit advantages. However certain state do require you to employ local employees if you desire certain benefits.

    4. I feel it is yes, but you need to consult a visa/immigration specialist in this regards.

    I do hope that the above answers were to your satisfaction.

    CA. Bhavesh Savla
    Chartered Accountants
    Email: [email protected]

  324. Abtin says

    Hi, I am a foreigner and I’m going to start a web developing company in india. As you know such a bussiness can start with a small office. No need of a big investment.

    Would you please tell me,
    1- Am I eligibled to start such a bussiness in India?
    2- How much would be the apprx cost for registering and fees structue?
    3- Is it a MUST to get only INDIAN employee, Or I’m free to invite everyone of my own?
    4- Is company authorized to send Invitation for Bussiness-Visa or Work-Visa for non-indian?

    I would appreciate your anwerss in advance.

  325. Pushpendra Puwar says

    Currently we are in planning to start our own food snack products in india, as we are not starting with manufacturing initially we going by job work under our brand name and later manufacturing. How do i start legal process for this and what i have to do can please quide me.

  326. Sadanand says

    I want to start up an Employment consultancy in Bangalore. Kindly guide me.

    Thank you.


    1. Deepti says

      Hi Sadanand,

      You have 4 options to start up.
      1. As an Individual- least formalites.
      2. As a partnership firm- For which you will need to register a partnership deed but the downside of this form is that it has unlimited liability risk.
      3. As a Limited Liability Partnership- The liability is limited in this form and the legal compliance is less as compared to a company .
      4. As a private limited company- The cost of incorporating is more than the other 3 forms and requires more statutory compliance and compulsory audit.

      Since you want to start an employment consultancy and would be dealing with other companies, a private limited company form would be a good choice. You will need a minimum of 2 members for this.

      If you need more details and are still looking for help in starting up you can contact me.

      Contact no. 7795345643
      Sankhya Consulting

      1. surjit says

        hello ,
        how to register as individual …..?? i want to start my own designing company …??

        1. Arun - Leadwell says

          You could start a designing company very easily.. you may contact us @08089050301

  327. satpal says

    I want to start a construction company in chandigarh. So please tell me what is the procedure to start a construction company. Please email me at [email protected]
    or call me at 7696815604

  328. Raj Garg says


  329. Sujith S Unnithan says

    Hai iam planing to start a brick making factory.
    Is this steps are enough for that.

  330. Pardeep Boparai says

    It's unfortunate that setting up and running a business in India is so inefficient. In the most recent ‘Ease of Doing Business Report 2010‘ by World Bank, India ranked #135 amongst 183 world economies for ease of doing business. In a survey carried out by the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) in June 2010, India was found to have the most inefficient bureaucracy in the region. Interestingly not a western country but another Asian country, Singapore, was ranked #1 for easy of doing business in the world as well as for having the most efficient bureaucracy in Asia (see I hope that Indian bureaucratic system evolves for better soon to enable enrepreneurs to realise them dreams without hassles.

    1. Mayu Rathan Thevar says

      what u said is exactly right..

    2. Palani Ga says

      Mayu Rathan Thevar : Our company is planning to launch in Srilanka soon.
      pls add me as friend, and i have plan to expand the biz team with ppl .

    3. Vinesh Jeyaraj says

      There is a difference between managing in Singapore and managing a huge and complex country like India.
      However in India too, t has become relatively easier to do business in India because of online procedures.

      Anyone desiring for info on Company formation can contact us. We can help about the same.

      Vinesh Jeyaraj.
      Vinning Corporate Services Private Limited.

  331. Naba Kumar Mishra says

    What is the best type of business one can start without big investment ?

  332. Naba Kumar Mishra says

    Useful information. Thanx..

  333. Shruti Soni says

    "IIT Guwahati – Techniche. the annual techno-management fest:
    The deadlines for Events of Management Module in Techniche'11 have been extended. The new deadlines are.

    1. Product Launch – 5th Aug.
    2. BrainChild (B-Plan Event with Rs. 50 Lakh incubation) – 5th Aug.
    3. Stratagem -10th Aug.
    4. Blue Chips – 20th Aug, and can be registered on the spot.
    5. VSM – The online stock market Simulation, can be played right now.

    For more information, visit the website. iche11/competitions/management.html

    Or the Module Managers :

    Shruti Soni
    [email protected]

    ****************************** ***
    Total Prize money for the 5 events : Rs. 5 Lakhs
    Incubation Amount for B-Plan : Rs. 50 Lakhs
    ****************************** ***
    Also do not forget to check out the mind blowing Lecture Series at Techniche."

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    The article is informative and Arun deserves all praise for it. but there have been a few changes since the article was written. Now DIN is obtained online and does not take more than an hour. Similarly DSC files can be obtained within a few hours. The final incorporation forms are also generally approved within 1-2 days if everything is in order. Also note that now no longer stamping of memorandum and article is required. Stamp duty is payable online along with the submission of forms.

    CA. Bhavesh Savla
    [email protected]

  335. CA. Bhavesh Savla says

    The article is informative and Arun deserves all praise for it. but there have been a few changes since the article was written. Now DIN is obtained online and does not take more than an hour. Similarly DSC files can be obtained within a few hours. The final incorporation forms are also generally approved within 1-2 days if everything is in order. Also note that now no longer stamping of memorandum and article is required. Stamp duty is payable online along with the submission of forms.

    CA. Bhavesh Savla
    [email protected]

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      because, many companies run away without trace, and the legalities are mandatory.

      do you like to start anything Priyanka?
      check with me, for franhisee biz.

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    Company Formation is a voluntary association of persons formed for the purpose of doing business having a distinct name and limited liability. It is a juristic person having a separate legal entity distinct from the members who constitute it, capable of rights and duties of its own and endowed with the potential of perpetual succession. The Companies Act, 1956, states that ‘company’ includes company formed and registered under the Act or an existing company i.e. a company formed or registered under any of the previous company laws.However, company is not a citizen so as to claim fundamental rights granted to citizens.

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