Amazon Gets Cheeky With Zomato, Gets Fitting Reply!


These days brands trolling each other on social platforms is becoming quite common and Indian startups are taking lead in it. In fact, these kind of incidences bring to forth the lighter side of startups, and we as spectators don’t mind it at all!

Earlier today, Amazon put out a cheeky little message making fun of Zomato’s incessant logo design changes. Here is the tweet put out by Amazon on their Twitter Timeline!

While the tweet was nothing more than harmless fun – they were pointing out to Zomato the number of changes they have been making to their logo over last 6 months. While one would have expected Zomato to reply back in some form, their reply was way beyond what was expected. It definitely showed that Zomato has some really creative minds working for them.

Here is their reply!!

In our view, it was one of the most creative replies given by one brand to another. A fitting reply!

Zomato definitely won this round with their reply, but it looks like Amazon is not backing away, they too came up with something that would put a smile on your face!

Interestingly, even eBay has joined the party…Here is what they put out!

All we can say is… Way to go guys… Keep them coming and keep putting smiles on our faces. We definitely need some light-hearted fun!

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