RCom Internet.org App Will Offer Free Access To 38 Websites Including Facebook [Updated]


As expected, Reliance Communication today announced their partnership with Facebook’s Internet.org initiative.


The internet.org app will offer access to over 38 services (websites) completely free of cost. Reliance Communication customers in six Indian states (Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, and Telangana) can access to more than three dozen services ranging from news, maternal health, travel, local jobs, sports, communication, and local government information.

Here are the services offered by Internet.org

  1. Aaj Tak: Read news in Hindi
  2. AccuWeather: Get updated weather information
  3. amarujala.com: Read news in Hindi
  4. AP Speaks: Engage with local government
  5. Babajob: Search for jobs
  6. BabyCenter & MAMA: Learn about pregnancy and childcare
  7. BBC News: Read news from around the world
  8. Bing Search: Find information
  9. Cleartrip: Check train and flight schedules & buy tickets
  10. Daily Bhaskar: Read local news
  11. Dictionary.com: Search for meanings of words
  12. ESPN Cricinfo: Get cricket updates
  13. Facebook: Communicate with friends and family
  14. Facts for Life: Find health and hygiene information
  15. Girl Effect: Read articles and tips for girls
  16. HungamaPlay: Listen to music
  17. IBNLive: Read news
  18. iLearn: Learn from Women Entrepreneurs
  19. India Today: Read local news
  20. Internet Basics: Learn about the basics of the Internet
  21. Jagran: Read local news
  22. Jagran Josh: Get education and career information
  23. Maalai Malar: Read news in Tamil
  24. Maharashtra Times: Read news in Marathi
  25. Malaria No More: Learn about malaria
  26. manoramanews.com: Read local news
  27. Messenger: Send messages to friends and family
  28. NDTV: Read news
  29. Newshunt: Read news in English
  30. OLX: Buy and sell products and services
  31. Reliance Astrology: Read your horoscope
  32. Reuters Market Lite: Get farming and crop information
  33. Socialblood: Register to donate blood
  34. Times of India: Read news
  35. TimesJobs: Search for jobs
  36. Translator: Translate words and phrases
  37. Wikipedia: Find information
  38. wikiHow: Find information

How to Access?

Visit Internet.org website from your Android phone using Opera Mini mobile web browser. You will need to use Android app UC browser for internet.org. Most of the services will be available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati and Marathi.


We received an invitation from Reliance Communication to attend an event tomorrow and it very boldly said

“One Launch that will make a billion dreams take off!”

The press conference which is held tomorrow (10 February 2015) from 12 noon onwards, at Hotel Taj Vivanta, Mumbai, is to be jointly hosted by Reliance Communications and Facebook. Also, the Senior Global Leadership Teams from RCOM and Facebook will be personally present at the event venue to share details of the announcement. Here is the invitation.

RCom Facebook Internet org event

When we got the invitation to attend the event, we were quite sure it had something to do with Internet.org launch. However, it was confirmed when folks over at medianama.com “internet.org” website on their mobile. The message on internet.org said, You must be on “Reliance network to use internet.org. If you’d like to access these websites for free, use SIM card from Reliance”

We tried accessing internet.org on our idea network, however, we did not get any such message and currently the url is redirected to their normal website.

We tried getting in touch with Reliance to get confirmation, however, they were not forthcoming with any information.

Why RCOM + Internet.org may be a Hit!

While Facebook and Reliance Communication are both going to derive huge benefit out of this, the users also stand to benefit a lot from this.

For RCom: In our view Reliance Communication will obviously garner hordes of new subscribers with this initiative. If they offer free internet access for Facebook and few other prominent websites, people will not mind switching from their existing providers to Reliance.

For Facebook: Internet.org is a Facebook initiative and for users accessing internet through this initiative, Facebook will become their gateway to internet. Facebook’s next growth phase is going to come from countries like India, where there are still hundreds of millions of people yet to get taste of internet. For them, through this initiative, Facebook will be the defacto platform they will access!

For users: Obviously the users stand to benefit because they will get Facebook access along with some prominent other websites for free!

We will update this post with details from the event tomorrow!

  1. aayush says

    Ohh wth
    Anything for free is good
    U are paying for internet now
    U may pay for using other websites as u r doing now
    There is no problem.in that
    And there is no restrictions for websites to join the community of internet.org
    So virtually every website can join it and be part of it
    I will necessarily support a good free thing for me…
    It will develop india for sure..
    I love internet
    I pay for it
    I want it free
    Even if its through fb
    I will appreciate it if i get some basic services free!!
    Some people.won’t get this
    I support internet.org

  2. Saurabh says

    dear sir…
    plz. activet in rajasthan circle r.com./internet.org. n any other daily uses ….

  3. TIMOTHY says

    That’s wonderful! Communication made simple!

  4. Bhavesh Raj says

    is it available for bihar

  5. priya says

    The same ways like baba job, Saral Rozgar is a unique Mobile job marketplace that connects blue collared and entry level job seekers with mainstream employers across India. Plumber, Carpenter,bus driver, many helper, machine operator and other job seeker

  6. mritunjay singh says

    it is a great job but, up east me ye kab start hoga…..

  7. indianetsufer says

    its going to be biggest mistake of Facebook ever.
    I’m gonna hate fb & reliance forever.

  8. Malleswar Rao says

    The big corporate houses are about to kill the internet in the process of making a fast buck. The poor customers ( the people at large) always fall prey to these preadators.

  9. Ravi says

    internet.org when will launch in Rajasthan

  10. ankit pal says

    Why internet.org is not use in up east .

  11. Mubarak says

    Thanks first of all reliance and fb I am very happy to this scheme very useful in this generation that 30 website most useful in this world level…… Nothing word tell about for u……

  12. R S Subramanian says

    Intimate how to access Inrernet.org

  13. Aniket says

    is this service available on windows phones????

  14. ashutosh pandey says

    is it avalable for winndows phone

  15. Roshan Choudhary says

    Is it coming for d windows phone??

  16. susheel karam says

    That’s a great move. Most of the indians will start using internet by this initiative.

  17. Mukesh says

    Any of these websites have proxy page? so that we can access whole internet for free. ;)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Haha Mukesh…good point…however, this can be accessed only through their internet.org app!

  18. Robinsh Kumar says

    Seems RCom is planning something big with the power of biggest social network, thanks for sharing the invitation you got. Hope to see more updates directly from the event, tomorrow.

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