Launches Free API’s For Indian Railways


If there is one entity that is universally used across India by every cross-section of the society to travel, it is Indian Railways. The number of people traveling on Indian Railways on daily basis is absolutely humongous. You can make that out from the fact that even with all the upgrades, IRCTC website still crawls when people try to book tickets on it. And even after IRCTC has a capacity to book 7200 tickets per minute.

Obviously, with that kind of demand, hundreds of web and mobile apps have come up to cater to travelers needs. From PNR checking, to train timings, ticket booking probability, meal bookings, all kinds of apps are available now. However, for app developers who develop apps for anything related to Indian Railways, it is a nightmare. IRCTC, being a state run organization, does not have proper APIs and developers have to look at various different ways to gather data to incorporate it in their apps.

Fortunately, it will soon become extremely easy for them going forward., a site dedicated to information on Indian Railways has launched free APIs in regards to all information related to Indian Railways.

eRail API

eRail seems to have done the dirty work of collating all information from multiple source to create a common database of all trains running under Indian Railways.

The Indian Railways API is a service that provides information related to Indian Railways Trains using an HTTP request. You can get all the information through eRail APIs including list of stations, trains between stations, route of a train, Train Fares, PNR Status, Live train status, seat availability, cancelled, rescheduled or diverted train information and current running status of the train.

The API is provided for non-commercial usage only for incorporating in your existing web or mobile apps.

How to Get eRail API

First and foremost, app developers will need to get an API key which

  1. Allows you to monitor your application’s API usage in the API console
  2. Enables per-key instead of per-IP-address quota limits.
  3. Ensures that can contact you about your application if necessary.

The Indian Railways API uses an API key to identify your application. API keys are managed through the APIs console. To create your key:

  1. Please send a request to [email protected]
  2. Upon approval you will be provided with the API key
  3. Once the service has been activated, you can make HTTP request to the API.

If you have an existing app or want to create a new app related to Indian Railways, go ahead and checkout Full information is available in their website.

  1. robin says

    Sir, How to get a railway API?

  2. Jithin Narayan says

    No reply,
    mailed them like 10 times week after week. Thers nothing much can be done here

  3. Pradeep says

    No reply from

    Is there any other way around or API for real time PNR status

  4. DD says

    Is it still suspended ?

  5. harsh says

    Can anybody please tell me how do i get this api for my app for commercial use? Thankyou.

  6. sourav jha says

    Its really so annoying when we are gearing up for a digital India and creative developers don’t get resources for their most innovative idea. The erail API is suspened. I don’t thing they will make it available. Why would any non-profit developer pay for any 3rd party API. When a third party can provide APIs why can’t the railway which is managed by the government.

  7. Nidhi says

    Currently erail API service has been suspended.

  8. Jaivardhan says

    Sir, How to get a railway api?

  9. Ravi says

    I had tried to get it but I can’t. I had mailed them 10 times but no reply came. Please help..

    1. anita says

      same here no reply from these guys..disgusting

      1. Adarsh says

        Same here! No reply! Already mailed them Multiple times! why in the hell they don’t show message on the main page!

  10. Ashok Kumar Jha says

    Pl provide api key.

  11. Avdesh kumar pareek says

    I want downlod erail app

  12. dheeraj sisodiya says

    Vary nice

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