You Can Order iPhone 6 & 6 Plus In India Right Now. Price Starts 54,999


The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus will be officially launching in India in October or November (atleast that’s what it looks like right now). However, we are sure there are lot of Apple fan-boys out there who want to get their hands on this apple device as early as possible.

So, for those of you who cannot wait, one Indian site has already started taking orders for the latest versions of iPhone. Grabmore, an eCommerce site that operates in India as well as USA has now listed iPhone 6 and 6 plus on their site for a price of Rs. 54,999 and Rs. 59,999. These prices are available for 16GB version.

Grabmore USA

The site has all 3 color variants available and are also available in various storage capacities. Here are the prices for various versions

Phone 16GB 64GB 128GB
iPhone 6 (Gray, Gold & Silver) 54,999 59,999 64,999
iPhone 6 plus (Gray, Gold & Silver) 59,999 64,999 70,999

What Grabmore does is, buys iPhones in the USA through their site and then ships it to your address here in India.

The Grabmore listing says, “Imported Product from USA. Ships in 2-3 Business Days from our Warehouse, USA. Item will reach to all Indian destination in 7-15 Business Days. Price includes all customs duties and shipping charges.”

The good thing for Indian customers is they do not have to worry about any duties and shipping is free. The price quoted is inclusive of all taxes as well.

iPhone 6 success

iPhone 6 has set a record for Apple with over 4 million units sold on the first day alone. Such is the craze for iPhone that people waited for hours together in long queues to get their hands on this coveted devices. While, Android phones are getting very popular, die-hard apple fans cannot do without the new iPhones.

So, if you are one of those, head over to Grabmore and book your device at the earliest!

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  1. Avadhesh bhoot says

    Hi just wanted to ask as these iPhones are imported from usa.. And still selling at lower price then indian market price.. So my question is does it have Indian warranty along it..

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