5 Entrepreneurial Insights Shared By Robin Williams Unknowingly


Yesterday was a sad day for every movie lover across the world: Robin Williams, the enchanting comedian-actor died at the age of 63. The whole movie fraternity and creative world was in shock: How can a person who made the whole world laugh can die so suddenly?

The details are yet to be released, but it seems that he was suffering from depression since last few years, and he had even been admitted to be treated from alcoholism.

Such was the stature of the person that even US President Barack Obama had to issue a statement, “He arrived in our lives as an alien — but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit. He made us laugh. He made us cry,”

Robin Williams was not an entrepreneur, he was an artist, an entertainer and a solid actor. Critics acclaimed him to be a genius, and the best part about being a genius is that they can touch lives. During his shows and movies and interviews, he knowingly or unknowingly infused tons of inspiration and motivation which can be so aptly used by every entrepreneur to create a legacy and a great story.

Here is a collection of 5 Entrepreneurial Insights, which were shared by Robin Williams:

Robin Williams 1(Dialogue from his movie : Dead Poets Society)

Entrepreneurial Insight: Most would-be-entrepreneurs delay the launch of their venture, fearing the outcome. What if their friends and family make fun of them, what if they fail, what if it becomes a huge success. The core message within these lines beautifully explains the need for action, which is so very important for the entrepreneur. One of his best performances ever!

Robin Williams 2(one of his most popular quotes from World’s Greatest Dad)

Entrepreneurial Insight: When success strikes the entrepreneur, he can feel that the circle of advisors and ‘well-wishers’ have suddenly increased. Everyone is offering his or her own viewpoint with an intension to mark their presence before the entrepreneur. Often he believes everything which is being shared with him, and sometimes this can be a costly mistake.

Human being is a social animal, and the fear of being ‘lonely’ sometimes overpower his logical thinking, and he accepts those into their lives who have no role to play in their professional lives. More than anyone else, the entrepreneur should choose his circle of influencers very wisely. Instead of choosing wrong people and repent later, its better to cruise alone.

Robin Williams 3(quote from his movie ‘Good Morning, Vietnam’)

Entrepreneurial Insight: Creativity is the most under-used tool by the businessmen; and the number 1 reason is that people assume that creativity is only applicable for artists. Creativity, when combined with business acumen can become so powerful that it can solve any problem, without any hassle. Besides several definitions of creativity, one of them of them is being surprising, unexpected, and totally insane.

Have you observed how every child is creative when he is provided with crayons and colors to play with? Then something happens in-between and that madness, surprises and creativity vanishes. This quote is so relevant and so useful for the entrepreneur that I can’t stress it enough. This quote perfectly complements Steve Jobs, when he said “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”.

Robin Williams 4(popular quote from one of his interviews)

Entrepreneurial Insight: There are no overnight success stories; you need to slog for it. Overnight success stories are promoted by those who sell lotteries, and the entrepreneur never buys any lottery. He creates his own destiny and makes a dent in the universe by using his strengths and his ideas. And failure is one very important factor to achieve the success.

Unless you don’t know what the ways an idea can fail; how can you actually work your way up? In this quote, Robin Williams has shared one of the most crucial insights any entrepreneur can get: Fail, fail more. It’s the failure which becomes the ultimate stepping stone of success.

Robin Williams 5(Another famous quote from the movie Dead Poets Society)

Entrepreneurial Insight: The biggest sin which any entrepreneur can commit is self-doubt. Even if a fraction of doubt gets inside the mind of the entrepreneur regarding his idea or a big decision, it can play havoc with the future course of action. Doubt makes the man weak, and cripples his decision making ability. Via this awesome quote, Robin Williams has actually stated that one should always ‘believe’ and ‘trust’ his own instincts, when no one other does.

Yes, ideas and words can change the world.

R.I.P Robin Williams, and thank you for all the laughs and the inspiration. We will always be indebted to you. You were a noble soul..

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