IRCTC New E-Ticket Platform Goes Live, Booking Capacity Increased From 2k to 7.2k per min


Booking tickets on IRCTC is becoming a legend now – Infact phrases like  “_____ is like booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC” . Anything that is extremely tough or next to impossible is in most cases equated to booking IRCTC tickets.

Do you want some examples? Here they are…

While, availability of tickets is one factor, the issue is usually associated with bottleneck on IRCTC servers during peak hours.

But it may all change now!

IRCTC new ticket booking site

Railway Minister Sadanand Gowda will be launching new revamped IRCTC next generation e-ticketing system today (13 August).  The new system has been running in pilot mode on for quite sometime now and some of you may have already experienced it. However, going forward, it will be available to all on the main IRCTC website.

Around a year back CRIS started working on IRCTC upgrade project that cost an estimated 180 crore and it is now live. The new upgraded platform will will a capacity of booking 7200 tickets per minute. Previously, this capacity was limited to 2000 tickets. People who have used the new platform have given positive feedback. The IRCTC website now feels much more snappier and faster.

While the back-end capacity server has been improved, the look and feel of the website still remains ancient. Scrolling vertical and horizontal texts, animated banners are still strewn across the homepage. It is beyond me as to why IRCTC has not revamped the look & feel. With over 100 crores at their disposal, they could have easily redesigned the entire site for a better user experience!

Currently, around 4.5 lakh e-tickets are booked on an average day, which can go upto 5.5 – 6 lakh during peak seasons. IRCTC now has daily transactions of more than Rs. 53 crore as against Rs. 37 crore in 2013.

The new IRCTC site is live – Give it a try and let us know what you feel!

  1. […] year, IRCTC upgraded their system, and enabled booking of 7,200 tickets per minute. On an average, around 5-7 lakh tickets are booked per day on IRCTC website, and 1 crore+ users […]

  2. sabhya sachi seal says

    Till , I am not satisfied… use irctc website….mostly at tatkal bookin time……all the time it show..error massege…at the time of booking…………plz….take proper step to improve the whole e ticket system…

  3. […] It is great to see IRCTC taking steps to ensure that it becomes easy for train travelers to book tickets. Last year they overhauled their entire infrastructure and increased their capacity of booking tickets from 2000 tickets to 7200 tickets a minute. […]

  4. Rajah M E says

    What abt Handicapped Quota for Booking online?
    They are the most important peoples to get online else they suffer in counters.

  5. Tarun Dua says

    A mere 120 transactions per second ?

  6. Rahul says

    finally some good news..
    irctc development cost is more than 180 crore..
    Now that unexpected..

  7. Sankalp Agarwal says

    What a good system, One the inauguration day its showing “Unable to perform Transaction due to Internal error. Please try later.” Trying to book a tatkal ticket since 10 AM and no success till yet

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Interesting… So, I guess the woes are continue to haunt the Indians even after this new system…thats sad…

      1. Sankalp Agarwal says

        Ha ha Now New Message on the site – Why these inaugurations become pain for general people…


        Due to maintenance activity site will not be available upto 12:15 PM. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused.


        eg. For Internet Explorer, Go to Tools menu -> Internet options -> delete cookies, delete files, clear history and click ok.

  8. sahil says

    According to me there is no improvement, today also i tried booking in tatkal, either it gets log out or unable to login in the portal…..
    God help us to get proper system

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Aha… now thats is a interesting feedback. I have heard positive feedback about the platform. I found it snappier than what it was previously when I used it. But yes, I did not go through the entire process of booking the tickets, so I cant say for sure how good new system is..

      But it is a shame if after spending 180 crore to revamp the system, it still does not work properly!

      1. Rajbans Joshi says

        Horrible website and waste of money.. So I live in the US now and visinting India next moenth.. I literally jumped when I read the news that the website is now overhauled.. So I visit the website and could not remember my username. So I wanted to do a password reset. Horribly slow… So after sometime, I got the page and entered my user id and found that its deactivated. So I tried looking for a link to reset my userid and I could find none… Now, I was pretty adamant about testing the website and so tried registering for a new user id but when I clicked on submit, I get an error that my email id is associated with my old user id which is already deactivated with no way to reset the password… So, in short, I am in a deadlock… Anyways, looked for a feedback link and found none… Welcome to IRCTC :) :)

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