India Ranks 143 Among 162 Countries On Global Peace Index


Out of 162 countries, India has been ranked a lowly 143 in terms of peace index. The research: “Vision of Humanity” was done by Institute of Economics & Peace which tried to measure national peacefulness based on several quantitative and qualitative parameters.

In order to optimally harness the wonders of technology and the economic growth all over the world, a state of ‘peacefulness’ is strongly required. This research considered various important parameters such as number of policemen for every 1000 people, access to weapons, crime rate, judgement delays etc to come up with the scores.

The report observed that globally, humanity is experiencing a peaceful phase in our civilization, but the last 7 years has “notable deterioration in levels of peace.” The researchers behind this study did an extensive study of peacefulness in 162 countries, based on 22 indicators which actually tell us whether the citizens are absolutely devoid of any fear of violence.

Peacefulness In India

India based research has strongly pointed out that Naxalites and Maoists are India’s biggest national threat to peace. Urban India, which is constantly expanding, has a positive peacefulness index compared to rural India which is battling with various issues such as corruption, lawlessness besides Naxals and other forms of terrorist activities.

India Peacefulness Index

As per the report, India spends $177 billion to ensure peacefulness in the country, which is almost 3% of the GDP or $145 per person in 2013. The report observed, “Corruption is rampant in Indian politics – as indicated by India’s low rank of 143 out of 162 on the Global Peace Index (GPI)”.

On the Maoist and Naxal threats, the report clearly said, “It has also come to light that the Maoist insurgency movement which boasts about 20,000 armed rebels is one of the strongest internal threats to India with attacks being carried out on security officers and civilians alike. In concurrence, India is ranked number 4 out of 159 countries in the Global Terrorism Index.”

As per the study, India’s dependence on defense to maintain peace is way much higher compare to other developing countries, and the reason for this is it’s relationship with neighboring countries such as Pakistan, China and Sri Lanka.

You can check the entire ranking of peacefulness in India, based on the 22 factors right here.

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