Zomato Delivery Boy Beats Woman After She Complained Late Delivery; Her Nose Is Now Broken

Bengaluru influencer alleges assault by Zomato delivery boy after complaining about late delivery

A Bengaluru beauty influencer/ make-up artist Hitesha Chandranee took to Instagram on Mar 9 alleging that a Zomato delivery boy punched her and broke her nose. She said this happened because she confronted him about her order being delivered late. She identified the culprit simply as “Kamaraj”.

How It Went Down

According to her story she placed an order at 3.30 pm and when her order still did not arrive an hour later, she rang up Zomato customer service to track the same. She requested that either the order be cancelled or the charges be waived off. 

When the delivery executive finally arrived she cracked open her door while asking the person to wait as she was on the phone with customer service. 

She claimed that he got agitated and yelled at her for treating him like “a slave”. She felt threatened and tried to shut the door but the person pushed back and entered her home after which he proceeded to assault her. 

Apparently when he saw that she began to bleed, he fled. 

Consequence and Response

She said that she suffered from a broken nasal bone after which she was prescribed strong antibiotics and painkillers which rendered her unable to speak. When she tried to speak she said that her eyes started to water and her nose bled.

Zomato responded on Twitter with an apology and a vow to comply with the police investigation. They also said that the delivery partner in question has been “delisted”. 

Do We Know Everything?

However all may not be as it seems since sources close to the matter say that the delivery boy claimed he was acting in self defence after Chandranee wielded a sandal against him. 

Chandranee said that the executive entered her home after which she picked up a sandal in self defence. 

It is the age old chicken and egg question, a sentiment echoed by commentators in the original Instagram post who asked for the delivery person’s side of the story to be aired as well. 

Some also pinned the blame on Zomato and not the delivery boy since Zomato, like other food delivery services, is notorious for punishing time schedules for very little pay where delivery boys are made to rush to different destinations so as to not miss out on their hourly target and payments. 
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