Pay More Toll Charges From April 1st As Govt Will Increase Toll Rates; Find Out How Much?

Toll taxes will increase by 5%, an exercise that takes place every financial year.

In what is an yearly exercise, tolls on national highways will increase by 5%.

Project director CM Dwivedi of National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) Gorakhpur zone stated that toll tax sees a raise every financial year. This year will be no exception as the revised rates will take effect from Apr 1.

The monthly pass will see a hike from Rs 10 to Rs 20.

Three toll plazas in Gorakhpur will increase rates from Rs 5 to Rs 30.

Nayansar, Tenua and Sherpur Chamarah toll rates can be expected to see a spike from Rs 10 to Rs 20.

FASTag Perks

The electronic toll collection system was made mandatory for all vehicles on Feb 16.

In just 10 days after launch it raked in Rs 103.94 crore – a record figure.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has projected savings on fuel rates coming from reduced waiting time at toll booths . 

An estimated Rs 20,000 crores per year will be saved on diesel and petrol prices if mass adoption of FASTag technology becomes reality. 

Potential risk factors such as theft, mishandling or misappropriation of funds are also tackled with this system.

Future Dynamic Pricing

In a move aimed to tackle peak hour congestion at toll plazas, dynamic pricing according to rush hours and off peak hours has been proposed.

In this system those traveling during peak hours will have to pay an increased fee. Those commuting during slower rush hours will receive discounts. 

This way traffic can be shifted from peak hours to off peak hours.

The structure of discounts associated with off peak hours is as follows:

  • To receive a 10% discount one would have to arrive either 20 minutes before or after a determined set of peak hours. 
  • To avail 25% discount the user will need to pass through toll booths 45 minutes before or after rush hours. 

However even if the passengers themselves don’t mind the schedule change, their fixed working hours would prevent them from doing the same. 

No More Minimum Balance

Early February the NHAI has scrapped the mandate which requires travelers to have a minimum account balance in their FASTag wallet. 

This is to ensure traffic is free flowing and smooth without congestion in toll plazas.

This move would also encourage wider adoption of FASTag.

If after crossing the plaza account balance is in the red or negative, funds would be drawn from the security deposit all users have to pay while setting up their FASTag accounts.

They would then have to add more cash to meet balance requirements, but at the time of the next recharge.

India is on track to see 100% coverage of FASTag across the country, with 80% contribution to total toll collection observed as of February 2021.
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