This Is Big! HDFC Enables Debit Card Payments On Google Play, & Other International Sites


I got an SMS alert today from HDFC Bank that really surprised me. The SMS alert mentioned…

“Now you can shop at your favourite international sites such as Google Play, & more with HDFC Bank Debit Card ending XXXX.”

Here is the screenshot of the same.

HDFC Alert Debit Card shopping

Now, this is as big as it gets. What this means is, now even Debit card holders from India can start shopping on international sites like, & many others or even pay for purchases made on Google play store.

Till now this was not possible and only credit cards were accepted. With penetration of credit cards being extremely low in India, majority of Indians could never buy from international sites.

Does it really work? Yes, it does….We tried it!

To be honest, even after getting that SMS alert, I was not too sure if debit card payments would really work. So, we gave it a test run. We tried to make a purchase on Google play store. And to our surprise, it worked beautifully. And, we have tried using Debit cards earlier and they have never worked!

Here are the screenshots if you need a proof of it working:

We used the same debit card (ending 1627) which you can see in above screenshot!

Add Debit card to play store

The card got saved without a hitch. When Google play stores a particular card, it first verifies it for purchases, and without much of delay the verification was over and debit card got saved.

After entering the Google play account password once, the payment confirmation came in. We tried to buy a game that cost USD 0.99 and was priced in India at Rs. 50!

Payment successful

For first time users, Google Play makes temporary debit of 50 rupees for verification of Debit card. Once that is done you can start making purchases.

In our case it happened quite seamlessly and both the charges (for the app & verification debit) were debited at the same time.

Now that HDFC Bank has started offering international payments via debit cards, it’s time that other banks start offering it as well!

You too give it a try and let us know if you successfully make purchases on your debit card!

  1. Deepak says

    That’s good news. I once tried making payment for a Google App and it didn’t go thru since they have VISA / Mastercard Netsafe secure on the card, I had to register there to make international payments, but it’s a good one.

  2. Gokul says

    Hi, can i add HDFC easy shop regular debit card for paypal will it work, i gonna buy please tell me
    link of the card image

  3. Ramesh says

    Arun please suggest me which HDFC debit card I should get to make international payments? Is chip debit cards must for international transactions or non-chip hdfc debit cards also work?


  4. varinder says

    Please can anyone tell which Indian bank debit card work on

    1. Isasis Nandi says

      HDFC does… Once you proceed to the transaction it will be declined, you will get a call and have to confirm your purchase to HDFC, try again after 10 mins and your transaction should go through

  5. Vinoth David says

    Is it possible to pay on with HDFC debit card…?

    1. Mohsin says

      Yes ,you can pay through visa gateway

  6. vinisligvan says

    what is the requirements of Hdfc bank to add debit card to paypal

  7. heena says

    i want to open new account in HDFC only for google wallet api. but i have a question is HDFC bank debit card working for google wallet? plz. reply me fast….

    1. Nikhil Maryala says

      Yes, it works. I too didn’t know it before reading this article. I tried it just now, after reading this article. Yes, indeed it is working

  8. Sarab says

    However it is not working for me. I have a HDFC debit card and successfully i create a virtual credit card using net safe. Eventually it is also accepted by Google wallet but somehow whenever i try to make a purchase, transaction get declined and i don’t know the reason why.

    1. Gorky says

      The netsafe card is valid for ONLY one transaction.

  9. Ganesh says

    HDFC Debit card(Master card) is working on all international site Ex:PSN,GOOGLE WALLET,ITUNE,STEAM…etc.But,it take about Three months from the day you opened your account.So keep good transaction and activate international transaction.After activate the international transaction set transaction limit around 1000 to 3000 only for safety…..A above sites are tested by me…….enjoy

  10. Varinder Singh says

    I have hdfc international debit card (master card) but still cards details not register in google wallet. Authorised Problem your card contact your. what its solution.two time contact hdfc customer executive but they have not any positively answer for the same still waiting for the solution and response.

  11. Prashant says

    How many month after use HDFC bank debit on google play store.

  12. Ayush Gupta says

    Its not working. I have EasyShop Card. Called Customer Care to find that the card won’t work with PayPal or Google Wallet.

  13. Ayush Gupta says

    Activate International Usage from HDFC Netbanking but still not working on Google Play or PayPal.

    1. anup says

      Is your card working now for international transactions?

  14. Radhika says

    HDFC debit card works and the procedure mentioned to put a request is the same, u have to push a little but politely.

  15. CS says

    Not working for me with HDFC Salary account easy shop debit card, i have sufficient balance. Also the card is enabled for International transactions, also registered in HDFC Netsafe, but still not working.

  16. dinu says

    Very informative
    Just wanted to ask whether hdfc debit card works with iTunes and App Store for purchasing apps
    M going to open an account in hdfc,,,what kind of account is best for travelling internationally

    1. Ganesh says

      Yes HDFC debit card will work in all international sites tested on play store.But,It will take time about 3months from the account opened date.First time I get an “invalid credit card” error by adding my card and yesterday card get successfully added and tested by buying game…Cheers????

      1. prince singh says

        which type of hdfc debit card you using for purchasing on google play?
        i have recently opened hdfc account and got a visa platinum debit card but its not working with play store – authorization problem !! :(

  17. Ganesh says

    How many days or month are taken to get this message from hdfc bank.From the date you open a account with them.

  18. Karan says

    Not working here. -_-

  19. Pavan says

    I purchased a song from itunes. They charged the initial Rs.60 when entering card details and i got an alert on my mobile but on purchase,they never asked for the password (Online secure password).
    Why did they not ask it? Does HDFC validate a transaction automatically without needing a password?
    I didn’t receive a message/alert from HDFC for the second transaction.

  20. Mujahid Reza says

    well i have enabled the international usage option on my debit card, still google wallet refuses to add it :( I have the easyshop titanium debit card. HDFC bank.

    1. chetan says

      hi I use the same debitcard how did you enable international usage of debit card. I have a salary account. please tell me where is that option to enable and disable international usage of my Debit card.

      1. prince singh says

        login net banking and then go to cards and then left side there you see request option its the last one on left side click it there you’ll find international option

  21. Gaurav Singh says

    Can you just tell me which HDFC debit card you used ? (was it easyshop debit or Easyshop platinum or easyshop titanium or easy shop gold)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      It is the normal easyshop chip and pin card, which is light blue in color.. It is a normal internation debit card that you get from HDFC, nothing premium

  22. gopu5 says

    Can anybody test HDFC debit card in Paypal and see if it works?

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      I have tested it on Google Play, Paypal, Amazon and few others. It works quite well everywhere..

      1. anirudh says

        how much time does it to successfully do international transaction,i have an hdfc debit card and I have enabled the international usage , how much time will it take to work, I am still not able to make purchases on international website.

  23. avishek sarkar says

    Hi Arun…
    Does ICICI Debit card works with google play…cause i am having trouble with purchasing an account…

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      I dont use ICICI card, but many people here and on FB/Twitter have told that it works…

  24. Zeeshan says

    Does this mean Indian clients can now pay using an HDFC/ICICI debit card to a Saas company and it will be debited monthly automatically in a payment gateway like chargebee ?

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yes, that is right..

  25. Niraj Singh says

    Guys be sure of using your debit card on international sites. Especially on goole play. Certain transaction are recurring in nature, when you click and agree to their Terms n condition, you also give your consent to them for debiting you on a periodic basis.

  26. Jey Ganesh says

    I am really expecting this feature. Thanks for this update..

  27. somesh says

    What about itunes and paypal

  28. ISHAN MISHRA says

    ICICI debit card also work with paypal

    1. varinder says

      Is it possible to pay on with ICICI debit card…?

  29. Tushar says

    It means now it should work with PayPal.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yes, it will work with Paypal without a doubt. So you do not need to have a credit card, just add your debit card and you are done!

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