Online Recruitment At All Time High; Senior Management In Demand


In the latest Monster India’s employment index, it has been revealed that Indian recruiters are right now on a hiring spree as May witnessed 19% more hiring activity compared to last year. In fact, such is the buoyant mood of the market that hiring activity in the month of May has been the best so far since February last year.

Various companies and HR consultancy firms are directly or indirectly contributing this surge in recruitment to the encouraging economic plans and blueprint promised by the recently formed Modi government in the Center.

Monster Employment Index managing director (India, Middle-East, South East Asia) Sanjay Modi shared, “There is a great deal of overall sanguinity around the new government to revive the economic momentum and constructing an investment friendly environment enabling creation of new jobs,”

The Monster India’s Employment Index is a measurement which reflects the general mood of recruiters across industries. For the month of May, this index has increased to 151 points, thereby highlighting an increase of 19% compared to May 2013 when this index was at 127 points.

Sectors With Maximum Job Growth

Out of 27 industries monitored by this index, Media and Entertainment industry registered maximum growth at 59%. Out of 27, 16 industries have showed positive growth, which is a record in itself. Interestingly, it is online recruitment in these 16 top industries which is registering staggering growth rate, compared to offline recruitment.

Top Growth Industries

Travel and Tourism industry with 49% witnessed second highest growth in jobs compared to last year. Since last 3 years, this sector has always been in the top 5 industries for posting new jobs. BPO/ITeS industry, which has shown lackluster growth since last 2 years also registered double digit growth in terms of new jobs; meanwhile IT Hardware and Software also produced lots of jobs.

Top Growth Occupations

Requirement wise, jobs for senior management posts has been posted maximum number of times, all through the country. Compared to last year, demand for senior managers has increased 61% in May.

top growth occupation

City wise, Bangalore is the city where maximum jobs are right now posted, as 37% more openings were observed in Bangalore which is the highest in any city. At #2 rank is Mumbai, which witnessed 27% growth in job posting, followed by New Delhi (NCR) at 20% growth.

Top Growth Cities

Hyderabad witnessed 19% growth in job postings while Chennai showcased 17% growth in jobs compared to last year. Since April, 2013, Chennai has shown double digit growth for the first time.

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