3 Big Expectations From Narendra Modi Government


On May 16, India delivered its verdict and its decision in the form of Narendra Modi as BJP swept the polls across the country. Never in the last 30 years, a single person and a single party has received such a huge mandate. With 282 Lok Sabha seats, BJP is in position to form it’s own government, without any external support.

Congress was totally destroyed as it experienced it’s worst ever performance with just 44 seats all over the country; it has failed to reach double digits in any single state! What’s more they do not even have

Such unprecedented election results actually show us that the Indian citizens were fed up with empty talks and sense less dharnas against corruption. India needs development, and progress; and Modi has been bestowed with this responsibility.

BJP Saffron winners

Can Modi live upto the expectations?

The following are some of the great expectations which we have from India’s 15th and the first Prime Minister born after Independence:

Foreign Policy

Since 2005, USA had denied visa to Modi owning to his accusations in the Gujarat riots. But after his dominant win, Obama administration was quick to grant A-1 visa to him, which is given to the head of states.

Notwithstanding this visa row, some analysts believe that such bitter experiences of Modi with US government in the past can prove to be a hindrance when dealing with them in future. But Modi being a seasoned politician and shrewd diplomat will surely induce some interesting equations in the overall foreign policy for US.

In reality, there are three major angles to India’s foreign policy right now: USA, China and Pakistan. Can Modi actually create a scenario where India’s position is cemented and is not threatened by nuclear powered restless neighbors? India had been at the receiving end of Pakistan’s hostility and terrorism attacks since last 20 years. The previous Congress government was soft on these issues, as they preferred negotiations and talks more than some solid action to stop these activities.

On the other hand, China had been literally making fun of India’s foreign policy with continued intrusion at several border points. Right now, India has great expectations and hope from Modi regarding India’s foreign policy and position on terrorism. Strategists are hoping that Modi will induce a strong foreign policy in the region which will help stabilize the volatile SE region, and brig along progress and development.

Economic Policies

Modi government is inheriting a battered and bruised economy from the previous government. Inflation is at an all time high, with prices of commodities sky-rocketing. Unemployment rate is burgeoning in every state.

But ever since the victory news of Modi came trickling in, Indian market witnessed unprecedented amount of foreign investments coming in, with investors showcasing faith in him. The rupee has improved a lot in the last few weeks against dollar, and the Indian stock exchange is at an all time high. This is a clear cut indication that the market is buoyant and full of hope from the new government.

Rupee vs Dollar

There are some key issues which will need immediate attention from the new government such as:

Subsidies: Subsidies in India has cost 2% of the overall GDP in the last fiscal year. BJP government has to work out a feasible formula which empowers the weak sections of the society without hampering our national GDP with a balance subsidy allocation.

Privatization: In order to control India’s rising fiscal deficit and to boost our economic growth, Indian government needs some solid privatization policy, where in dormant stakes of state-run entities can be sold or disinvested to bring in much needed capital.

Jobs: The new government has promised to generate 1 crore+ jobs in the next 3 years by opening up encouraging manufacturing and production units, modernization of our agriculture and by giving tax benefits to IT companies. Major reforms in the Labour Law are required in order to instill confidence among employers and employees.

Other major issues which needs immediate attention of the new government: Defense expenditure, Gas Pricing, Power, Banking reforms, Insurance, Taxes etc.

All eyes would be on Modi to unleash the new wave of economic reforms and changes to propel India to help it become a superpower.

Peace & Harmony Inside The Country

Right now India is in the grip of several key ideological based confrontations across different sectors such as Naxal uprising in Central India, Marxist agitations, Religious unrest, demand for new states etc which are actually threatening India’s internal peace and harmony.

Being a multi-cultured, secular country, India is home to people belonging to different religion, ideology and beliefs. There exists great expectations from the new PM regarding resolving such issues, and introducing peace and harmony everywhere.

Minorities need to be to assured that there is no danger to their existence, and they have equal rights being citizens of India. Migrant issues from neighboring countries need to be permanently resolved and policies must be introduced which guarantees equal rights to every citizen of the country.

The thumping victory which Modi has received this election is based on hope, trust and belief that India will improve and progress under this dynamic leadership. He has promised us that the Gujarat model of development would be replicated across the country, and we sincerely hope that he delivers.

What are your expectations from the new government? Do share your opinions by commenting right here.

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