Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojna: Outsourcing of Village Welfare To MPs


In a view to get the rural India back on the map, Honorable PM Modi launched “Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojna” on October 11,2014. The uniqueness of this scheme is that it has been outsourced it to MP’s.

Yes, now a MP can choose 3 villages of his choice and work with people to make his village an “Adarsh gram” or a model village. We all know that if there’s anyone who’s neglected after polling and worshipped before polling, it’s that part of India that supplies us with food but dies due to debts- The Farmers.

Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojna

Taking this step to include the rural India and their welfare, PM Modi said, “Apart from his or her own village, MPs can select whichever village they want. The MP may belong to any party, but one has to keep working among people. MPs must adopt villages and work towards development. People in villages must have access to all basic amenities.”

Looking at the practicality too, this scheme should work. With 800 MPs responsible for 3 villages each, we will have at least 2400 villages that are touched. To raise the workman spirit Modi announced, “I too have to select a village in my constituency Varanasi. I have received the guidelines regarding this and I will go there, discuss and decide. I toured for 40 years, visited 400 districts and got to see more than 5000 villages outside Gujarat,  that is why I know the ground reality.”

These kind of schemes will induce a sense of belongingness for the rural youth and will encourage MPs to think out of the box to make the villages more greener and more productive. This scheme can breed the best minds if implemented and done.

Launching this model programme on the birth anniversary of Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan, it’s Modi’s style of paying tribute to yester year’s activists and leader’s ideologies. Like Swacch Bharat Yojna on Gandhiji’s birth anniversary as cleanliness was close to Bapu. The same way, Jai Praksah, coming from a upper middle class background, was a very well educated man and pursued higher studies in California. To pay for his education, Jayaprakash picked grapes, set them out to dry, packed fruits at a canning factory, washed dishes, worked as a mechanic at a garage and at a slaughter house, sold lotions and taught. All these jobs gave Jayaprakash an insight into the difficulties of the working class. Once back to India, he was a freedom fighter who wanted British out of India and reformer after the British left. In tribute to his ideologies and dogma, looks like Modi was right in launching the yojna on his birth anniversary.

However, Modi had to select the villages in Varanasi but UP BJP spokesperson has reported that PM seems to have postponed the visit. A fresh date is yet to be announced. We just hope he chooses a barren land that can bear fruit if given the respect and care, so that other MPs can be shown how it is done.

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