Moto E: 7 Reasons Why It Is A Path-Breaking Budget Smartphone


As expected, Moto E flew off the shelves and went out of stock within a few hours after the sales opened. There is no doubt that in budget smartphone segment in India, Moto E has raised the bar on every front.

If you look purely from specifications front, Moto E not really out of the world. On that basis, many local smartphone brands like Karbonn, Micromax and Lava offer better specification phones at the same price range.

Moto E

The biggest differentiator between them and Motorola’s Moto E is that it looks (and is) premium phone for a budget price. If you take Moto E in your hand, it does not feel cheap. It has design and contours matching flagship models. There is no doubt that engineers at Motorola have spend lot of time designing this phone, and it shows!

Moto E in all probability is the perfect budget smartphone. And here are the 8 reasons why!



No other smartphone in budget category beats the quality of display of Moto E. It’s 4.3 inch screen size is the best in the business. It has a resolution of 960X540 pixels with 256 ppi, which will ensure that screen is quite visible even in bright conditions.

Lackluster display is one of the biggest problems with most other budget smartphones, but not with Moto E. The phone also has a smudge-proof coating on the front which keeps it clean of the usual residue left by touches and dust.

Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection

This probably is the biggest quality of Moto E – The corning gorilla glass 3 protection. Due to it’s high cost, this protection is available only on premium phones. We are not sure who Motorola has managed to cram gorilla glass at the price Moto E is being offered, but they have managed to do it. You will never have to worry about scratches and cracks on the rugged Moto E.

And that’s not all, the gorilla glass also comes with nano coating that ensures that makes it water resistant to splashed water. (Keep in mind though that it is not water proof, so you cannot dip it inside water)

Moto E’s screen is truly built to last!

Latest KitKat Android OS & Guaranteed Update

Again, this is something no other budget smartphone can boast of – Moto E comes with latest 4.4.2 KitKat Android version and Moto E owners are also promised atleast one future KitKat update.

While they promise one future update, I am sure Motorola will offer more future updates of Android on these phones as well.

Another advantage that Moto E users will have is unlike other Android phones, Moto E carries minimum of bloatware that tend to slow the phone down. You will get a pure vanilla Android experience with Moto E.

Build Quality:

Moto E’s build is nearly identical to it’s premium elder sibling Moto G. It has a curved back and glossy front panel giving it a premium phone feel from every angle. The dimensions of the phone are such that it can carry out one-hand operations perfectly, even if you have smaller palms!

Budget smartphones generally cut corners and have flimsy built quality, but not Moto E. Like I said earlier, it is built to last.


At the price Moto E is being offered, it has just the right specifications, even exceptional in some aspect. The processor is dual core 1.2Ghz snapdragon with A7 chipset and comes with 1GB ram (which I think very few budget phones can boast of).

The battery is 1980 mAh which will easily last for a day even with moderate to high use. From what we have heard, Android Kitkat version runs very smoothly on Moto E and there are absolutely no lags.

Motorola Brand

With Moto G and Moto X, Motorola made stunning entry back in India. Motorola is definitely one company that needs to be watched in coming months. With the kind of phones they are launching, anyone would be proud to hold a Motorola in their hands.

Indians will anytime prefer holding a Motorola in their hand rather than a Micromax, Karbonn or a Lava… don’t you think?


With all the features and qualities that Moto E has, Motorola has managed to price it at Rs. 6,999/-, a price at which the massed can afford it.

Motorola has not only bought a stunning phone at a great price, but they have set a very high benchmark for others to beat.

Currently, Moto E is out of stock, but you can book it now on Flipkart, and will be delivered in 10-15 days.

In many ways Moto E has redefined Indian budget smartphone market. Let us see how other brands respond to this!

What do you think?

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  4. Tanveer says

    I have bought one for myself and I must say Moto E is a nice budget phone. The price is quite competitive and there are no major drawbacks. For me front camera or a flash doesn’t make any difference as these are of secondary use to me.

  5. vijay says

    Except camera every other things are just awesome.Go for it without any thinking Moto E

  6. priya jain says

    The phone is good within this budget. But I have apprehensions for the services. Motorola doesn’t own their service stores that extensively like samsung or for that matter sony.
    After sale services too should be one of the parameters while comparing or reviewing mobile like products.

  7. Girish A says

    You can expect that much in 7K phone. Get a phone of other crap chines brands and repent later.

  8. MJT says

    Few Negatives :

    – Dual Core Processor Only.
    – No Front Camera (So No Skype or Video Calling)
    – No Flash in Camera ( No night pictures or Batter clarity of picture in low light )
    – No Gyroscope or Compass ( So GPS / Maps will not be accurate)
    – No removable battery (Doesn’t make much of a difference)
    – No output to TV (Again not make much of difference)
    – Very Thick (12.5 mm) – So will be heavy
    – No HD video recording.

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