Election Results Live: Websites & Online Channels To Follow For Live Result Updates


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We are now at business end of our mega elections. The polling has been done and even exit polls are out. But the real results are something that millions of voters are waiting for bated breath. We are now less than 36 hours away from the time the vote counting will start and results will start trickling in.

By end of 16th May 2014, Indians will know who will be the single largest party, who may (or may not) form the Government and probably even know who will be India’s next Prime Minister.

Nearly all exit polls have suggested that the NDA will get the majority, or atleast will get close it. However, judging by the history, exit polls have gone very wrong and no one cans surely say if BJP / NDA will win the majority.

Now, for the people who will be at home, or will have TV in their vicinity may be able to follow Live coverage on Televisions. But there are millions who will not have that luxury. For those, we are bringing you list of websites, that you should keep a watch on that will offer you minute by minute updates either on your desktops or your mobile phones.

Election Results Live

Here are the websites & online channels that will being you Live coverage online:

Google Elections Page

Google has been in the forefront of this elections. They have created a dedicated elections page where that will keep you updated on the latest news and poll results. The new features they are planning to introduce will include a live results map, live Counting Day YouTube newscasts, and latest election updates as they happen.

Voters will be able to access ‘live results’ at google.co.in/elections through a nation-wide view of a live count allowing everyone to see how many votes each party and candidate has secured.

The Live Results Map will allow Internet users to view both nationwide party results and constituency level results across all 543 constituencies as soon as they are declared through the day.

Live Results Newscasts will enable online users to watch YouTube live streams from leading news channels.

Google Elections Page

Microsoft Bing Elections Page

Microsoft has also created a dedicated Indian Elections page that will help you get live updates as they happen. They have already collated huge amount of election data all the way from 1951 to 2009. They will live update the results information, so voters will be able to see which candidates won, how many votes they got and prior election history of that constituency.

The good thing is that Bing Election pages are not only available on the web, but is also available as mobile apps on Android and Windows Phone.

Visit Microsoft’s Election Page

Official Press Information Bureau (PIB) Election Results Page

The Press Information Bureau (PIB) will be providing trends and results of General Elections 2014 in collaboration with Election Commission of India on real time basis from 8 a.m onwards on 16th May, 2014.

The trends and results can be followed on the PIB’s special elections web portal here.

The trends and results will also be available on PIB’s twitter handle @PIB_India.

Youtube TV Channels To Follow For Live Updates

And if you don’t have a television around you can also check out following TV channels on Youtube that will cover election results as they happen:


Airtel Pocket TV Free

Airtel has today announced that they will be offering their Pocket TV mobile app completely free to Airtel Digital TV subscribers. The app offer free TV viewing of various channels that will have election coverage and poll results updates.

Tata Sky TV Mobile App

Tata Sky has also introduced offer similar to Airtel for the Election results week. They will be offering 13 English news channels, 18 Hindi News channels and 38 regional news channels free for this week on their mobile app. The offer also includes news channels available on Tata Sky’s  Everywhere TV  service.

Apart from these, you can visit Google News site or aggregator sites like these to get the most updated information on election results.

If you know any other sites that will provide live election result information, please let us know in comments section!

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