12th Class Indian Student Invents Shoes To Charge Your Mobile


Rajesh Adhikari is a 12th class student in the sleepy little hill-town of Nainital in Uttrakhand. Few months back, it snowed heavily in the town, and the community was left powerless as all the electricity transmission was disrupted. He couldn’t use his phone, and he was very angry on this.

But unlike everyone who cursed the weather and went to sleep, Rajesh started inventing a tool which can charge your mobile phone even when there is no electricity; and thereby he invented this gem of a thing which can solve this problem once for all. [Via ANI]

He has invented a waterproof shoes, which can charge your mobile. The greatness of the idea lies in it’s simplicity: everyone has shoes and everyone needs to walk everyday; then why not utilize the energy and convert it into something which is worthwhile and beneficial for all!

Mobile Charging Shoes

[Source: ANI]

Explaining how it works, he said, “When we raise our feet, the spring gets released and the dynamo starts revolving, which generates current. We can charge our mobile phones while we are walking,”

As per the preliminary reports, this shoe cum charger can light a bulb by placing a battery in the shoes. Additionally, it can power a fan or help a computer run besides charging the mobile as the energy which is created by walking needs to be tapped and optimally used for the best results.

Rajesh is now working on a better prototype of the model, wherein mobile or any electric device can be charged without any wires. If the person keeps the mobile in his pockets and just walks, then the battery would be charged wirelessly.

Here is Rajesh speaking about his invention:

Inside India, this is a first-of-a-kind invention which uses shoes to power mobiles. But the trend has already started in the west.

The Auckland Bioengineering Institute’s Biomimetic lab has developed electric generators which can harness the energy developed by performing physical activities such as running, walking and jumping. In short, it turns the mechanical energy into electrical energy, something similar to what Rajesh did.

Then there is a Kickstarter backed and fully funded project called “SolePower” which uses some similar mechanism to derive energy by walking and the power generated is enough to charge a mobile phone.

As we delve deep into the technological innovations and creations, generation of instant power and energy remains the toughest fight. With innovations such as these, the technological world and the consumers would be surely immensely benefitted.

We will keep you updated on the developments.

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    come on India …. thanx Track.in for this valuable piece of information. This will inspire many young minds.!!

  3. Rakesh says

    Really? I thought someone else have already done so… http://techaloo.com/shoe-charger-innovator-mr-mandar-tulankar/

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