2012 – A year of Technological changes


In a few hours we will bid good bye to 2012… and people are fondly remembering their best memories while vowing to better their worst ones.

For technology, this year was both a great one and one for a few sorrows. Where death of notable tech people like Steve Jobs, <C creator> etc. gave the community lots to mourn for, the success of smartphones and even tablets gave many companies a completely new direction. Apple became a phone company and Samsung became the biggest phone manufacturer- a wild dream for any company during Nokia’s heydays.

I will mark them down both but for me, the year was about change. Changes, some of which, were expected and some of them taking us by complete surprise.

iPads Sold

Linux is winning OS war, ironically losing itself in the process. Android is at core linux but now it stands not as a linux distribution but Android. People use it, love it and recommend it while its parent still gets skeptical looks in the desktop OS arena.

Indeed, this year was a year of change and not just for companies but users as well. We saw a great shift for users from feature phones to smart phones and now to tablets. When Microsoft tried to sell tablets long time back they failed because it was an implementation of desktop. Who knew that just holding the cup a different way would create a new product and a new industry! New tablets with mobile at heart are winning people’s heart.

Many people are now using tablets as their primary device. This is exciting as two year back no one would have bet a penny on such a thing happening. Also, the success of Note (released in 2011 but seeing its true success this year) opened a new product market (although currently completely dominated by Samsung). Dell brought the first phablet but lost and it was considered a barren area. Samsung created its own Vegas there.

For the first time this year, PC market really feels threatened. Companies like HP, Dell or Lenovo know that they are on shaky grounds, so does Microsoft. Something that they might not have thought would happen in such a short span of time.

‘Cloud’ also soared its head with each company realizing its importance especially since the dawn of Mobile phones and coming of good internet connections. Sony made a deal with Box for 50GB of free space whose renewal for 2013 says a lot about its success.

The second thing which the year was about was Adaptability.

Companies which adapted to technology changes, did remarkably well. Others worked to just save themselves from going under.

Dell started well to go in Smartphone business but could not handle it and has now left it for good. Lenovo is entering head on in the market. Blackberry is still in the transition phase and hopefully it will not lose permanently in the market it once defined. Nokia took time to adapt and is facing the consequences.

No company though can take the crown except for Microsoft for the amount of changes that they have undergone. The whole company is practically restructuring everything from its OS to Office. One is going mobile and the other Cloud.

All in all, I believe that 2012 was a year in which companies realized that whatever had happened in the past years will not count anymore and they have to come to terms with the fast changing consumer mindset.

Happy 2013..!!

  1. sahil says

    2012 would really be recorded into tech revolution year
    so many things emerged and came like anythng
    be it any smartphone or social awareness..and many other stuff

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