Turn Any Laptop into a Touch Screen Laptop With AirBar Magic; Now Available in India!


Airbar in Action

Why would you invest a ton of money to buy a Touch Screen laptop when you can turn any normal laptop into a Touch Screen laptop with just a few thousand bucks.

Not Kidding!

Well, you might have heard about the AirBar, a device which turns your normal laptop screen into a fully working touch screen.

But the best part is, that AirBar is now officially available in India. You can order one right now through Amazon and can even avail the special discount (till the lightning deal and stocks last).

The AirBar comes in three models manufactured by Swedish company Neonode.

Now magnetically turn your dull non-touch laptop display into a fully working Touch Display.


How does it work?

The Game of Light. The AirBar operates on a simple methodology, the light interpolation. The AirBar throws up infrared light directly on the screen. Now when someone touches the non-touch screen, the infrared light from the AirBar meets a physical point i.e your finger. This touch point sends the signal directly to the computer or laptop, and it operates accordingly.

You can see Airbar in action here

Does it Involve any Physical Modification?

No transformation or modification. Simply plug in and enjoy. No additional driver or installation. All it needs is a free USB port, where you need to plug in the AirBar cable, and you are ready to go. It can run smooth on any Windows or Chrome OS.

How to Setup the Device?

The device doesn’t need any extra driver or any kind of software for it to run. You need to plug in the cable into the USB port of your laptop, and your screen gets touch enabled in a few seconds.

How Correctly does AirBar Work?

The device has been known to work smooth on most of the laptops running Windows and even on Macs. The issue could be the placing of the Airbar, as many laptops would not close down due to the bar. But you could compromise that for a fully working touch screen laptop. The touch is very basic, and as of now, the AirBar can detect only two touch inputs at a time. As it works on Light Interpolation, it can detect anything which is pointed (like the stylus or if you are wearing gloves).

Things to Remember

  • The touch on the screen can do the basic things with only two inputs at a time as of now.
  • It supports Scrolling, Scrubbing Videos, Sliding Pictures or PDFs. It is as good as a normal touchscreen.
  • You can use two fingers to Zoom in and out, Pinching and Pointing.

Is it Worth it?

Rather than buying a fully enabled touchscreen laptop, the AirBar is a decent alternative for Rs. 5k to 6k. It does all the work a basic touchscreen can do. Getting the perfect one according to your laptop screen size can make your work easy. Though on Mac, it doesn’t work right, but still accepts the touch well. To conclude, it’s handy and inexpensive, which can turn any laptop’s display into a fully functioning touch enabled screen.

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