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Tech Tattoos Chaotic Moon

Until now we were only aware of a technology wearable on your wrist which could perform a plethora of functions including paying at retail shops and monitoring your health. Little did we know that the world is evolving at such a rapid pace and little tech companies are revolutionizing the way we live.

Chaotic Moon Studios, a technology startup, has designed a temporary tattoo that does exactly the same thing as that of a health monitor. While it is not as advanced, it definitely gives you basic information about heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure and body temperature. Named ‘Tech Tats’, the tattoo consists of LED lights, a micro-controller, and conductive inks to create a circuit board on the skin.

Check out this video that talks more about Tech Tats

While they look like a tattoo, the main purpose of it is still for the benefit of the user for a short amount of time. Such creations are only stepping stones to bigger inventions by surpassing smaller challenges. The data from the tattoo can be transmitted to a digital device to view body vitals and review them.

What Could be Developed in Near Future?

At the moment, these temporary tattoos are still in testing phase and we might have to wait for some time to actually use one, but there can be plenty of possibilities of usage.

I see some really smart uses in hospitals and nursing homes in India to monitor a patients health within minutes without having to go through the protocol. Patients can enter the hospital, get Tech Tats on their body till the time they wait for their appointment and save a lot of time.

Another area where this can work is NFC payments. A temporary tattoo which can attach NFC chip to it and help pay for the customer at a POS will prove to be very convenient. It could generate random digits to verify the customer’s payment and destroy itself after a point of time. Something like using a One time password, only on a tattoo.

Having a waterproof tattoo will also be helpful during workouts or health regimes to calculate daily intake of calories and calories burnt. This will be a boost for a lot of fitness freaks out there and create an overall healthy environment. The tattoos need to be recyclable so as to be environment friendly, a very important need of today.

There are quite a few other startups that are working towards the same goal of making wearable technology smaller and more temporary. This doesn’t add unnecessary inconvenience to a user and can only be used when needed. While the testing phases have started, the day is not too far when we’ll actually be able to use one more efficiently.

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  1. Arpit Bhardwaj says

    The post 2010 era have seen a greater increase of health gadgets. The health band, the heartrate counters in mobiles, and now this! Its good to see people using tech for the betterment of their health.

    Nice post.

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