The Catch-22 Situation For The Casual Technology User: To Be or Not To Be?


Casual Technology User

“You know, everybody has a cell phone, but I don’t know one person who likes their cell phone. I want to make a phone that people love” – Steve Jobs, few years before launching iPhone

Recently, a lady traveler called Namrata Mahajan was travelling in a train all alone somewhere near Shegaon in Maharashtra. The person sitting opposite to her behaved suspiciously, which alarmed Namrata. There were very few people in the coach, and she was scared.

Here comes the power of technology and Internet. She sends a Tweet to Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu: “@RailMinIndia plz plz help in train no 18030 one male passanger harrassing me at shegaon I am in train terrified..”

Within 6-7 minutes, @RailMinIndia answered back, asking her PNR number, and she was suggested to call 182. 40 minutes later, when the train reached Bhusaval, she was attended by RPF jawans, and that suspicious person was shifted to another coach.

Imagine what would have happened if Namrata didn’t had a smartphone at that particular moment.. Imagine her smartphone not compatible enough to catch network in a moving train or not able to access Internet because of poor quality of hardware?

Technology: The Elixir of Modern Life

Technology, which literally means the “science of craft”, is much more than a mere smartphone or a new smart watch: it has now transformed into a way of living for the modern human being. The way TV and radio had invaded our lives during the 90s, and made us inseparable from its clutch; technology has now encompassed every aspect of our lives and empowering us to do things which unfathomable even few years before.

And the way high end technology is evolving, providing us with super fast and intelligent gadgets, smart, beautiful silicon accessories with artificial intelligence which can predict our behavior; the human species is indeed on a fast track to achieve everything we ever desired.

There is a reason telecom companies are spending thousands of crores into building the infrastructure, to upgrade their networks for the future. The way Indian telecom players are leaving no stone unturned for becoming the leading player in the new upcoming 4G network distribution and the little known online book stores have turned into multi billion dollar ecommerce portals in India is actually forcing us to focus on the technology sector, with even more determination.

There is a strong logic why Indian Government is focusing on making a Digital India, spending lakhs of crores of rupees to make it successful.

It is because Internet and Technology are rapidly and gradually becoming indispensable part of our lives and our dreams.

Catch 22 Situation: To Be Or Not To Be?

Everyone agrees that technology is as important for human species as it was water few centuries earlier and the way roads and industries were crucial few decades earlier.

But when a person can access the same content and same services using a low end sub-Rs 5000 smartphone, why should he choose an iPhone, which is 10 times as costlier?

Should an average technology user opt for low hardware configuration and be satisfied with the compromises it provides in terms of experience and exposure of technology? Or should he go for the higher end gadgets which can provide a better, enhanced version of the technological advancements, and actually become an empowerment tool of his lifestyle?

Why Flipkart’s billionaire founders are investing in various startups, which include an electric vehicle?

The answer, as always, lies in the perception of reality and order of priority.

Yes, a Tata Nano or Maruti Zen will provide the same operational capability as a Ferrari or a Lamborghini will provide. But is the experience of both of these genres equal? Is the satisfaction generated via the former be equaled with the later?

Investing in technology, and making it better, faster and quicker is the priority of the day, and this is the reason successful entrepreneurs are investing in this niche.

Human being is a social animal, and in order to rise the social ladder, he has to become that entity whose taste is defined as impeccable, whose manners are defined as graceful, whose language is defined as classical.

And in the modern digital age, his reputation is being calculated by the gadgets he chose to acquire.

At a time when every average smartphone has the same operating system, it’s the hardware capability, the power of processor, the worth of its brand and the impeccable looks which will determine his ranking in the social race.

When a company like Samsung launches a Galaxy Note with a S-Pen stylus or when Apple launches a new iPhone 6 with Retina display, then it instantly becomes the differential factor between a technological commoner and an executive. After all, a person flying in business class has to pay almost double compared to economy class; and it is this differentiation which determines his social standing eventually.

Technology is a great leveler: Twitter provides the same 140 characters for US President Barack Obama as it provides to just another user from Bhopal. But the USP lies in how many people follow Barack Obama and how much impact does those 140 characters from Bhopal does on his followers.

Although an expensive gadget like Nexus 6P or a Sony Xperia Z5 won’t instantly make you the US President, but yes, it will give the instant ticket to stardom which would be missed by a person having a feature phone with black and white screen.

The progress graph of modern technology is actually ruthless when it comes to hardware capability, branding and support for eco-system. For instance, if you are not using iOS, then you will fail to experience the amazing integrated media and apps eco-system which comes with the Apple App store and iTunes. You will never realize the true power of tech when you don’t work on an iPad, which can bring the entire Universe of high quality digital content within those 9.7 inches LCD screen.

Similarly, the magic of a Sony high end smartphone is tough to imagine when you haven’t clicked a picture with the massive 23 mega pixel camera of a Z5 model or when you don’t experience the superior DSEE HX technology while listening to music on this phone, which can reduce upto 98% of exterior noise and allow you to listen music in it’s purest form.

The catch-22 situation for an average technology user is thus, resolved in the easiest manner: Go for that technology, which is superior among equals, which has been designed to give you the power-edge, which makes you the alpha, instantly.

Flipkart, which is the biggest Indian ecommerce portal having a range of superior, high-end, faster smartphones & gadgets, is the best bet when it comes to experiencing the most advanced technological solutions. You can checkout the vast range of their impeccable gadgets both on desktop and mobile app, and shop from the comfort of your home and get it delivered (super fast: within 3 hours) at your doorstep.

If you are using their mobile app (which hosted one of the biggest online sales festivals of the year), then you can even chat with your friends while shopping, and then select the best product.

Technology, to be fair, has even enabled Flipkart to launch exclusive ‘experience zone’ wherein shoppers can visit and physically checkout the high end gadgets before purchasing them.

Relish the elixir of modern age, without any compromises on the quality and performance, and get that ticket to stardom, instantly. Crush that question of “to be or not to be” with a firm smile: Technology is there to transform and enhance your lifestyle and Flipkart is the place to begin that journey.

[This article is part of our #TechTrends series developed in partnership with Flipkart, where we do in-depth analysis on ‘What’s currently trending in tech space’]

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