10 Most Popular Mobile Apps of 2012


We are now at the fag end of 2012, and like every year will be carrying articles that will recap 2012 in some of the key categories. We have already published the 10 most popular online videos watched by Indians. Here is another 2012 recap article that takes a look at the 10 most popular mobile apps of 2012.


1. Angry Birds Space


Angry Birds Space is a puzzle game and the fourth game in the Angry Birds video game series developed and published by Rovio Entertainment. It comprises of several planets, each with a gravitational field that determines the trajectory of the birds.

Download Angry Birds Space for Android | for iOS

2. Draw Something

 Draw Something

This app, within fifty days after its release was downloaded 50 million times. It gives two players alternate turns between drawing a picture to convey a word for his/her partner to guess. The person drawing is provided three random words, arbitrarily ranked by difficulty. Each correct guess earns one coin. There are even more layers into the thing, which are better experienced.

The game app has been eventually bought over by Zynga.

Download Draw Something for Android | for iOS

3. Drop Box


The Drop Box app helps in managing and accessing files on the go. You can add important or most used files to “Favorites”, to access them quickly or even when offline. The app also provides an option to easily upload videos & pictures and share them thereafter.

Download Dropbox for Android | for iOS

4. Facebook Messenger

FB messenger

It is a free stand-alone mobile app that lets one reach friends on their phones and the web. It also lets users share photos and files and enables chat-like seamless conversations with the facility to switch between multiple conversations with the aid of in-app notifications.

Download Facebook Messenger for Anrdoid | iOS | Blackberry

5. Flipboard


Flipboard is a social-network aggregation app for Android and iOS. It gathers the content of social media and other websites and puts it up as a magazine and allows users to "flip" through their social-networking feeds and feeds. The app has also been integrated with Google Plus.

Download Flipboard for Android | iOS

6. Instagram


Instagram, a free photo-sharing app that was bought by Facebook this year. This app not just lets users to click a picture but also apply a digital filter to it, and then go about sharing it with other Instagram users over a lot of social networks. It had around a 100 million registered users by September 2012. It has support for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and also for Android camera phones running 2.2 (Froyo) or higher.

Download Instagram for Android | iOS

7. Nike + Running

Nike running

This app maps your runs, tracks the progress, and gives the motivation one needs to keep going. The Nike+ Running app tracks distance, pace, time and calories burnt with GPS, giving you audio feedback as you run.

Download Nike+Running App for Android | iOS

8. PS express

Photoshop express

It is a really handy app from Adobe that helps you touch-up the pictures that you click from your smartphone or tablet. Adorned with easy editing options, it not just helps in fixing flaws but also lets one add many attractive filters and effects. It also enables sharing on all popular sites.

Download Photoshop Express for Android | iOS

9. WhatsApp

whatsapp messenger

It is an instant messaging application for smartphones wherein apart from texts users can send each other images, video, and audio media messages as well. The app is available for Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Series 40, Symbian and Windows Phone. WhatsApp handled around ten billion messages per day as of August 2012 growing from two billion in April 2012. The app has been approached by Facebook of late for a deal.

Download Whatsapp for Android | iOS | Blackberry | Windows

10. YouTube


The YouTube app lets you keep all those videos right in your pocket. This really handy app lets you easily search and list all the videos you ever wanted to see. Youtube comes as a default app on Android and has been downloaded in large numbers on other mobile platforms as well.

Download Youtube for Android | iOS


That sums up our 10 most popular Mobile Apps of 2012! What do you think…Did we skip any?

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