10 Most Popular Online Videos Indians watched in 2012!


It is that time and age in the world of digital, when the popularity of a video is determined by its virality, the number of people not just viewing it, but sharing it to make their friends a party. Statistics say that around 4 billion videos are being viewed every day over YouTube, and the number reached to a trillion in the last year.

With all that data it might seem a little easy to garner all those billions of views, but with around 60 hours of video every minute, or an hour of video every second, being uploaded on YouTube ,it is not really a cakewalk to rise above the clutter. Also, in the absence of a copy-book recipe to making a viral video, you never know what really works and what doesn’t. Sometimes it’s the quirky moves, at times the peppy music, often the content that tickles your funny bone and rarely even something that’s quite bizarre.

The year 2012, as it wraps up, also saw umpteen videos going popular. There were some that were geography specific, while the others that broke all barriers and became unanimously the viewers’ favorite.

Here we are with five Indian videos that attracted maximum views from the audiences within India :

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(Note: We have deliberately not included movie trailers and songs, despite the fact that some of them had more views than the videos listed here, because they don’t really qualify, since truly viral videos are ones that sell solely on content and sharing).


Top 5 most Viral Indian Videos of 2012

1. Gana wala song: the Q-tiyatic version

This parody of the famous number from the movie Student of The Year got really popular after it was uploaded on the 15th of October 2012 by a production house called theviralfever.com, that is known for creating such viral content in the past as well.

The video today stands tall at close to 1.6 million views.

2. Airtel “jo mera hai wo tera hai, Jo tera hai wo mera”

This jingle of another popular advertisement for Airtel created by Taproot India was released at the opportune time of Friendship’s Day. It got quite popular amongst youngsters and even was downloaded in big numbers to be put up as ring tones.

The video now has roughly 1.4 million views as of today.

3. Video of Guwahati mob molesting girl shames police into action

This real footage of a very shameful incident that happened with a girl in Guwahati was put up by NDTV on the 13th of July. The footage was said to have been captured by a local reporter who was present at the scene. The incident was a real shocker and left Indians ashamed. Around 13 major culprits were identified in this case.

The video has being viewed over 1.1 million times.

4. Inbox short film

This cute love story, filmed by Nalaya Iyakunar was a hit. After being uploaded on YouTube on 4th of June 2012, it managed to attract around a million views. The movie is originally in Tamil.

5. Imitating Harsha Bhogle, Ravi Shastri, Ian Chappel, Tony Greig & Sachin Tendulkar

In a country where cricket is religion, such awesome mimicry of top commentators had to be a rage. The video was just uploaded on 22nd of November 2012, and within less than 15 days, it has already been hit by a million viewers mark. The name of this software engineer is still not known, but he sure has a great talent, probably one of the best!

Here is a one fact about popular Indian Videos – Kolaveri Di which was uploaded close to year back has become one of the most watched Youtube video of all time. It has garnered close to 65 millions views till date!


Additionally, there are a few other videos that were though not made in India, but got really popular with the Indian viewers:

Top 5 Global Videos popular with Indians

1. The Ganganam Style

This popular number and its video knows no bounds, Americas or Asia, it has taken the masses by storm. After being released in July 2012, by the Korean musician PSY[14], the video had over 879 million views over Youtube, till yesterday.

In September this year, it entered the Guinness Book of World Records, for the most “liked” video over YouTube, and gradually surpassed Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, to be named as the most watched video as well. Additionally, with leading diplomats and political leaders touting the song as “force of world peace”, the song is a massive hit.

2. Dumb ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die is a public service announcement campaign by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia to promote rail safety. Created my McCann Melbourne, the video features different cute characters attempting to end their lives in the most stupid of ways possible.

The video received 2.7 million views within two days of being uploaded on 14th November 2012. Within two weeks the video had attracted around a 100 parodies and almost everybody who has watched it, hasn’t stopped humming. It has notched up over 31 million views till date.

3. A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square

This video was uploaded on the 11th of April 2012 and has around 39 million views as of today. The event marked the launch of the famous TNT channel in Belgium. To put forth the idea, that TNT knows drama well, they had set up a “button” in the middle of a not so happening street, which read, “Push to add drama”. The moment anybody pushed the button, there was a lot of action. It is closing in on 40 million views…

4. The Last

Another flick in the series of light hearted ones by Wong Fu productions. The movie is a simple romantic one. After its release on 24th October 2012, the video got really popular with Asian audiences, and now stands at around 4 million views.

5. Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil

This one is the hottest and latest of all. Released just last week on 26th of November 2012, the video already has over 41 million views. This is about a really spooky and scary prank that’s being played over people of Brazil. Reports even claim that post this, people are taking stairs and avoiding the elevators.

Let us know if we have missed any… We will add them if they deserve a place here!

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