10 Popular & Viral Indian videos on YouTube in 2011!


Although Google came out with an official list of the top 10 most watched videos on YouTube in 2011 in India, here is Trak.in’s very own list of the same. Google’s list for India has a few international videos along with 6 movie videos. We give you a mixed bag of the Top 10 Indian videos on YouTube in 2011 which include news items, viral videos, city happenings and the best movies, in no particular order.

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Why this Kolaveri Di

This song went viral beyond imagination when it was released in November 2011. The video of the song features its making and recording with all the involved artists namely the lead singer Dhanush, Shruti Hassan, Video Director Aishwarya Rajinikanth, music composer Anirudh and the sound engineer Sivakumar. Let’s see if the forthcoming Tamil movie ‘3’, for which the song has been made, hits a similar jackpot or not. As of now, Kolaveri Di remains one of the most watched and downloaded songs of the year 2011 in India.

Approx YouTube views: 29.6 Million

Flash Mob Mumbai

2011 saw a series of flash mobs across India in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon and Kolkata but the pioneer has been Mumbai. On 27th November 2011, about 200 ordinary Mumbaikars between the age groups of 4 to 60 came together at the CST station to break into a dance on the tunes of ‘Rang De Basanti’. Onlookers obviously S-T-A-R-E-D!!

Approx YouTube views: 2 Million

Ra One Teaser / Chammak Challo

Google’s official list puts the Ra One teaser as one of the most watched Indian videos on YouTube in 2011, but eventually this success was followed up by Ra One’s popular song ‘Chammak Challo’. It features international sensation Akon, is composed by Vishal Shekhar and is shot with quirky dance steps choreographed by Ganesh Hegde.

Approx YouTube views: 4.1 Million (Ra One Teaser) / 9.5 Million (Chammak Challo)

Teri Meri Song

Bodyguard has featured in our list of the Top 10 Bollywood films of 2011 on Trak.in and it makes a comeback in this list because of its immensely popular song ‘Teri Meri’ composed by Himesh Reshammiya. Of course, it’s a different story that the song is supposedly a rip off of the Romanian folk song La Betleem (Down There in Bethlehem).

Approx YouTube views: 21 Million

Sharad Pawar slapped

On the 25th of November, viewers were glued to their screens because videos of an attacker named Harvinder Singh slapping Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar broke out on the internet and in the news. This event was recorded at the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) center in Delhi where Mr. Pawar was at a literary function. The attacker apparently slapped him because of this inability to control price rise. He has also previously attacked former telecom minister Sukhram in court. Strange but true!

Approx YouTube views: 306 thousand

Leopard attack on forest guard in Siliguri

While the YouTube viewership stats of this news item may not be as high as Kolaveri Di or a Bollywood song, it surely remained highly watched and popular on YouTube. In Siliguri, West Bengal, a leopard attacking a forest guard was caught on camera. Efforts to tranquilize the leopard started after this incident occurred. The unique way in which the leopard attacked the official was what made people watch this video again and again.

Approx YouTube views: 147 thousand

The Silent National Anthem

Mudra Communication’s released a campaign of the Silent Indian National Anthem that features deaf and mute children singing or enacting the Indian national anthem through their sign language. Made for Reliance MediaWorks (BIG Cinemas) on the occasion of the 61st Indian Republic Day, this campaign bagged a silver lion and two bronze lions at Cannes 2011.

Approx YouTube views: 1.2 Million

Don 2 Trailer

Before Don 2 released, the anticipation for it to hit cinemas was flying high, resulting in more and more users logging on YouTube to check out its sensational promo. It’s remarkable that pre release movie video viewership can reach such heights but considering it’s an SRK – Farhan Akhtar combination, there are no surprises. As box office gross figures come out in the next few weeks, we will get to know if Don 2 was really worth this hype or not.

Approx YouTube views: 3.7 Million

Shraddha Sharma

Shraddha Sharma seems to be on her way to becoming the Justin Bieber of India, well almost. A YouTube user herself, Shraddha Sharma is an ordinary girl from Dehradun who runs a channel called Shraddharockin (almost 37k subscribers mind you) on which she simply posts Hindi film songs sung in her own voice while strumming the guitar. This Indian teenager’s recent rendition of Haal-E-Dil from Murder 2 drew very heavy traffic.

Approx YouTube views: 1.6 Million

The first Crorepati on KBC Season 5

KBC’s Season 5 this year was much loved because of its theme of discovering talented people from the innards of India and giving them a chance to change their life. On 2nd November 2011, KBC went on air with its 47th episode in which Sushil Kumar from Bihar won the Rs. 5 crore jackpot. The audience loved his idiosyncrasies of thinking aloud and constantly drinking water until her wanted to pee. This episode crossed the viewership stats of Episode 40 which starred SRK who was busy promoting Ra One.

Approx YouTube views: 240 thousand

There you have it – The most popular Indian videos on Youtube in 2011. Do you think any other video was being worthy of being in this list? Let us know!

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    you forgot this poetry video

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  3. Rohit says

    No wonder “Kolaveri Di” is on the top. Its just awesome song.

  4. Dileep Soman says

    This video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udHd86T1Tas attracted a rebecca black kinda publicity in You tube! Today it has about 894000 hits!

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