Youtube hits 3 Billion Views a day..Wow !


3 Billion Views – that too in a day…wow ! That is equivalent to nearly half of entire world’s population on this earth watching Youtube everyday.

Youtube celebrated its 6th year of existence with that record. In the blog post, Google announced 2 big achievements on eve of its 6th Birthday. The other record is the number of videos being uploaded on Youtube – Can you guess how much that is ?

More than 48 hours (two days worth) of video are uploaded to the site every minute!

Aren’t those stats really amazing – It also goes to show how well Google has done with this particular acquisition. When they acquired Youtube at astronomical price, many doubted it, especially because they had similar platform in Google Videos. But youtube has gone from strength to strength and now has complete monopoly on the online video market.

Youtube Infographic


I wonder how other online video sharing sites compare to these astronomical Youtube numbers!

  1. Suman Karnati says

    These stats are amazing…..

  2. balaji yadhav says

    I have been a member of Youtube right from 3 months of its inception in 2005.I was probably one of the first group from India to get hooked into it.The fact that i was at home for my study leave and have just installed broadband helped me to discover the value of Youtube.Still remember the first clips i was obsessed about were the Japanese anime with english subtitles and the all the Late night Talk shows in US.My interest in Japanese anime ultimately led me to learn spoken Japanese in 2006 and have never looked back since.Educational videos,funny clips,sports highlights of all major sport events.No television station can match the entertainment value of Youtube. From 2005 till now I’m proud to say that i have spent much more time on Youtube than on television.
    The very fact that a simple video hosting site requiring a minimum coding effort (my 2 years of Software engineering education helped me in that) has resulted in the billion dollar website.The 3 young college graduates who built Youtube would have had no idea that a video hosting site would one day make them billionaires. It is a wonderful business model , the users who upload all these videos dont get paid for anything infact they become the consumers thereby giving ad revenues to the website owners. A Simple piece of coding for a billion dollars. I guess it the IDEA THAT COUNTS NOWADAYS not the complexity of the product,just like the IPHONE. When will India have entrepreneurs like them, we are next to China in terms of College graduates higher than the US,why cant we come up with ideas like these.It is the ideas that counts nowadays not even the technology.

  3. final year projects says

    Mind blowing man….Google takes calculated risks with gud insight of the future

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