TRAI directs Telcos not to reject MNP requests on Flimsy grounds!


Mobile Number Portability has not really set the stage on fire – Most telecom operators have come out and said that MNP has not affected their business much, however, it looks like there may a reason why the MNP numbers are not really high. Indian Telecom Operators have been rejecting Mobile Number Portability requests from subscribers on flimsy grounds !

Many users have complained to TRAI that their MNP requests are not being entertained by their service providers for reasons like subscriber is having a premium number or for having an outstanding amount on the bill, which sometimes is less than a rupee.

Taking note of user complaints, TRAI has come out with a directive for Telecom Operators which lays down clear basis, only on which a telecom operator is allowed to reject MNP requests. Other than that all other MNP requests will have to fulfilled.

Reasons why a Telecom Operator can reject MNP requests:

According to the Point number 7 in the directive, Telcos can reject MNP requests only under following circumstances:

  • Bundled handset offer with a written agreement having an exit clause
  • Corporate connection with a contractual agreement having an exit clause
  • Any contractual agreement with a retail customer against any service / premium number with an “exit clause”
  • The prepaid vanity numbers having an exit clause should come under the contractual obligation category of rejections provided that this aspect has been communicated to the customer prior to his porting and there was a contractual agreement with an exit clause.

Point number 8 of the directive also states that MNP requests cannot be rejected by Telecom Operator is the outstanding bill of customer is less than a rupee. TRAI has specially been severe on this particular point and has mentioned the following in Point no. 11

TRAI is of the opinion that rejection of porting request for small amounts such as Rs. 0.13, R. 0.70 or Rs 1.50 etc is against the spirit of regulations especially because the service provider has liberty to adjust the said outstanding amount against the next bill.

So, if you are thinking of changing your service providers, ensure that you are not under any of four contractual obligations given above.

Let us know what are the other reasons why Telecom Operator has rejected your porting request!

  1. sundara moorthy says

    How to report the rejection of UPC code from donors?

    Is there any complaint monitoring system available with TRAI?

    MTS is not providing UPC code. They are ignoring my request.

  2. N G Shivakumar says

    Aircel rejected my MNP stating the reason Outstanding bills.

    But my Outstanding bill is -226, when i contacted aircel customer care they said that your unbilled usage is 260rs so that’s why they rejected porting.

  3. rajan says

    hi my name is rajan nadar my name is 9821576183 of loopmobile from mumbai. i have applied for porting last month but they reject it saying incorrect document and told to resubmit and start the procedure again and i did it. i appield it again and submitted the document on 9th dec and today is 23rd and they r saying that it is still under process it will take 7 more days to complete they are just wasting my time i am confused what to do just help me what to do…

  4. Ram Mannava says

    Hi to TRAI.

    We are rquesting u to increase the SMS limit per day….understand the our problems..please….

  5. Anonymous7 says

    I sent an MNP request (Porting Code: VM475835) to port out of vodafone on 31 August 2011. I received a call from the executive a few hours later asking why I wished to port out. I explained that I find my basic rental of 250 too high and the data plans are steeply priced compared to other servers. The executive offered a not-much-cheaper 199 rental plan, albeit with higher calling rates. When I said it didn’t seem to make much sense to me (“Do you really think you’re offering me something better–evaluate yourself!”), he said “Ma’am, can I please call you back?” and hung up without my approval, without offering anything valuable, without even touching the data plan offerings. He obviously did not call back.
    I visited the vodafone store the same day (my second visit) and explained the situation to the executive, who said this happens sometimes, but the MNP department would definitely get back, that it stretches over a week at times. It’s over a week now, I have received no call.
    I visited the store to inquire about the status after a week (my third visit) much to my dismay that it’s shut every Thursday (I thought they claimed to be Happy To Help 24*7*365!).
    Disappointed about wasting precious work hours, I called 111 for the MNP status; the executive said “Ma’am you need to deactivate your current plan before you port out”. “But what’s the status of my request?” “Ma’am you need to deactivate your current plan before you port out”. “Must I stay without a connection until I’m connected to another server or until you promise to follow up (but don’t)?” “I apologize Ma’am but that’s the procedure.” No update on the porting request, just non-sensical expertise. The executives on 111 receive no training whatsoever, certainly do not know what they speak and outright get on your nerves with their foolish replies.
    I visited the store this morning (yet again), and as expected the status of the request showed “CLOSED” (because a call had been made to me…so what if he said he’d call back but didn’t). How CAN my request be closed if it hasn’t even been opened, let aside be addressed or solved? How CAN such a huge company resort to cheap tricks to jostle customer requests? What a sorry state! The executive has promised to send a “STINKER” regarding this.
    I know not what will come of the “STINKER”, whether I would have good riddance from the server, whether the executives at back office would ever be trained before attending live calls, whether I would receive cheaper plans as promised to me this morning, but I know for sure how telecom companies stress customers to the point of absolute frustration and helplessness! The system totally disgusts and I wonder why no action is taken for the inconvenience caused.

    An absolutely distressed and unhappy over-ten-years-loyal-to-vodafone customer!

  6. Ashly chandra says

    Reliance is not providing me the UPC code and charge me Rs.1 per msg each time when i request for the UPC code. kindly help out this issue.

    1. Suman nanda says

      Reliance does this with all customers.just send two consecutive sms seeking porting code and wait for 15 mins.I hope u will get that upc.

  7. Prashant says

    i want to port out from BSNL and shift to tata docomo.. but bsnl rejected my request 2 times. plz tell me what should i do now..???

  8. bharat says

    i wanted to port out from vodafone to loop…but due to som contractual obligation my rquest was rejected….though i have prepaid card nd i was havin enuf balance…i took 3 rounds of vodafone stores…everytime i go dey say somethin im planin to take new no rader den goin by mnp way…this is just a strategy of cellular co to top d customer from porting out…TRAI shld come up wid a solution for dis malpractice

  9. ankit says

    I want to port out from tata docomo and shift to videocon as there is no tata to tata free calling and also there is no sab se bol pack.

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