Do Microsoft and Blackberry even have a chance anymore?


So, we now have a smaller iPad, larger Nexus and of course Microsoft’s surface fighting it out. Blackberry is also somewhere in the future bracing itself for a battle. I don’t know but I feel Steve Jobs must be rolling in his grave. Not just because a smaller tablet came into existence when he did not believe it was needed but also because it is in no way a superior product. Not just from other tablets but in its own realms it is the worst product of all in Apple’s line. The iPod touch is a better product in terms of value for money and specs than iPad mini.

And none of this matters. iPad mini is still selling like hot cakes. It would make Apple richer and its customers will have another toy to flaunt in a new screen size.

Similarly, I have heard a few complaints about the Nexus 10 design but that is a thing of taste. With the highest resolution ever, it is the tab to have.

There are two ecosystems in the market:

  • Apple Ecosystem.
  • Android Ecosystem.

Yes, Windows exist and so does Blackberry but that is all they are doing right now. Existing!


Not just that they do not prove any threat to Android and Apple now, I feel they will never be of any consequence to these two…. ever. Like the win of Windows in PC era, the game is finished.

This time, there are two winners. That is the only difference. Other OSes will have to just act like nothing is wrong in the world and live on. Like the various flavours of Linux did. Do you even know that there are other OSes beside Windows, Mac and Linux?

They exist in a scale that is not mentionable. Including ChromeOS which despite being from the same stable as Android did not see the same success and in all probability won’t despite having an awesome chromebook now).

There are other Mobile OSes coming in the market as well. The resurging WebOS and then there is the ambitious project of Mozilla (an open source OS). These are all in the pipeline and will be soon in the market. But to what! A market dominated but two OSes of which people have gotten used to.

The apps run the mobile universe and there is no way people will to a different OS unless all their goodies are present in the new OS. Then the biggest problem: If you switch, all your apps that you bought are useless.

This, I believe adds to the switching inertia more than anything else. I will discuss this in detail in some other post.

Blackberry is playing a comparatively smarter move here with their QNX platform. The problem is that they are getting late and in this swift moving market with iPads and their minis and Nexus 7 (and now Nexus 10) I fear that they might come to the party after the food is finished.

Windows is here but unfortunately, their inexperience in the mobile market might cost them some time. Although, to be honest, I am not sure even with experience they would have been able to do anything now!

What is your opinion? Do the other OSes even have a chance anymore or is it a war in the past?

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  2. Rohit says

    I have a feeling that Microsoft will go way too long and stronger than others here. I know a bunch of very senior (VP/CEO) folks in SME to large enterprises waiting for windows 8 pro tab (not RT) so that it will become a perfect laptop replacement for them

    Also the way MS is creating ecosystem and synergy between devices using its cloud offerings, it has a great future.

    Android wil remain the choice of geeks, but not very strong in enterprise.

  3. Kunal Prakash says

    You are right. The problem is that the legal battle does not mean Google and Apple will slack in creating their products.

  4. Yusuf says

    I have heard only good things about Windows 8. I have not come across a windows 7.5 user who has completely regretted their decision. So even though windows phones are insignificant, they are headed in the right direction. They just have to hope the potential legal battles between Android and IOS allows them to sneak in.

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