Windows RT Tablet: Price that’s just not justified!


The price of Windows RT tablets is out and I am disappointed. They are at par with Apple’s iPad. What were they thinking! I mean, yes the tablets might be good but all they had to do was learn from others mistakes. Burning yourself is not always necessary.

Windows RT

The price

The Windows RT Tablet price starts with $499 for the cheapest one and goes till $699. This is in the same range as the iPad. Therefore it is prudent to compare the two specs by specs as well.

Windows RT

  1. NVIDIA T30 CPU with 2 GB of RAM
  2. 10.6″ ClearType HD Display with resolution of 1366 x768 pixels and 5-point multi-touch
  3. 16 or 32 GB internal memory
  4. Two 720p HD cameras both front and rear-facing.
  5. Touch keyboard cover with $599 and above.


  1. Apple A5X Dual-Core with 1 GB.
  2. 9.7 inch with 2048 x1536 pixels.
  3. 16, 32 or 64 GB internal memory.
  4. Front VGA and Rear 1080p HD.
  5. Smart cover.

If they do not seem similar to you let me reassure you, they are. The extra RAM in Windows RT is because of need and will not increase its speed beyond imagination in comparison to iPad.

Keep that aside and you have, in iPad, a tablet with better visuals and processor. Also, the iPad 16 GB is actually at the same price as 32 GB Windows RT. That means that if you want 32 GB and are budget conscious then Windows RT is a good choice. The slight problem is that there is a Android too in the market which will add to Windows’ woes.

OS- the differentiator!

If the specs are nearly same what is it that will create the difference? Obviously the OS and the ecosystem. Something that Apple brags about and Microsoft can not even talk about in front of Apple. Where apps are concerned, Apple is the rich kid in college who comes by his plush car while Microsoft is on scholarship.

Besides, Apple has now an experience of years in knowing the customer and of course the brand. The latest Apple Maps mishap might have cost them a bit but it is still not enough to hamper the iPad sales in one bit. Of course, Windows has Office to lure people to its tablet but will the student preview version be enough, I don’t think so!

The elephant in the room!

Android is not going to give up the tablet war if Google’s Nexus series is any indication. It is much cheaper (has a smaller size I agree) and is completely content oriented. Then there is Kindle Fire HD which is an awesome tablet at a cheaper price. This creates a simple logic – If not Apple, then why not a cheaper Android tablet! Windows is in a precarious situation here.

Also, there is Blackberry. As I wrote earlier that even they do not consider Microsoft competition, thus when their new tablet comes it will also create problem for Windows Tablets.

The Hope


There is only one way I see that Windows tablets will sell. That is word of mouth….

Some people will obviously buy the tablet (enthusiasts, Business oriented people, until Blackberry comes with their tablet). If these people go gaga over the tablet, its OS, interface and completely urge others to buy and this chain continues to general public, it is only then that Microsoft has even a chance to win.

If they would have kept the price low people would have given it a better chance as an Android alternative but I do not think Windows RT tablet is ready to take on Apple’s iPad yet!

Would love to hear your views…

  1. Albert says

    That means, they are going to launch another higher version of the Windows Tablet in the same price after 2 or 3 months from this date. So the current RT Tablet price will go down (may be compete with Nexus) and the newer one will get the same price.

    Most of the Technology Products companies following this strategy in order to get more profit from this. So they have enough consumer for any kind of pricing. Microsoft is doing the same, but this will not make huge impact to the competitor side.

    1. Kunal Prakash says

      You are right Albert and it is an effective strategy but only if you hold something in the market or atleast have a brand.
      Here the competition is far too fierce for Microsoft to think about margins. Think about it, Amazon and Google are almost breaking even and are yet not winning against Apple. Microsoft maybe a giant but Amazon and Google are no kids in the park.

  2. Malick Md says

    You are right. Most likely that this will be an another Microsoft attempt ending up catching minuscule tablet market share from Microsoft employees and loyalists. Apple iPad will remain as leader for next 2/3 years with Android tablets of lesser screen size taking a small part. Just as Desktop OS leading position is fixed as Windows, Tablet is Ipad…

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